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  1. Well an option to go a different route is after you use the Dell CD to install windows, create a second cd which does an unattanded install of all the apps and hotfixes. The reason the Dell CD does not ask for a key I think is because it is hard coded on the cd what the key for that machine is. You can always just copy the contents of the cd to your drive and use the :integrate mode to slipsteam the updates then reburn. Hope this helps!
  2. I was actually wondering the same thing. I know if you have a MSDN account you get a copy of Longhorn. Is there any other LEGAL way to get it like from Microsoft or something?
  3. I think you should be fine. It should be able to handle 15 users. If you experience performance issues use 2 separate drivers and share the bandwidth that way...
  4. Star Wars KOTOR 1 and 2 are the best star wars games. Jedi knight 2 was good as well. I am playing star wars ep3 now, it is pretty good but short.
  5. I can give you links to a lot of the diff HP printer drivers that I use if that helps at all. I am sure it takes forever to do.
  6. When I use the option to keep the drivers I get that pop up message that some of the drivers have not passed Windows Logo testing. I know there is a reg key you can change that will make it so you are not prompted for this. Would it be possible to make that change before the step where windows keeps the drivers so that the pop=up message does not show up?
  7. So I guess no print driver pack was ever created. That’s a bummer! I would love a driver pack. Epically now since you can keep the driver packs on XP it will be awesome. At my job I am always downloading printer drivers. That would be very very usefull.
  8. I know EB Games is selling HL 2 collectors edition for 29.99. I was there today and they had it on sale. That is definatly your best bet.
  9. Well you have two options. You can buy thru steam; if you do not own any version of half life at all I would recommend you buying the silver version because you get everything. If you buy on eBay it has to be an account. The cd keys that come with the cds from retail stores you need to have the cd in the drive to play. With the steam account once a cd key is entered it is owned by a specific steam account so unless they give you that account you can’t activate it. Just go get tit thru steam
  10. Try http://www.laplink.com/ I own laplink gold and like it a lot.
  11. I saw this suggested but I did not see a reply from you envoi. Have you tried a different OS CD? Try installed windows 2000 on it. Try an XP cd without SP2 on it.
  12. I have been using Trillian for years now. I have MSN, ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo. Trillian makes using them much easier. I love it! Works great has a good logging feature does not take up much RAM. Very good
  13. That's funny. I formatted right before I checked this forum actually. With my unattend XP CD of course.
  14. Thanks. I think I had too many folders for that script to work. I get the error "the full path of is too long." I downloaded a program called treesize. That tells me how big the folders are so I guess that will do. Thanks for trying guys! I never even knew the command "for" was allowed thought it was some vb script or something lol.
  15. Thanks! I changed it in a couple places in the reg to point to a local htm file but it did not work. I guess I'll have to hack the .dll
  16. I wish I could help you on this but I can not. I love your little tune tho! 1, 2 there's problems for you 3, 4 it's called murphy's law 5, 6 there's no quick fix 7, 8 it's bill gates you should hate 9, 10 so you're stuck then! It is great!
  17. How can I change it so that when I goto about:blank on IE it will show whatever page I want it to show. I know it can be done because spyware does it!!
  18. Is this an origonal CD or a custom CD like from dell?
  19. What?!? An illegal copy of windows XP?! *shocked* anyway just check your I386 path and see if you see sp2.cab that should be easy enough
  20. if the files are the same name all the time just add it to All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup either in a cmd file or just a link to the files
  21. I was looking for the same thing and this post came up in my search! Somebody changed the ctrl+alt+delete logon background screen and I was trying to figure out how to change it back!
  22. I have done it before on my USB pen drive. Obviously the PC has to be able to boot from the USB device in the bios. I used loaded ms dos on the USB device, just like a floppy boot disk. If you want to load the files to a temp ram drive you should use load RAMDRIVE.SYS. Using that you can specifies how many kilobytes or megabytes of memory you want to use for the RAM drive
  23. Thanks! Now umm what do I do with that code?
  24. Is there any way to find out how many files are in folders? What I want to do is search for all my music folders that have one file in them and combine all the folders. I can not figure out a way to find out what folders only have one song tho. Anybody have ideas?

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