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  1. thanks alot for the quick reply redsnowrider.. will try that now..
  2. Hi all, I recently encounter a critical error on my server. The DCOM / Network Service seems to failed every single day and this causes some of the application running on the server failed to connect to mysql.. Below is sample of the DCOM error log.. ===================================================================== Event Type: Error Event Source: DCOM Event Category: None Event ID: 10016 Date: 1/3/2006 Time: 1:04:48 PM User: NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE Description: The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Activation permission for the COM Server application with CLSID {BA126AD1-2166-11D1-B1D0-00805FC1270E} to the user NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE SID (S-1-5-20). This security permission can be modified using the Component Services administrative tool. For more information, see Help and Support Center at http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/events.asp. ===================================================================== I followed the help & support article to setup, but still failed.. What other solution do I have? Thank in advance..
  3. use bnbt tracker.. is an open source sw.. very user frendly
  4. Dear all, Im currently using a print server that installed wif w2k to connect to my network. The issue is w2k can support only maksimum 10 sessions, therefore, everytimes when the sessions is full, users have to manually go to the print server and clear the session. Hence, i would like to write a batch file to clear the sessions automatically. anyone can guide me ? the session file are store in : computer management>share folders>sessions can anyone help me to trace the path?
  5. i cant boot up my windows n get this error msg : -Load needed DLL's for kernal is the error message i really out of idea!
  6. Everytimes install Dell server, it requires 2 cd : one is DellOpenManage n another one is the OS itself.. So i will have to put in the OpenManage CD 1st cause drivers for the respective hardware must be installed prior to installation of the instrumentation. OpenManage will inspect all the drivers n hardware component first.. then only the server installation can begin. My question is.. if i wan to integrate this 2 cd into 1 cd.. is it possible? If i use nlite, can it be done? or i just nid to do some motification on the WINNT.sif and then copy the driver folder to the cd?
  7. loggin in locally.. and i also try to take out the new hdd n reboot .. but still cant login..
  8. Now i suspect the admin file corrupted or been move.. Cause be4 i install the new hard disk, the old hard disk actually hav 2 partition which is C: and D: and the new hard disk also hav 2 partition which is C: and D: as well, to make things clear i will call new hard disk drive NC: and ND .. therefore the system will automatically move the 2 primary partition in front .. . means C: NC: D: ND: and rename it to C: D: E: F: .. hence i think maybe the file been moved, otherwise i cant think of any better reason y i cant login..
  9. I use the ERD commander to change my password but still failed to login to the window.. anyone know y?
  10. is there any free site for me to download ERD commander 2005 ?!
  11. Is there any tools tat can help me to log in to my W2k ? or tools tat can help me to get my password back?
  12. em quite number of time i try.. but it keeps on saying my username n password wrong..
  13. After i install the new hard disk.. i LOG IN once, then the server said new driver detected and nid to reboot my computer.. then i restart the server.. after the restart, i cant log in anymore.. i really dun hav any ideal ..
  14. I install 1 new hard disk into my print server. After that i reboot my server n then i could not login . I type the correct username n password and the server loading for awhile then said username or password was wrong? Why this will happen? N wat i did wrong? can anyone tell me?
  15. im not sure how ur fren help u to install back ur ntldr.. to play save u can go to this website to find out the proper way to install back ur missing ntldr file..http://www.tinyempire.com/shortnotes/files/ntldr_missing.htm

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