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  1. I agree with what jcarle says. And... overkill, anyone?
  2. LOL That makes 3 diggs so far @TAiN: it's a custom license: http://driverpacks.net/LICENSE
  3. ..... and submitting news through the frontpage as well. I forgot a little about this subforum for submitting news, so I'm sorry for that. Here's the links: http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=891 and optionally: http://digg.com/software/DriverPacks_net_p...ing_open_source. Thanks!
  4. http://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?pid=5875#p5875 Let's prove that open source if better and faster! Entire story is available at the link above.
  5. This is the commonly used method. It's been in use for YEARS. And when you start setup through winnt.exe/winnt32.exe then 'your method' will fail, because you are forgetting to update the dosnet.inf file.
  6. The documentation is INCLUDED in the download
  7. Perhaps, but now you can configure each OS and then slipstream them all simultaneously. And a shared OEM dir will be created: that's more effective. (Yes, I know that when you can create the ISO you can enable an option that would only write it once to the ISO anyway, but this is more clean ). I've made you a beta tester at my forum (I've seen you've joined my forum) and now you have access to the beta Note that 6.08 will be released without multibootDisc support being tested: there just aren't enough users for it now... Just submit bugreports and I'll fix it, and will probably provide multibootDisc users continuously with updated builds.
  8. This feels like spamming MSFN But I guess this is in the best interest of at least some in this subforum... The DriverPacks BASE has gained native multibootDisc support. It has already had it for a while, but it wasn't configurable through the GUI yet. In DriverPacks BASE 6.08, which will be released very soon, there will be full support for it. But because multibootDiscs are used relatively rare, it has not yet been tested yet. First let's see how much animo there is: if you'd like to test it, just make a post in this topic!
  9. 1. Add the regular nVidia Forceware drivers. 2. Browse to laptopvideo2go.com and download their the .inf file for your Forceware version. 3. Rename the file to nv4_go.inf and add it to your Forceware drivers. 4. Done! Now you have support for ALL nVidia GPU's, both mobile and desktop. Note that this does not include Quadro (professional GPU's), nor very old GPU's (TNT).
  10. Please post these requests at http://forum.driverpacks.net/, in the '3rd Party DriverPacks' forum Topic closed.
  11. The naming system isn't for the future versions... it's already been in use since version 6.05
  12. Yep. Only is OemPnpDriversPath limited to 4096 characters (when using XP) and even less - 2048 - when initializing setup through winnt.exe/winnt32.exe. If you write directly to the registry (i.e. to the DevicePath value), then you will be able to enter 64KB worth of driverpaths.
  13. Continued support here: http://forum.driverpacks.net

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