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  1. Previously with nLite, the major source of Hotfixes was of course RyanVM's pack of all of them. Now with Vista I need to know where I can gather up every single one of them. Anyone know where I can find out where all the needed fixes are that can be integrated with vLite?
  2. You registered and bumped a 2 year old post from a banned user to insult someone? Hmmmm
  3. Hi Nuhi - Can you explain the desktop integration feature? Thanks!
  4. Uhmmm you cant play an MP3, or anything for that matter without a player, there are ways for the player to play it without the user knowing, but you must have a player to play a song in the first place.
  5. Not sure 100% what you were trying to say....but if your trying to turn an AutoIT executable file back into a script file, you may do so by using the decompilers, which are automatically installed when you install AutoIT, and should be in your start menu.
  6. I had this problem too...someone must have posted an invalid registry tweak or something. But then again, I also changed my command prompt background, and text colors through the registry....dont know if thats it or not... Goodluck man.
  7. since its an older version, I doubt too many people have it or use it. Even though its not listed, its highly likely to be guessable or doable in some way. Search the methods, try switchs, learn AutoIT, use InstallRite...the possibilities are endless.
  8. Im having trouble knowing when to do these things.... 1) Nite a) RyanVM Update Pack B) XPize 2) Bashrats WMP Slipstreamer 3) DriverPacks Its getting quite confusing with how many things I have to apply...
  9. Commander X800, that guide wont help this person. If you dont know how to work batch files and the very very very very core basics, Kentk wont be able to follow the link you gave. My advice, start over, read, think about it. http://unattended.msfn.org Goodluck
  10. I'm not able to get to the LAN or MASS Storage driverpacks. ← same here, both links dead.
  11. Genzo I am having a few problems as described in the pictures: First - As seen in the picture, on some of the items, the box doesnt cover up everything and including the text until it is actually selected (Clicked on). Second - The highlighting color is nearly the same as the text, is there anyway I can change the color of the highlight? (I searched one of the JS files and found how to change the TEXT color, but not the highlight.
  12. You could shell out the small payment of $10.....Considering thats the bare minimum these days for internet, the least you can is promote further development of XPLode
  13. Using the AutoIT mentioned in the AutoIT Thread, I used it properly and it seemed to work on my normal PC. However, on my Test PC - there seems to be an extra options that comes up ONLY on that computer (or just not on my other one) Thus the AutoIT Script doesnt know what to do. It says "Configure Product" and basically asks if you want to disable autorun or not. But it only comes up on my Test PC which I find odd. Can anyone help with this issue?
  14. Either way - he deserves my money so I just got my unrestricted license Thanks Wraith, cant wait to see future stuff enabled too.

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