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  1. So I found out about this whole thing yesterday and after working for 2 full days I now have a 98% working cd! heres my list: acrobat 7, divX codec, FireFox, iTunes, Nero, PowerDVD, SAV 9, WinRAR, WMP10. I was thinkin about making it a dual cd\DVD install and adding office 2003 as well as some other apps.
  2. I found this site doing a google search on howto make an auto-install XP CD. What a great website this is very informative the forums are filled with lots of usefull info and everything. Go MSFN!
  3. Just kidding I used the search to find it! I wanted to post about how great this website is tho! Lots of usefull information and everything! Top notch in my book I am glad I found it.

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