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  1. you really should not have a problem. and that heatsink is so nice, i have on too can you please take a picture of the insides so that we can see exactly what is going on?
  2. send the drive in for RMA if it is still under warranty
  3. ya just wait, your computer is very fast as it is. the amount of money you put into it compared to the performance gain just does not add up.
  4. what do you mean by restart exactly? does it BSOD and restart? if so don't have it restart on BSOD. also, do take it out of the cupboard, it has no right to be in there. open up the side panel and even blow a house fan at it for a day to see if problems repeat.
  5. you should worry more about load temps than idle temps. what are your temps after playing a game for an hour?
  6. 44C is the correct temperature, that is a very normal temp for quad cores. what programs have you tried? try both realtemp and coretemp.
  7. how p***ed would you guys be if i wrote a program that played this game? haha. i am now tempted to when i get bored.
  8. agree. I hate the new look. This theme is totally unclear und confusing. same here
  9. a Superbowl commercial had a spin off of Cheap Trick's "Dream Police", so I am currently listening to Cheap Trick's Greatest Hits
  10. i currently have an R61 with a T8300 and 4GB ram and am also considering getting a new T510 with i5. i have never used a laptop faster than mine even considering that it is now over 2 years old.. the reason for my upgrade would be the use of lightroom, the T8300 just can't handle it whatsoever. i would say to go with an i5/i7 and install much ram as possible.
  11. that is exactly the issue. the only fan showing to be spinning is the cpu fan which i am assuming he has attached the cpu fan wire to the motherboard. if all other fans are attached to the psu then there is no way that you can pick up info on them. caber, if you want to be able to adjust them with software then hook them up to the motherboard, assuming the fans allow you to do so.
  12. haha, nothing like a Buffalo winter. I live in Rochester so I know what it feels like, I love it too
  13. ya i went to a catholic school for high school, luckily by then teachers have given up on cursive since they know kids can't to it well, it just makes the teacher's job harder. so they would have to find other ways to fail us.
  14. i just remembered something funny and sad, haha. so when i was taking the SAT a few years ago, they told us we had to write something in cursive and sign it, basically one of those i won't cheat things. multiple students in the room said they don't know cursive.. one of the ladies in charge said just write normally and connect your letters.

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