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  1. After some weeks using great winntsetup ... Why not a gui with "boot" gui on main gui ? when "Boot" unselected , the "boot part option" become greyed ...
  2. I did not remember , thx !
  3. Thanks for info. I tried use "-DisableVHDChecks" argument but can't apply custom wim based on win7 pro or home, but it's a VHD for VirtualPC to test "compact mode" , I don't want to boot from vhd ... is there an option ? or error by me ? Thanks again in advance.
  4. just discover "Compact:Xpress4k" mode , and it works great on win10 and win7 wofadk.sys auto integration , nice work ! now my n00b questions : is it all files applied from wim are xpress4k'd ? or just "windows files" ? or certains files ? can we compact:express4k after apply wim ? offline or online ? it's seems different than "compact /compactos:always" isn't it ? thanks in advance for tips !
  5. it can be done, but smb doesn't use only 445 port ... try forwarding 139 port too ...
  6. Start Is Back - 2.1 release

    wow great job here big thanks , keep up good work
  7. www.msfn.org/board/topic/152240-new-avast-free-601203/
  8. Avast 7 edit ALT-KEY (= !x ) to your localized version you can view ALT-key needed during normal setup and pressing only ALT key during 2 seconds here is for french version edit the two first RegWrite values to your license here is free one year license valid to 14/04/2012 edit last lines to your localized version replace "Bloc-notes" to "Notepad" for example ... avast5.ini is edited to Disable AutoSandBox and AutoUpdate Program same as defs you can delete last lines to skip edit avast5.ini. Feel free to comments to optimize ;au3 by Sonic ;Free License RegWrite("HKLM\SOFTWARE\AVAST Software\Avast","RegData","REG_BINARY","0cca8caa66ca8caa66ca8caa66ca8caa0bca8caa66ca85aa6ecaf4aa6eca84aa6fca83aa72cae0aa6ecafbaa68caf4aa13cae7aa17cab5aa2fd104e55fcab5aa") RegWrite("HKLM\SOFTWARE\AVAST Software\Avast","Registration","REG_BINARY","c6ffb9ffbaffcaffcfffccffcaffbaffd2ffc8ffbbffb9ffcbffd2ffcbffbcffc9ffc7ffd2ffc7ffcaffcfffbdffd2ffbeffcdffc8ffc8ffbbffcaffcdffc6ffcdffc7ffcfffc9ffffffa9f52a8eb2889189e1ff01000000a7fcb688e463b688ffffb9881f0ba9f5ffffffff8f0aa9f544feb68851c0ff82870aa9f5ffffffff870aa9f5a1c1ff82bf0aa9f5ef09a9f5fffff58944feb688070ba9f551739a89967ca189cfde96fffcffffff007da189cfde96ff998796ff030ba9f5f479a189998796ffc76f96fffa6376b0ffffffff7a3095aeffffffff7a3095aeffffffff") ;Disable Google Things RegWrite("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Google\No Chrome Offer Until","AVAST Software","REG_DWORD","20200101") RegWrite("HKLM\SOFTWARE\Google\No Toolbar Offer Until","AVAST Software","REG_DWORD","20200101") RegRead("HKCU\Software\Google\Update\Clients\{8A69D345-D564-463c-AFF1-A69D9E530F96}","pv") If @error<>"0" Then RegWrite("HKCU\Software\Google\Update\Clients\{8A69D345-D564-463c-AFF1-A69D9E530F96}","pv","REG_SZ","") EndIf Sleep("500") ;Start Setup Run("avast7.exe") WinWaitActive("avast! FREE ANTIVIRUS Setup") WinActivate("avast! FREE ANTIVIRUS Setup") Sleep("500") Opt("SendKeyDelay", 500) Send("!p") Send("!s") Send("!d") Sleep("500") Opt("SendKeyDelay", 50) Send("{TAB 6}") Send("{SPACE}") Send("{TAB}") Send("{SPACE}") Send("{TAB 8}") Send("{SPACE}") Opt("SendKeyDelay", 500) Send("!s") Send("!s") ProcessWait("ashQuick.exe") ProcessWaitClose("ashQuick.exe") ProcessClose("avast.setup") FileDelete(@DesktopCommonDir&"\avast! Free Antivirus.lnk") ;avast5.ini Options BlockInput(1) ShellExecute("notepad.exe",@AppDataCommonDir&"\AVAST Software\Avast\avast5.ini") WinWait("avast5") Sleep("500") Opt("SendKeyDelay", 1) ControlSend("avast5","","","{DOWN 122}",0) ControlSend("avast5","","","AutoSandboxEnabled=0{ENTER}",0) ControlSend("avast5","","","ProgramUpdate=Auto{ENTER}",0) ControlSend("avast5","","","!{F4}",0) Sleep("500") ControlClick("Bloc-notes", "", "Button1") BlockInput(0)
  9. argh, 1024registrationinfo.xml seems to be unique on each system ...
  10. no, keys (reg data value) are hardware independent , the name of regkey is determined (imo) according license We can backup "1024registrationinfo.xml" ( in "%AppData%\Nero\Nero 11\OnlineServices" ) to skip "Register Screen" for silent install too. For me , in setup.ini , I have kept all DirectX "ISSetupPrerequisites" and RebootValidator.
  11. You can add silently licenses with "reg add" command Register first time licenses et backup from regedit rem if you run from 32bits or rem if script is running from 32bits selfextracting archives you must remove Wow6432Node to not create subtree Wow6432Node ... set key=HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Nero\Shared\NL11 reg add %key% /v Serial11_xxxxxxxxxx /d key-for-nero11-if-you-change-demo-to-retail-key /f >nul 2>&1 reg add %key% /v Serialx_xxxxxxxxxx /d key-ofr-plugin-1 /f >nul 2>&1 reg add %key% /v Serialx_xxxxxxxxxx /d key-for-plugin-2 /f >nul 2>&1
  12. No problem here ... ( using an old version of WPI )
  13. for me I would delete the oldest backup if freesize become too small ... running batch hourly/daily ...
  14. wow ! always good members here ! fast ! thanks all !! thanks for defrag tip wich is display in GB directly ... but a bit slow due to analyse thanks iamtheky, i'm focused to "set /a" to set my variable but with "set" and shrink it that's perfect, that was the solution wich is my head but doesn't want to go out ;-)
  15. Hi all ! ... sorry for my bad english as always ... I'm stuck in a batch I would like to get free space of an hard disk and execute command if size is less than 200Gb for example ... so there is the script for the moment ... the problem is "set" command cannot work with more than 9 digits numbers and fsutil return freespace in octets ... if someone has a tip ! thanks in advance ! (note: the script must work in xp and win7 , without wmic ou vbs would be nice too ;-) ) set dossier=C: for /f "tokens=7" %%? in ('fsutil volume diskfree %dossier%') do set /a espacelibre=%%? & goto suite1 :suite1 echo %espacelibre% if %espacelibre%<=200 echo less than 200Gb pause