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  1. Thank you all. i'll consider lenovo as one of my options and see what configuration works well with my budget and requests.
  2. Hey Everyone, I need your advice for a laptop for university. i need a semi-powerful laptop that can run autocad 2009 and other 3D drafting programs moderately to pretty well (pretty well would be prefered) but under 999$ canadian. The university Recommends this computer, http://www.mcgill.ca/emf/laptop/, but if i can get similar specs for cheaper that would be great. I was looking at the 14 inch dell inspiron, but i would have to upgrade the parts and it might be better to buy the one from the school. Thanks a lot Sven
  3. Hey, i'm buying a little grey box server ~25$ to replace my power hungry pentium 4 that currently sits in my basement. I have the choice between a 700MHZ celeron processor or a 533MHZ pentium 3. i know that if a pentium and a celeron have the same clock speed, the pentium will be faster, the only problem here is that they are at different clock speeds, so i would like to know your inputs. they both cost around the same price (extra buck or 2). i don't know what the FSB speed is for the ram, but what do you expect for used computers. thanks Sv3n
  4. Check the post listed by Jeremy. Most likely, you're using a 32 bit version of windows, which does not allow more then 4 gigs of memory. i would suggest upgrading to a 64 bit operating system (either windows xp 64 or vista 64), because this will allow you to use all your ram. on the other hand, you might encounter problems with your programs if they don't work in 64 bit. it's a gamble you might have to take to use all your ram.
  5. Itunes indeed! I've been using it forever (well, 3 years since i got my ipod). i always found that musicmatch was a like, slow and annoying. on the other hand, foobar2000 doesn't have may library functions (i use it to play flac files. Windows media player has a weird way of organizing playlists. I find it's hard to find them in the ui, but i do use it to play single songs here and there. I tried winamp a while ago, but i didn't use it long enough to get use to it. In the end, it all came down to iPod and Podcast support, which itunes has and i already use.
  6. HD-DVD because they will have porn! Just kidding (kinda). i actually won't be getting either until i upgrade my tv and sound system, because if not, high def content isn't worth it. I'll wait till the war ends, I'm not picking a side.
  7. I get 5+ hour with middle brightness, bluetooth turned off, wifi on, and video card at power save. I could probably get even more with all radios turned off and the brightness at the lowest, but it's hard to play internet games with the radio off during boring classes.
  8. If it's to hard to get a crossover cable, you could also connect 2 lan ports together to extend your network. put both routers on the same subnet, then connect them together with the lan ports. this will do the same as gamehead but without the need for a cross over cable.
  9. sven

    MSFN School

    It's interesting how the same piece of text gets repeated 3 or 4 times. i didn't even know what forums it was talking about
  10. ok, thanks a lot. i will try making another profile and then see what happens. -sven Edit: Solved the problem. i made a new profile, and copied all the settings files over. it seemed to have fixed the problem, and everything works now... with all my settings...
  11. Hey everyone, I'm using firefox, and installed the stylish script. once i installed it, i started having major javascript problems on digg.com. i removed the script, and the problem did not get fixed. the site works in a fresh install of firefox. is there a way to reset all the javascript settings in Firefox? if not, is there a way to reinstall firefox and have my ad-ons reinstall themselves or be already there. Thanks Sven
  12. I installed hamachi on my home computer, then installed it on my laptop. when you turn both of them on, and create a tunnel between both computers, you have a vpn tunnel with encrypted traffic (much easier to set up then open vpn). then, i installed free proxy onto that computer, and set it as a proxy server binded to the hamachi network adaptor. when you want to use the proxy, turn on hamachi to initiate the tunnel, then just set firefox's proxy settings to use the proxy at the ip address of your other computer (you will see, hamachi will give it a 5.*.*.* ip address, which is unique to that computer). Hamachi creates a virtual network, so it's like both computers are on the same network, even though they are connected by the internet. i use this also if i'm out and want to print something i found, because if the printer is on, it'll print, if not, it gets added to the queue for when the printer is turned on. Anything else, just ask.
  13. UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20061204 Firefox/ Extensions (or should i say Ad-ons) sorted in alphabetical order [15]: Adblock [] (I'm too lazy to update to the newest one when this one works) Adblock Filterset.G Updater [] Canadian English Dictionary Dictionnaire MySpell en Francais (reforme 1990) Download Statusbar [] Fasterfox [2.0.0] (set to Optimized) FoxyTunes [2.2.1] IE Tab [ ProxyButton [0.2.7] (to send Firefox traffic down VPN tunnel when at school) ReloadEvery [2.0] (great for Ebay) RSS Ticker [1.8.10] Stealther [.98] Tabbrowser Preferences [] User Agent Switcher [0.6.9] (for web development, scripts that depend on browser refer) Theme: Firefox Default Firefox takes a few seconds to load the first time, but after, everything works perfectly. I'm on a laptop and hibernate, so i don't reboot often and Firefox stays in memory. I add new extensions when i find something interesting, and test it out for a week or so. all the ones above are almost constantly used.
  14. Looking fine. Came in handy for setting up QoS.

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