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  1. Definitely try it. If this fails too, uncompress all the files and burn them onto a CD. nitroshift
  2. Read here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/130003-creating-memory-dumps/ then compress the resulting file and upload it somewhere we can get it to have a look at.
  3. Also, make sure that the file "boot.ini" is not set as read-only.
  4. WRT400N is supported by dd-wrt. I'd flash it before trying anything else.
  5. Connection type doesn't make any difference at all.
  6. I don't see why he'd want to do that in the first place. It makes no sense to me. My HTPC happily sits behind my router, and if I wanted to "expose" something (and not via VPN) then I'd just forward the necessary port(s). Exactly my point.
  7. Hello goodtrip and welcome to THE forums You don't need the CD, just browse for the required file(s) to the location where you extracted the driver files. nitroshift
  8. Trippie, I have a HTPC in my home network too. Because sometimes I go to friends's houses and we'd like to see a movie from my HTPC, I've set it up behind a Cisco router and forwarded only the relevant ports in Cisco's firewall (although nowadays any router has some sort of firewall built-in, making it appropriate for the job). Another security measure was playing with NTFS permissions and make all the movies read-only. There's no need to set up the HTPC in DMZ, because there are too many ports to close (about all of them, except the ones that VLC connects to). Hope this helps you a bit. nitroshift
  9. nitroshift

    3D TV

    I'll answer myself and others that might be looking for the same answer: after multiple tests with various equipments, for proper 3D content viewing, one MUST have a 3D TV. Red / Cyan or Green / Magenta glasses just don't cut it. nitroshift PS. I went on and bought the LG 32LW4500 3D TV and I must say I'm *very* impressed. Having a HD sattelite card in my HTPC linked to the TV via a 1.4 HDMI cable, the 3D feel is absolutely amazing.
  10. nitroshift

    3D TV

    I'm in the market for a 3D TV. However, I will be using it to play ONLY 3D content from my PC (Blue-Ray discs or other 3D media). Question is: should I bite the bullet and buy a 3D TV or get a normal LED monitor and some passive glasses? The TV set I'm looking at us this: http://m.lg.com/au/tv-audio-video/televisions/LG-lcd-tv-32LW4500.jsp because it's in my budget. nitroshift
  11. I'll just bump in to say that I've had troubles with the very same ACPI. sys with a laptop and simply removing the battery stopped the issue at once.
  12. Moved to the appropriate section of the board. nitroshift
  13. Thanks guys for your replies. I've postponed the idea until the ISP's in my country will start implementing IPv6, which will most likely take a loooooooong time. nitroshift
  14. Right... This has been bugging me for some time and google didn't provide any relevant solutions. My internet connection is IPv4 and I want my internal network woking on IPv6. I have Linksys routers (E1500 and E4200) that connect me to the internet.. Is this achieveable or just a shot in the dark? Thanks for all (if any) replies. nitroshift PS. Steps taken so far: activated IPv6 on both routers and all my laptops / PC's. Limited connectivity, meaning I can connect to the routers but have no internet access.
  15. I second Trip's choice on Linksys. I've got three models and all are working since I've set them up without me fiddling with them (mind you, first step after unpacking them was to put dd-wrt firmware on all of them), nor heating up. nitroshift
  16. I noticed you posted the very same question here. msfn is not the place to ask for cracking passwords and as told on the other forum, you'd be better off buying other brand.
  17. Region settings are unit-related. That means that you change the region on a specific drive, not all of them.
  18. I second R-Studio. Although not free, it's worth every single cent I paid for it.
  19. Iphones are just like their computer counterparts: locked to their software. You want to run Android or Windows Mobile or even Linux on your phone? Get yourself a HTC HD2.
  20. I second CoffeeFiend's post. Choice A anytime.
  21. Please follow the instructions layed out here: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/130005-creating-memory-dumps/ and upload the compressed dump somewhere for us to have a look at.
  22. Unfortunately, your phone is running on a custom platform based on Java and chances for you to export anything to Gmail are pretty much non-existent.
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