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  1. I applied the reg on Windows vista. It downloaded me the Windows Update client and it apparently don't download nothing more. Are required another updates like IE9? I applied the reg on a fresh Vista SP2 installation. I did that because I'm planning to try the KernelEX.
  2. This is only the driver, it don't install any kind of network utility. However, the installer seems to be an original Realtec installer. When I installed the networking driver for Windows 7 x64, I downloaded it from a dell archive, and the setups of both drivers is identical, but the driver for XP which I downloaded now is 32 bits, and Windows 7 driver is 64 bits. The device manager don't show me any problem with networking driver. I tried again to connect to Wi Fy using Windows XP Wi fy client, but it still don't work! But thank you very much for the help @RainyShadow!
  3. Ah, I discovered what happened with that linc. It give an error related with the date. Can you upload it to another drive? Pd. My date is correctly configured, so it should be an error of the page.
  4. I'll try later to download again the file, but I remember that two pages offered me a driver updater. I don't have the exact page where I found the post, but here is the download linc. It's not provided by Toshiba, that original linc is dead. I downloaded it from here. http://server15.driveridentifier.com/mirrors/download_driver.php?file=server15.driveridentifier.com\www\data\support1.toshiba-tro.de\37\46\82\72\wlesslan-20150507114053.zip
  5. The tool which you provided didn't worked because it offer a driver updater. PE Network don't give errors, I tried also with an open phone network, but not work again. It don't provide an error. However, the phone open network is very weak.
  6. I didn't typed the password, I pasted it from a document. And I'm prety sure that the document has the wrong password because I used it with the same computer to conect Windows 7 and XP! It's a pity that I didn't created a restoration point, it probably would be useful. I'll do it before touching serious configuration, specially in XP.
  7. I found a similar driver, but provided by Toshiba so I installed it. My computer is Toshiba Satellite C855-2kP. I tried the PE network. It shows all wi fy conections, I even introduce the password, but don't conect.
  8. The driver don't has any utility. I'll try PE Network. The service is runing.
  9. The Wi-fy service is enabled. The wi-fy adapter is Realtek RTL8723AE Wireless LAN 802.11n PCI-E NIC. The computer has a Windows 7 installation. In Windows 7 the Wi Fy works fine.
  10. I tried to add it manually, but it gives an error too.
  11. The wi-fi don't work. I even reinstalled the driver, but it didn't helped. When I checked the list of Wi-Fi connections, it is completely empty even when I press the button to update the list so it should check the available conections. If I try to repair it, it tell that the reparation can't be completed because it can't connect to the network. I tried with another program called wi-fy manager. The ressult is that it shows me the wi-fi conections, but when I try to connect it don't allow me to introduce any kind of password. As a fact I don't have a restoration point in my system. My question is, what could happen with the Wi-Fi? How can I reparate it or delete all the networking configuration of the system?
  12. I finally found the password and could access the system. However, my Wi-fy network is not working! I'll post about that on another topic so anyone searching in google about some networking problems in XP could find it.
  13. Are there really browsers based on the Netscape code? If yes, I want to try it. I tried the 84mb version of MiniBrowser, but it crashes trying to view some pages and closes when I connect any usb device. 360 works fine, but it's interface is in Chinese/Russian.
  14. Yesterday, I needed to create a new user in Windows xp. The thing is that the system put a password on all user accounts, and I don't know exactly how can I recover it. Maybe is it possible to recover it using safe mode, but that's so difficult for me. The computer has dual boot with Windows XP and Windows 7, so my question is, is it possible to see or remove the XP password using that Windows 7? If the answer is yes, how can I achieve it?
  15. I needed to use a computer with Win10 20h2. I wanted to open a word document and I have portable versions of Office 2003 and 2007. I tried with both versions, but both Offices give me an error and none opened the document. Someone know how to use old versions of Office again? I remember that these portables worked in Windows 10 19h2, but in 20h2 even Windows Deffender detects Office 2007 portable as a virus.
  16. I think in Windows 8.x is still possible to take control over the telemetry. If you are answering what build of Windows 10, go for ltsb 2015/ltsb 2016/ltsc 2019.
  17. I had similar issues with my Windows XP x86 system. It crashes when I open a lot of tabs, and if I connect an usb when MiniBrowser (chromium bassed browser) is opened, the browser is closed automatically. Don't understand why it happends.
  18. I found a proxy called WebOne and it's very helpfull. The thing is that it requires Windows 7 and newer (the server) as a client you can use even IE5 or Netscape. Maybe you can run Windows 7 on an vm connected using bridged adapter so it would be connected to physicall connection. There's a key that changes the shell from explorer.exe to cmd.exe. I tried that with Windows 10 X64, and it can even boot with 232mb of ram. I think if we do it with Windows 7 x32 it could boot with 100mb of ram! That proxy requires .netCore runtimes 3.1, so the proxy don't work even in Windows XP. I'm wondering if it'll be able to run in Win2K/9x. That would be a goal!
  19. As far as I know, someone published recently an installer
  20. I recently made a topic about tls1.2 and Firefox 12, but no one answered me. I'm wonder if that proxy could work on IE6 and Win9x/2k and Firefox 12. There is another tool called browservice, but it's difficult to setup it because you need a Linux machine. Moveover, you probably would see all the page as an image, so you couldn't use it with Screen Readers. I expect Blackwingcat will explain more about this.
  21. I suggest moderators to move this tread to main XP board
  22. I abandoned Windows 10 when 2020 has ended. I use Windows XP and Windows 7, and I'm thinking on switching to Linux when I would need to buy a computer.
  23. Windows 7 can get support until 2023 (not official), but if I want to get these updates I thought that I might update my system to latest official updates. As far as I know, the update which you mentioned includes updates until 2015. Another option would be to uninstall all updates and update Windows again, or update it manually as I did with Windows XP.
  24. There is also a JDK 8 package with NetBeans. It's difficult for me to edit these files, so I'll use it.
  25. I found that someone modified Netscape so it support TLS 1.2. The thing is that Netscape is older than Firefox 12, and Firefox 12 can't access a lot of modern Web pages which can be accessed with that modified Netscape. The question is, did anyone added also that certificate update to Firefox 12?

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