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  1. Yea, there is a video uploaded by Winclient 5270 where he uses CFF explorer, but I really can't use that program, my screen reader can't read it. So I'm searching how can I avoid modifying the exe file, or searching another tools that will allow me to do the same thing, but with software accessible with screen reader. Another software called Puppy PPE explorer shows me the three and the headers, I even could see major and minor operating systems but can't edit it. Tried also another program, but it don't show any three, just hexadecimal data. Of course there is another program (Resource Hacker) that allow you to edit exe and dll files (I used it to edit the Imageres.dll in order to change the startup sound) but it don't show you the headers. So, are there an addon for Notepad++, VSCode, Resource Hacker or eclipse? I also tried to spoof Windows Vista as Windows 7/8/10 using a BWC tool called NNN4NT5, but still Firefox gives the error that it's not a valid Win32 application.
  2. You need to modify the .exe file if you try to install Firefox 78 ESR, at least the string Major Operating System Version and Minor Operating System Version. I answered what is the latest Firefox that you can run without modifying these Strings. If the answer is anything older than FF60, maybe I will forget about Firefox. Running Firefox 78 ESR tells that it's not a valid win32 application. Of course the same with ff88.
  3. I consider Windows 11 is better than 10. The Windows 10 X start menu is much better than the traditional Windows 10 Start menu. I think Windows 7 is worse than Vista, specially due to the introduced telemetry and because they removed the classic start menu. I consider the best operating systems are XP x64, 2000, Vista, 8.1, 10 LTS (if you have a good product key), 11, and in the last position the normal release of Windows 10.
  4. I'm talking about the modification of the string major operating system and minor operating system.
  5. What is the latest Firefox that I could run without modifying the .exe or can anyone provide a modified .exe? Can't modify it myself. I know about Roytams browsers, but I expect a Firefox bassed browser with a more updated engine such as the Quantum, so that's why I want to know that.
  6. I tried a program which was made in Python 3.8 and I'm very happy that it worked despite that it crashed when I tried to do something, but at least any kind of Python 3.x program working in Vista! I'm also trying to get mysql community server 8.0.21 in Vista, but I'm unsure if it works. Firstly, the Workbench can't be installed, and while the setup try to configure all the stuff, mysqld.exe gives a Kernel32.dll. Y wanted to create a mysqld.exe.local but can't find the mysqld.exe. I'm wondering if creating a file .msi.local near to the installer will work and will use the modified kernel dlls all the time during installation.
  7. As far as I know, you can install the jdk manually without using the installer (maybe for java 8 and newer). People used to install jdk 8 in Windows XP that way, so maybe it's possible to do the same thing with jdk 16? I'll also try the msi with the spoofer created by BlackWingCat.
  8. can that happend because we use localized versions of vista?
  9. I have the same issues, but I didn't installed the sha2 updates if Windows update don't offered me these updates.
  10. I managed to run the latest version of Maxthon in Vista extended kernel and Visual studio code too. I also tried Brave and ungoogled chrome, but both give me the error status access violation.
  11. Exactly, Chromium browsers give an error 0xc0000005.
  12. I finally found it. I'm trying to get the chromium working and Waterfox working. Chrome gave me an error in the execution, and Waterfox.exe tells that it's not a Win32 valid application. I know that you can easily edit it, but I need an alternative to the CFF explorer.
  13. I tried to run the latest version of Deemix Server on Windows Vista and it give me this error: deemix-server.exe - No se encuentra el punto de entrada diálogo No se encuentra el punto de entrada del procedimiento GetActiveProcessorCount en la biblioteca de vínculos dinámicos KERNEL32.dll. If we translate it to english, it tells that can't find the entry point of the procedure GetActiveProcessorCount in the dinamic library Kernel32.dll. Was this included in the KernelEX? I answered in the topic about latest software for Vista exkernel how to use it without installation, just local redirection so you have all the dlls inside the folder of the applications and .exe.local files. I somewhere read that it's necessary a modification on the registry, but don't know what to modify.
  14. Maybe a dual boot would be possible if you try it with XP x64 instead of X86 because you can add UEFI support to it. The problem is how will react the secure boot to Windows XP.
  15. As I told, I managed to run Windows 10 x64 on Windows XP x86. The thing is that you should use a lts version of Windows 10. And unless you have PAE enabled and 8gb ram, you should use a ramdisk if you have more than 4gb, and if you use the ramdisk you may not give to the virtual machine more than 2gb of ram. Another option would be to setup a Windows Server 2016/2019 without graphics, only the command line. That should boot even with 512mb of ram and do bassic tasks. I also managed to have only command line experience with the normal Windows 10, here is a tutorial. https://superuser.com/questions/291687/is-it-possible-to-run-windows-without-gui/291705 but for doing that, you must have a 64 bit capable processor.
  16. In my case, I'm not having problems accessing bing.com
  17. Windows NT 6.x brought a lot of accessibility and other improvements, so I'm wondering if is it possible to create a wim image of XP x64 and put it on the sources folder of a Windows Vista/7/8/10 iso, so it would have the NT 6.x installation, but it would really installing XP.
  18. I managed to do the same thing but with XP x86 as a host and Windows 10 x64 as a guest in vmware 10!
  19. As far as I remember, Win32 posted on a comment somewhere that it's possible to use this kernel extension without installing it, just with local redirection, and I think he told something about modify the registry. I'm trying to run Brave browser (chromium bassed) but it give me an error related with kernel32.dll. I put the dlls of the kernel extensions and created a blank file called brave.exe.local, but the error still persists. What I need to modify in the registry? The last question. Here you usually use the CF explorer for editing dlls, due to the lack of accessibility of that CF explorer I can't use it. How can I edit exe files or dll files the same way with Resource Hacker? I can't find there information about major or minor OS. If it's not possible, what alternatives can I find to CF explorer and?
  20. Managed to install the utility, but I can't use it. I need to use a screen reading software. While some software like browsers, Office and a lot of programs use standard Windows controls and buttons are named correctly, some software can't be readed by the screen reader. In the case of the utility, the screen reader just show me a three with two elements: one called "My Computer" and the other element (inside the first element) called with the name of my network device. When I press tab or alt nothing happend. In conclusion, can't use that utility due to the lack of accessibility. Maybe I'll try to install XP on a VM and see how are configured some protocols/services. Then I'll try to port some of the configuration to my real XP.
  21. I applied the reg on Windows vista. It downloaded me the Windows Update client and it apparently don't download nothing more. Are required another updates like IE9? I applied the reg on a fresh Vista SP2 installation. I did that because I'm planning to try the KernelEX.
  22. This is only the driver, it don't install any kind of network utility. However, the installer seems to be an original Realtec installer. When I installed the networking driver for Windows 7 x64, I downloaded it from a dell archive, and the setups of both drivers is identical, but the driver for XP which I downloaded now is 32 bits, and Windows 7 driver is 64 bits. The device manager don't show me any problem with networking driver. I tried again to connect to Wi Fy using Windows XP Wi fy client, but it still don't work! But thank you very much for the help @RainyShadow!

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