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  1. I used to love this place because I could come here and not have to put up The growing warez problem but now I see alot of members here are Warez monkeys but just concealing it. Please delete me from this illegal place that just hides it now.
  2. Thanks for the Guide I noticed you referencing the Vista Waik rather than Windows 7 Waik. ANy benefit from using this rather than the Windows 7 Waik?
  3. Thank you will try it, I don't have any money right now for dual layer and they expensive in my Country.
  4. I want to make my Unattended disk be split up as its bigger than a single layer. Windows 7 I mean, does anyone know how? I searched here to no avail. So 2 Single layer disks that asks for second disk during install.
  5. Just add pskill for default browser command or you will get the browser opening so mine is like this so if I install Browser in a different order, they are covered: ashampoo_burning_studio_8_804_sm.exe /VERYSILENT /SUPPRESSMSGBOXES /NORESTART /SP- pskill firefox.exe pskill IEXPLORE.EXE pskill opera.exe pskill ashampoo_burning_studio_8_804_sm.exe pskill burningstudio.exe
  6. He uses a Mac wallpaper and you answer like that? Silly response I would say.
  7. First thing I do is turn off UAC as its a big hassle I have a hardware firewall as well as Software firewall which is good enough, this type of security is not needed. (In my opinion)
  8. Me also forbidden, your .htaccess file I imagine
  9. It says not installed properly, reinstall.
  10. I have the whole conversion, working through the registry and the WAIK, but my registry entries for enable thumbnails doesn't work here it is: Any ideas?
  11. This is the full Internet Suite with AV, Anti-spyware, firewall, I didn't know they even have just a firewall version, I will look. Also if you are used to Comodo, then this is a good IS, but it has more popups than carter has pills LOL.
  12. Updated to ComodoFirewallPro_3.8.65951.477.exe fully silent http://download174.mediafire.com/ultqonemu...8.65951.477.exe

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