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  1. Any idea how I do that as I've never done that sort of thing before?
  2. I am trying to make a webpage with the contents of a eBay shop RSS feed, but there's a problem with the feed. On every item listing it displays like the following: - (Had to put it as an image because the forum wanted to change the html code to a pound sign, unlike the rss feed) I'm not sure why, but it displays the html code for a pound sign on the bottom line, yet it displays a pound sign perfectly on the top line. Its not just that particular rss feed, all of eBays shops rss feeds do it. I tried using a JavaScript to find the "& # 1 6 3 ;" and replace it with "£" but it doesn't work. I have contacted eBay but I haven't had a reply yet and to be honest I dont think they'd care about it. Can anyone shed some light on the problem and possibly find a way to correct it?
  3. Cant rip CDs in WMP11

    I am running Windows Vista Ultimate and have tried many times to rip CDs in Windows Media Player 11.0.6001.7000 but I'm not having any joy. Every time I try to rip a CD it gets so far through (usually less than a whole song) and then stops. You can hear the DVD-RW slow down then the PC crashes. When I restart, Vista moans it cant load up my Dream-Scene background and I have to do it manually. There are no errors from Windows Media Player or Vista (apart from the background error) I can listen to CDs just fine but if I try to rip a CD, Windows Media Player refuses to co-operate and the above happens. I have tried to rip the same CDs on a laptop which is running the same Windows Vista Ultimate and the same Windows Media Player 11.0.6001.7000 as my PC, and that works first time, every time. I have looked on the internet and found a few fixes which I have tried, from something as simple as changing the output file format and bit-rate, to editing the msacm.voxacm160 Registry key, I've even tried going back to a previous install of Windows Vista, but nothing works. The CDs are in good condition so its not them causing the problem and they work fine on the laptop and will play on my PC, they just wont rip. I have the latest version of Windows Media Player. Can anyone help me? Could it be my DVD-RW? My PC is running: - AMD Phenom 9500 Quad-Core CPU AliveNF7G-HD720p Motherboard 2GB DDR2 667 RAM Pioneer SATA 20x DVD-RW DVR-215D
  4. I saw this article about running Windows XP inside Vista with Virtual XP. As it says, I've taken the leap into Windows Vista, but once in awhile, my heart yearns for the classic features and functionality of XP. Some of my software doesn't work in Vista, and I also design websites so seeing how they looks in Internet Explorer 6 is also an advantage. I currently dual-boot XP and Vista, but switching between the two takes too much time, so this article was right up my street. However, the article guides you though a fresh install of XP which I don't want to do if I don't have to. What I want to know is, is there anyway I can use my current installation of Windows XP including all the installed software I have and put that on a Virtual PC?
  5. I was using my computer the other night when I heard a noise come from it as if something had powered down. Thinking it may have been the fan on my processor, I immediately turned off the PC. I later turned it back on and all seemed fine. After thinking about it for a while, I realised I was in Windows Vista when it happened and I had booted back into XP afterwards (I've dual booted, as I'm still not 100% sure on Vista) I then booted back into Vista and it didn't happen again, by that time it was late so I went to bed. The next day I booted my PC into Vista and a few minutes later it did it again, so I turned it straight off again. I then took the side off the PC and booted into Vista so I could see what was going on, sods law dictated it didn't happen again. No matter what I did it wouldn't do it again, I even put the side back on without the screws in place so I could quickly take it off should the problem happen again, so I could see what was happening, but nothing. Since then (only in Vista) I keep getting this noise as if something is powering down. I have ignored it to see what happens afterwards (as I know the processor fan is working fine) but the PC seems to go on working as if nothing has happened. Something sounds like it likes to keep powering down at random times * I know the processor fan is working fine. It runs "Cool & Quiet" so it speeds up/down when it needs to, but it doesn't power down (i.e. go off) * The only other fan I have in the system is in the PSU and that seems to be working find too. * I've accessed the hard drives after this noise happens to see if they powered down, but they are accessed instantly so it cant be them. A friend asked if I have a temperature controlled PSU causing the fan to switch off when its not needed. I told him the PSU came with the case and as far as I know its not temperature controlled. Plus if it was temperature controlled, why wouldn't the same thing happen in XP? Some one suggested updating Vista to SP1 to see if that cured the problem, but it didn't. The only other thing I can think of is my Graphics card which is a Radeon x1650 Silent (so no fan to power down, its heat sink just gets bloody hot instead) BUT when I first installed Vista it wanted to install the Radeon X1950 driver for it, even after I had installed the correct driver. It "doesn't seem" to be doing any damage but its annoying the hell out of me and I know it shouldn't be doing it! Anyone got any thoughts on what could be causing this or anyone had the same experience? ----------- PC Specs ----------- AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core Asrock ALiveNF7G-HD Ready Motherboard 2GB DDR2 667 Memory ASUS ATI Radeon x1650 Silent Maxtor 120GB SATA Hard Drive Western Digital 200GB SATA Hard Drive Pioneer SATA 20x DVD-RW 500 Watt PSU
  6. You obviously didn't read your link properly Quote the general impression of Vista—especially in business environments—is that one should wait until Service Pack 1 (SP1) is released before even thinking of upgrading. Microsoft,
  7. Dual Boot My Documents

    I have recently dual booted my PC with XP and Vista (XP was on first if that really matters) Is there any way of making both XP and Vista see and use the same My documents? I know I can still view the others docs by rummaging through the the files and folders but its a pain to do. It would be so much easier if I can click on My Documents and both operating systems see and use the same files, is this possible?
  8. Annoying Graphics Crad Problem

    **UPDATE** Up til now I have tried everything to get rid of this stupid freezing/jumping of my games, but with no luck. I finally went out and bought some more memory thinking this would sort out the issue. I bought 2 x 1GB 667 memory (I bought 2 as I didn't know exactly what the original memory was and I know there are issues about none matching pairs) I put them in and tested my games to see if the issue had gone away, but no suck luck. It seemed to be ok at first but then it started doing the old trick of freezing/jumping all over the place some times as often as every few seconds. I thought I'd put my original stick of memory in with the new to make 3GB to see if that would help, but no. I've got the latest driver for my graphics card, I have the latest Direct X too. I even tried turning down the resolution as much as I could, I have a 22" wide-screen Monitor so it was up high, but the problem still persists. I'm going to be left with no hair at this rate!! The one game requirements are:- • Windows® XP with Service Pack 1 (CHECK) • Processor: INTEL Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon 2 GHz with SSE instructions (CHECK MINES AN AMD ATHLON 64 X2 DUAL CORE 4200+) • RAM: 256 MB, 512 recommended (CHECK I HAVE 3GB) • Video Card*: 64 MB Direct X® 9.0c compatible supporting Shader Model 1.1 (CHECK 1GB ASUS EAX1650 SILENT 512MB DDR2 PINCHING ANOTHER 512MB FROM MY RAM) • Sound Card: Direct X® 9.0c compatible (CHECK) • Direct X Version: DirectX® 9.0c or later (CHECK LATEST VERSION) • Hard Disk Space: 4.8 GB free (CHECK LOADS MORE THAN THAT) I've ran out of ideas, can anyone help before I go bald prematurely
  9. Annoying Graphics Crad Problem

    How do I do that then? I've had a look in my bios again but I'm no good when it comes to that. Anyone else got any other ideas?
  10. Annoying Graphics Crad Problem

    My mother board is a Asus M2N8-VMX Just incase you need to know: - AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4200+ 1GB RAM Asus EAX1650 Silent 512MB DDR2 (pinching another 512MB from my RAM, causing the problems)
  11. Annoying Graphics Crad Problem

    How do I do this? Ive looked in my bios and the ATI control centre for "Aperture Size" and cant see it anywhere.
  12. I have a Asus EAX1650 Silent Or Radeon 1650 if you prefer. Dispite it being a 512MB DDR2 graphics card, it also pinches 512MB from my RAM which is causing me problems when playing games. I have 1GB of RAM and with the card pinching another 512MB it leaves me with 512MB of RAM and games dont like it at all. Games are freezing/jumping all over the place some times as often as every few seconds. Is there any way I can stop the card from pinching 512MB from my RAM so it will stop freezing/jumping during games? Or does this sound like another problem not to do with the graphics card pinching 512MB from my RAM? I hope someone can help me, its doing my head in and I dont want to spend anymore money on this computer.
  13. A Better Windows Setup

    If its just the drivers thats your problem checkout Driver Packs these allow you to add hundreds of drivers to the XP CD
  14. Dell heatsink bracket replacement

    I have found a suitable part from a pc being scraped. Regards Colin Bate
  15. A friend has a Dell dimension 2300 & the plastic processor heatsink mounting bracket has broken. I can only find one site for this part but thay have no stock. Anybody know where i can get a suitable replament part from in the UK. Regards Colin Bate PS the part no is 8T065 if this helps.