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  1. My xpcd has gotten pretty big due to all Micro$ofts updates and since I heard such great things about nlite i figured I would try it. I used it to slipstream IE7 and to remove some items such as windows tour. When trying to install windows setup asks for all the files that i told nlite to remove. I am sure that I am missing something and there is a way to tell windows setup not to look for those files or something.. what am i doing wrong oh msfn gods?!
  2. hmmm that doesnt sound right... what is the option that is disabling it? Is the mere fact of having a winnt.sif file or is it the UnattendMode=FullUnattended command that turns it off?? I turn to you MSFN experts for help!!
  3. I have and let me tell you in my years of experiance as a tech I have done repair installs many times to fix a corrupt system file or something which has saved me from doing a full reinstall + programs + data backup and restore... so any ideas how to get the repair option to show?
  4. I have my unattended CD all set and it works great. I know to get the f6 drivers to work you need to set oempreinsall=no but even with that option set it wont let me do a repair install. Is there something I have to change in my winnt.sif file to get the option to do a windows repair install?
  5. who uses windows 98 anymore.. you realize we are in 2006 right?
  6. Crazyness, it ran better on the dell machine actually but would not let me connect to anything microsoft until I put the drive back in my old mobo.
  7. I took my Hard drive with the install of vista 5536 on it and took it from one machine running on an... ASRock 775XFire-e-SATA2 board and put the drive in a Dell machine with all the same pci and video card and now I can not do windows updates and MSN and windows defender will not work. I think because I changed motherboard & CPU its considered a different computer and not the one this was validated to. Could this be possible?
  8. Did I not read it shoudl be out withen days of Tuesday. I saw build 5536 out yesterday is that different then RC1?
  9. I use the Beta of Symantec Corp 10.1 for vista and it runs and scans and looks like it works but I get a popup from windows security saying it is disabled...
  10. I dont know if this is the case for you or not but when you first install sav it does a full system scan in the background. If you reboot or anything before it finishes then it will start again. Also you probably should have network scanning turned off on SAV. I have used 10.0 and currently use 10.1 and do not have a problem with it...
  11. I have a DFI Lanparty Board model 875P-T which has Intels RAID controller 82801ER built into it. I have two raptor drives running RAID 0. For some reason when I try and load an OS on there, either Windows XP or Windows 2003 server I get a stop error 0x0000007b. This happens even when I load the drivers for the intel device via F6 when windows setup starts. Can anybody help shed some light on this situation for me?
  12. So I have MSDN thru my job and downloaded vista and tried to burn it on 2 diff DVD's on 2 diff download times. On my laptop it boots to the DVD but I get an error on my PC it will not even boot. Is there anyway to get Vista on CD instead?
  13. Hard drives and RAM I always buy OEM. Most of the time with the hard drives you get a year+ on them even with OEM purchase. For CPU and mobo I buy Retail. Its good to have a 3 year warrantee on your chip you never know when u may tweak it to the point of thermal breakdown. I know the manufacture warrantee does not cover if you break it yourself but I have exchanged many of defective chips broken by my hands in the day.
  14. Patience is a virtue that I don’t have; also i wanted to make sure it was not just me. Hope everything is ok Mr. Sneaky *edit* looks like my post has been edited and the word "solved" was added but I still can not access :-\
  15. i cant access www.BTSunattended.net anybody else?

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