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  1. Are you logging in locally or on a domain? If your machine is part of the domain maybe you can log in as a domain admin and manage my computer to create a new account? Also I would try taking out the new hard drive you put in. Go back to the way it was when it worked. It could have been a coincidence that it just happened as well... who knows. I remember once I was not able to log into a machine and it turned out one of the keys on the keyboard was broken and that’s why it was not working. I doubt last known good profile will work. I think you can actually call up Microsoft and get them to help you with it but it costs $$$. I heard that once anyway. All I can think of off the top of my head.
  2. WoW! I love this place! Where else would I find people like myself who format thier system every month! So yeah, about once a month for me...
  3. Here I am all ready to update my CD and there are no updates out yet... what's going on here? I thought there were 4 or 5 new updates for XP today.
  4. We are finally going to deploy SP2 in 10 days. It was a big pain in the neck because of the firewall and pop-up blocker. We have users with mandatory profiles who need things differently then the roaming users. Big pain in the neck...
  5. Thanks but I was in the process of cleaning it when i took the screen shot. I backedup her documents and music and formated it clean. Just thought it was interesting the way that program ran... cool site tho
  6. This thing was so loaded with spyware and malware and crap but what I found most interesting, other then the active desktop link in the background was the warning message on the bottom right. This is almost identical to the Windows XP warning message. The windows warning message has the same icon but says Warning! Your computer MAY BE at risk" this says "Warning! Your computer IS at risk" That plus the fact Windows does not look for spyware protection nor does it recommend any spyware software, ESP since M$ has their own. Anyway yeah, thought this was really f**ked up.
  7. Well the un-installer works but when I re-install the drivers I get the same problem! I am going to try the omega drivers now. *Edit* I was un-able to use the new 5.4 drivers. Had to roll back I am currently using 5.2 maybe there is some incompatibility with the new drivers and my hardware or something...
  8. So ya, I update my ATI drivers yesterday and download the new Catalyst 5.4 drivers and now I only have 4 bit graphics on my pc. Running X800 Pro and P4SDX. When I went to appwiz.cpl and uninstalled the ati stuff it worked again. Then I tried to redownload the drivers and got my 4 bit 640x480 again At that point I went to bed so I have not troubleshot it more but watch out with that new driver pack...
  9. Any new info on this? I would like to be able to silently update symantec as well.
  10. You can use the Software restriction policy which will only let them execute files with the file names that you allow. IE if you set up a new policy and add iexplorer.exe to it then users will be able to run only the file named iexplorer.exe. They will still have access to the start menu tho. You should ALSO check under User Config part of policy editor under start menu and taskbar to remove all the options you want to. May I also suggest if you do use IE to turn off activeX or do something like use firefox so your system does not get infected with malware. Hope this helps...
  11. Its hard to search for this problem because f6 is not valid to search for due to the fact its only 2 characters. I am wondering the same thing, I heard it was impossible to use f6 with an unattended install as well but do not understand the reason why it does not work. Thats why I wanted to try the masstorage driver.
  12. I would say 5% of the time I install Windows 98. Maybe even less. Although it does not run well I have installed windows XP on machines as low as 333 MHz. The only reason I do install XP on those machines is because it takes me less time with my un-attended XP install I put my cd in, walk away and when I come back its done. Pop the next cd in and all the apps are there. It takes longer to installed windows 98 now just due to the fact I have to sit there and install it and s***.
  13. Actually I have worked with Windows XP Pro on a 200MHz machine with 64 Megs of RAM. Do not ask how it worked because I still do not know how. Personally I have installed XP on a 333 MHz machine with 256 Megs of ram. Thank god for my un-attended install CD's I didn’t have to sit there for countless hours installing software. You guys have convinced me. My goal for the day is to play around with nLite and see what this crazy app is all about.
  14. I am sure this is the stupidest question that could possibly be asked but since the search feature does not work with the f6... With my Unattended XP CD I run into problems where I have to press f6 to load SATA drivers on some motherboards, will loading this driver pack help that or does it just help for after XP is installed?
  15. I can understand the security portion of it. The fewer things used the fewer holes. I also can tweak out my settings by stopping un-necessary services. For example albator, you could stop the spool service if you know you will never use your printer. Deleting all the drivers MCT, can you give me an example of something you might remove to help make your computer run faster thru nLite?
  16. This is an interesting topic for me. I see people talking about how small you can make your XP install. When I first found msfn.org and was creating my first few unattended install CD's I made had XP slimed down with apps on them. Then I actually decided to do the exact opposite I have a XP cd that is almost 700 mgs, its slipstreamed with all the updates and installs the hot fixes and has the driver packs on them. My thinking was I would rather have a XP cd will full functionality for whatever I may use it for. I did not want to run into problems later on because of missing files for some odd device or whatever. So my CD just installs XP fully. Then when that’s done I have a CD set or a single DVD that installs all the apps I want unattended. What is the main advantage you guys have by using a slimmed down version of XP? I mean is it that big deal to carry around a CD instead of a USB thumb drive or whatever? What do you guys think am I reading this wrong or is it just me who thinks you would want to put as much comptability on the XP cd as possible.
  17. Heh, I spent countless hours trying to get it install from a USB device with little luck. The only way I saw to get it to work was boot of the USB and use ghost to dumb a sysprep'ed image off to the hard drive. Could not get it to work by installing XP.
  18. ^Bump^ Anybody know? This setup is huge. I am sure there is something that can be done to strip down some of the files...
  19. Works perfectly. Go you for figuring it out. Thanks This is the best forum on the net I swear it!
  20. Is there anyway to strip some of the setup files for roxio 6 down? The Data.Cab itself is more then 500 Megs. I am sure there is stuff in there that can be deleted, especially since I do not even want to install all the apps that come with it. Anybody knows how to strip these files and make the setup smaller?
  21. Yes... What do you want to know? I actually work for EB Games so i try and keep up on that kinda stuff...
  22. I know this may sound dumb but why not just unplug the USB Device until the setup is done. Since it is an unattended install you don’t need to be there or hit any keys until it’s done and is in windows on the runonce part of the install

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