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  1. thanks for your lightening update to fix vhd diff ! in sorting folders, i see imdisk, it should be in x64 folder and its x86 subfolder drop to 32bits legacy xp version , no ?
  2. app crash (no error) if mounted chained vhd is selected in Boot or Drive location copy/paste to cmd to create a chained .vhd : (echo create vdisk file="full_path_of_the_chained.vhd" parent="full_path_of_the_existing.vhd" ) | diskpart
  3. is winre.wim checked in path \Recovery\WinRE\winre.w im too ? useful for backup/restore on another hardware.
  4. there is a line in WinNTSetup.Drivers.log : 2021-04-24 20:29:30, Info DISM DISM Driver Manager: PID=26656 TID=29716 Driver E:\install\Driver injection\...\iaStorVD.inf is boot-critical. - CDriverPackage::FillInPackageDetails then select only *.inf boot-critical to re-apply to winre.wim , easy to write but to you to code
  5. would be nice if critical driver injection can be done in Windows\system32\Recovery\WinRE.wim ! just installed an hp laptop intel 11th gen wich need driver injection of "intel rst vmd" because win10 out of the box doesn't detect disk ... driver integration ok , but "reset this pc" fails at reboot.
  6. is it possible to RemoveBootMountsOnExit to remove letter of the efi boot letter selected in winntsetup after successful applied image ? this prevent windows to display the letter of the efi partition in explorer even with disk is unplugged. this bug doesn't exist with MBR boot part. edit: my problem is my diskpart script mount the EFI part letter before WinNTSetup, but after thinking myself, i can skip this step in my diskpart script !
  7. thanks , it seems first line of diskpart / detail disk . for my case, my two NVMe disk has name : HD2: NVMe Samsung SSD 970 HD3: NVMe Samsung SSD 970 but the first is a 970 Pro and the second is a 970 Evo :-( can be Disk ID supported for BootExclude ?
  8. Thanks for improvements ! an example ? is BootMountExclude support GUID disk ID ? edit: tried guid disk : or serial number from get-disk powershell : not supported
  9. DisableHiberBoot seems can't be set in the .ini , isn't it ?
  10. can we set usage of MergeIDE_9200 automatically in WinNTSetup.ini ?
  11. StartOverride is recreted automatically if deleted value of the "0" (in this case dword 0) of the StartOverride will override "Start" value of storahci so StartOverride is needed for Win8+ Reboot once in SafeMode is ok too , SafeMode re-enable ahci needed, not in Normal, Microsoft' logic ... edit: i don't think enabling old ide driver is needed, machines using these are abandoned
  12. i need sometime to re-enable ahci support after winntsetup because previous captured system was raid or ide or exotic controller ... perhaps a direct option to enable / restore ahci would be nice ? ;Win8 to Win10 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\storahci\StartOverride] "0"=dword:00000000 ;Win7 + Vista [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\msahci] "Start"=dword:00000000
  13. I "Map" virtual disk of a VM under VmWare Workstation (v15.5.1) , format vmdk or vhd, same issue. I open winntsetup, not needed to open iso or select drive, just open then close , then virtual drive mounted by VmWare gets disconnected.
  14. is it possible to disable winnt setup disconnect vmware mounted drive/letter at close ?
  15. ok, is it possible to set into the .ini ?
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