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  1. I wonder whether Phaenius has got it working yet... nitroshift
  2. Manufacturers are all well-known for putting extra connectors on their cards just because they can nitroshift
  3. I'm afraid I will have to step in and put a stop to the off-topic messages. @Phaenius: I would STRONGLY recommend you to take the PC to a service. nitroshift
  4. Sadly, your statement is totally wrong. But this is more of a religious and philosophical debate and won't insist. I've been to Dedeman yesterday. In the whole store (which isn't small btw) they do have just one product, designed for car use. I don't go to Praktiker, because they never (NEVAH !) have anything I look for and Bricostore I am sure is the same. All three are not electronics specialized stores, but house and gardening. So, unless I need to clean my shovel or plant some seeds, there's no reason to go there. It's easy to point fingers without knowing the whole story and all the facts. The REAL point is I can only use G-22 because that is the ONLY thing I could get at a reasonable price. I cannot spend close to 10% on cleaning products the price of a new card who is suppose to be working perfectly. Another point is obstacles can be found in any step you take, some have more, some have less, you can't avoid them all and you can't wrestle the mountains (in Romanian it makes more sense ). Unfortunately for you, ALL the three stores I mentiones have CAR sections where they carry some sort of contact cleaner. Heck, you could try the simplest method: a can of compressed air to clean the slots on the motherboard and some medical spirit on the contacts of the card. It's NOT rocket science, nor brain surgery. I'm not debating anything here, nor making this religious or philosophical but until now, every single piece of advice you were given was met with "I will do..." , "I will try..." and so far, apart from (sometimes meaningless) talk, you did nothing. PLEASE, put in practice what jaclaz, submix8c, bphlpt and my other colleagues told you to do and return with some CLEAR findings so we have a starting point in helping you further. nitroshift
  5. @Phaenius I recall Praktiker, Dedeman and Bricostore stores being present in Timisoara, all of them selling contact cleaners, not necessarily WD-40. But that's NOT the point. The point IS that where's a will, there's ALWAYS a way. nitroshift
  6. Actually, by his IP address, he lives about 100 km from me. nitroshift PS. Phaenius, Timisoara by any chance?
  7. I'm getting the feeling that you are resisting any form of advice given. A quick google search revealed that WD-40 actually costs less than a pack of cigarettes. Your move... nitroshift
  8. @Phaenius You can get a small can of WD40 at any supermarket and it won't cost you more than a pack of cigarettes. PLEASE follow the advice given by my fellow msfn`ers, they ALL are in the know. Good luck! nitroshift
  9. Welcome! Bun-venit! nitroshift PS. Don't forget to read our rules here!
  10. You could install Windows 7 in a virtual machine. On a different note, please refrain form using messenger-syle language. Thank you. nitroshift
  11. Seems to me that Windows is now installed on your E partition. I would save all my data onto an external drive, pop in the Windows installation DVD, delete all existing partitions then create 2 new ones, one for Windows and the other for your data. Mind you, when creating the new partition for Windows, it will pop up a notification that a 100MB partition will be created automatically, just say OK to that and carry on installing Windows. nitroshift
  12. In disk management, assign a letter to your missing partition. nitroshift
  13. I used Bluetooth to move all my contacts between my old phone (Win 6.5 I think it was) to my HTC HD2 running Android. Simple, quite quick and painless. nitroshift
  14. Moved to the appropriate section. nitroshift
  15. nitroshift

    Cmedia 9761A

    http://www.ecs.com.tw/ECSWebSite/Product/Product_Detail.aspx?CategoryID=1&DetailID=298&DetailName=Feature&MenuID=24&LanID=0 under Sound, install in Compatibility Mode. nitroshift
  16. 11 years later, XP is still doing its job in my company (98% of the entire's company PC's are XP). Getting programmers to rewrite some legacy dll's used in our software trunk is like praying to a monkey... nitroshift PS. I'm happily running Windows 7 on my work laptop with "XP mode" installed.
  18. A gigabit router and maybe a NAS as Trip suggested will do the trick just nicely. nitroshift
  19. Tihiy, you ROCK!!! This makes me reinstall Win 8. Now let's get testing. nitroshift PS. As Tihiy already mentioned, PLEASE KEEP THIS THREAD CLEAN! Thank you.
  20. Happy Birthday, Punto matey!!!! And to you, Trip, the same nitroshift
  21. I created a Facebook account only to register my alias before someone else did. And just like Xperties, I have my family, no dog, a Sig Sauer and a M4A1 nitroshift
  22. Could you please show us an example? And also, please remember, this is a FREE forum, anyone can express themelves the way they want (even if that will lead to them being banned). nitroshift
  23. The document here: http://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/video/at_home/Cable_Modems/3800_Series/4021196_C.pdf (page 27) says that you don't need any usernames or passwords to access the set-up page initially. nitroshift
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