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  1. I notice that every time I do a disk clean-up, "WebClient/Publisher Temporary Files," are always populated after surfing the web. Are these cached web pages I've look at and how would you access them? I always nuke them after online banking just because I don't know what's stored there. Thanks for the info. Best, Treeman
  2. Things are going screwy...

    To disable DEP, you have to make a change to the BOOT.INI file in the root of the partition from which the computer boots. To get Windows to run, your only choice is now safe mode. To boot into safe mode, press F8 a few times after the BIOS has finished its booting and Windows begins to load. Once you have booted into safe mode, use these steps: Right-click on My Computer and select Properties. Click on the Advanced tab. Click on the third button—settings for system start options. Click on the Edit button to edit the boot.ini file. Carefully edit the /NoExecute=OptIn string and change it to AlwaysOff. This part at the end of the line should now read: /NoExecute=AlwaysOff Save and close the dialog boxes by clicking on OK. See if this helps. Treeman
  3. [Question] Retarded XP SP1 Notification Icon

    Thanks Janus, That worked! Upon exiting from this tweak, I got a screen that said something to the fact that this copy of Windows may not be genuine. (grin) No complaints out of the machine since re-booting; and no notification icon in the sys tray. "There was the initial confusion and driver errors when SP2 first came out" Your correct Zxian, what ticked me off was that MS flat out denied there was a problem with the drivers supplied with SP2. Then the hotfixes/patches started coming out. Simple things stopped working; usb keys, video cameras, etc. I have two other computers behind me, both took SP2 without a problem. I won't install SP2 on this computer until one of my raid drives goes South and I have to re-install the OS. It's just not worth the time & frustration if SP2 fails me again. (reformat & reinstall SP1) "Microsoft is not driving people away from the OS. They're telling people that if they want continued support, they should get with the times and update to SP2." I'm an oem system builder and if you follow the threads at the OEM TechNet Discussion Groups, you'll see that there still are problems installing drivers during set-up routines. And what about corporate users that have proprietary applications that can't be upgraded to run on SP2? I guess they are just SOL after October as well. I'm sorry, I just don't buy it! Best, Treeman
  4. "Support for Windows XP SP1 ends October 10, 2006." I think I got this jem downloading the WGA tool the other day. Seems there is no way to turn the **** thing off, it just sits in my system tray. SP2 doesn't work well on this computer. I had so many dcom, perfnet, firewire, and external drive errors that I had to re-format & reinstall. Doesn't MS realise that they are driving folks away from thier OS? Even though I don't know anything about Apple computers, it just may be my next one! Finally Fed Up! Title edited -- Please, use [TAGS] in your topic's title. --Sonic
  5. [Question] - Reg Hack for Disk Clean-Up?

    Thanks JR, After you export the registry 1st. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\VolumeCaches; then choose the (default) SZ value, double click it to edit, and delete the value. This works for "Compress Old Files also," another choice I don't make either, that slows down Disk Clean-Up. Thanks for the tip, Treeman
  6. I forgot where this is located! I want to remove "Office Set-up files," when Disk Clean-up does it's scan. On this old laptop running XP Pro, it takes it quite a long time to read those files. I got rid off disk clean-up reading the "compressed files," but that was a while back, and my brain went somewhere else. Thanks for the reminder. Best, Treeman Title Edited - Please follow new posting rules from now on. --Zxian
  7. "USB 2.0"

    You can always buy a USB 2.0 PCI add-on card pretty cheep! Treeman
  8. Computer slow?

    If your machine is Intel, have you loaded the Intel Application Accelerator? You can find it on your motherboard manufacturers website, for your particular model. Best, Treeman
  9. Apple & Intel by 2007

    Sounds like Apple computer broke off it's long relationship with IBM. Now I hear Apple will be using the Intel CPU by 2007. I know this is a Windows forum, but I'm just curious. Does that mean the Apple OS would run on a PC? Your input would be interesting. Now before the flames! I have never run a Mac, I have three pc's with XP Pro on each. However, in the future I would like to try a dual boot machine. O.K., Let 'er fly! Treeman
  10. B) Had to format after SP2. MS support in India, a guy named "Larry," a tier 5 level support person, had me reinstall Sp1 "over the top," of SP2! At that time I was so p*ssed I did what he said. Format, re-install everything. Updated to April 11th. XP Pro SP1. Treeman
  11. Crazy END USER Keeps blowing up my system!

    Just give him a live CD version of Knoppix (Linux) It only boots from the CD without touching the hard drive. It has all the software he'd need to do stuff both online and off, without the fear of being hacked. The different free & paid for distros can be found here; Knoppix This works best if used while wearing an aluminum hat! Best, Treeman
  12. webcam choosing....

    Ummm, About the firewire camera. there are known issues with SP2 & Firewire; My Camcorder has stopped working since installing SP2 I'm still running Sp1 so I don't have any problems. I would make sure if you go the firewire direction that you get verification from the cameras manufacturer, that it will indeed work under SP2. Here's one site you can look at with good support; Unibrain Good Luck, Treeman
  13. Thermal grease removal

    Artic Silver has a new product for just this type of problem. ArctiClean Best, Treeman
  14. Outlook Express Problem

    You might want to try this: How to reinstall or repair Internet Explorer and Outlook Express in Windows XP. microsoft Back-up any email you want to keep first. Treeman
  15. Problem to install software

    CAUSE ===== This error message can have one of following causes: - Another application has opened one of the DAO/Jet DLL's. When a DLL is loaded in memory, Windows treats the file on the disk it was loaded from as read-only. This is by design. - The read-only attribute of the file that is being updated has been turned on. Treeman