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  1. Just writing in to let everyone know I’m not going to be as active here as I was in the past. I know it’s not on-topic but since this thread is more than likely going to be closed and deleted anyway, I thought this would be a good opportunity to speak up without drawing too much attention to myself. I’ve had a nice time talking to users here but haven’t had much to contribute other than words of encouragement. It seems this forum prizes and values those who actually know how to program/code, and I definitely don’t fall into that category. I had been a lurker for years but joined in 2021 to comment on the Feodor/Tobin situation with Mypal. Since then I don’t think I’ve had much of value to add to the discourse, and the way I see it this is a forum better left to far smarter individuals. I certainly don’t want to annoy the moderators, who have better things to do with their time than read my drivel. Indeed, it is a difficult task to keep things on-topic, and as I fell in love with this site because of all of the valuable information it provides, the last thing I would ever want to do is sully those waters with posts that are less than useful. So much has changed, but this is still my go-to site when I want to learn about what’s happening on the tech enthusiast front. I am glad I got to know what it feels like to post and to be met with varying degrees of kindness, and responses from people who know far more than I will ever, ever know about this sort of thing. Of course, I may return in the future, if I have something of value or interest to share. For now, I’ll go back to lurking, just as I was doing for so many years beforehand. To those who have been nice to me, I appreciate it more than you will ever know. To everyone who is making an effort to develop/maintain software that keeps old operating systems useful, thank you, from the bottom of my heart. To the moderators, thank you for striving to maintain law and order here. May you do your best to hold up MSFN’s legendary reputation. Take care, everyone…I wish you all peace.
  2. That's something I always love to hear--glad to know you're keeping your P4 going! I've been saying it for a long time: with XP or 7 and a relatively modern browser, a Pentium 4 can still fly even in 2023. Even 8.x and earlier 10 releases (I recommend LTSB 2015 and 2016) also run quite well on a P4...of course, when you get into the more recent builds, P4s start to struggle a bit. I use a Pentium E6800 (basically a stripped down Core 2 Duo) with 4GB of RAM...a trusty, reliable LGA775-era machine that continues to get the job done for me every day. Getting back on topic, I've used 360 builds for years and have never had any major performance issues on my PC...of course, more recent builds run much better now that they've been properly rebased. Provided you have applied the same performance tweaks to both machines, I can only presume there's some kind of built-in 'graceful fallback' system that allows 360 to run better on older hardware (though I strongly doubt that's the case). I have no doubt that with a fresh installation of XP SP3, properly tweaked for performance, 360 should soar like an eagle on the specs you've provided. If can run well as it does on my E6800, it should be even better on a C2Q. I hope this is at least somewhat useful! And for @NotHereToPlayGames: thanks for continuing to share your customized 360 builds! I'm currently using v13.5.2036, (regular) rebuild 1--paired with Roy's latest Serpent 52 build it completes a devastating one-two punch for solid modern browsing in XP. Stable, fast, and still very capable!
  3. Absolutely! It seems they smell even better when you give them to someone, rather than just keeping them for yourself. In all seriousness, it is always good to see comprehensive and well-written threads...I haven't tried my hand at my own thread in a while. If I find anything interesting to discuss, I will certainly share it!
  4. Just writing in to say the latest Basilisk (Serpent) 52 build (2023-04-15) is still working absolutely fine for me, as is the latest NM28 build. Haven't had any recent crashes with either of them. Thank you very much for all of your efforts...if I have anything interesting or useful to report, I'll try to share it! All the best to everybody!
  5. Absolutely, my brother...it is a true and timeless sentiment. Also, thank you very much for finding that installer...your efforts are highly appreciated!
  6. Hello, everyone! As I don't really use antivirus software on anything more than an experimental/testing basis (and as I realize I've made some off-topic [or not necessarily helpful/useful] posts on the other older topic about this--apologies to Dave and the other moderators), I'll probably be keeping my personal contributions to a minimum here. I just wanted to thank you for making a new thread, with such great organization and information! I'll be happy to see what others have to say on this subject. Another great piece of work from one of my favorite posters on here!
  7. Thank you for mentioning this fantastic program! I've tinkered with it over the years and have always been impressed with it...and of course, the developers deserve major applause for continuing to support Windows 9x. (It's very nice of them to keep the last Windows 3.x version available for download too!) To this day it remains the gold standard for file managers...
  8. Ah, true! It depends on your preference, then: WRP will work on pretty much any browser you can run in Win3.x/NT 3.1/NT 3.5, but BrowService has issues with very ancient browsers so you’d need to go for a high end offering of the time. For parity’s sake I would recommend 16-bit IE5 as it’s the last version for 3.x & NT 3.1/3.5. It’s recent enough to have good compatibility with WRP and BrowService, has a simple and intuitive interface, and runs well on old PCs. As for my recommendation of the two proxies my choice is WRP because it works with more old browsers than BrowService, but I will say that BrowService may be a better option for the browsers that can handle it properly (you’re looking at IE4/IE5 era ones minimum).
  9. I'm surprised no one replied to this! Had to give it some thought because I have tested very old browsers in the past and do remember being curious about this topic. If I'm not mistaken, the best browser you can run on Windows 3.x and NT 3.1/3.5 is 16-bit Opera 3.62. For NT 3.51 it would be anything Gecko 1.8.1-based or older--I recommend using either the latest official RetroZilla release or one of @roytam1's custom forks. Here's a link to Roy's repository of cool 'miscellanies', including various browser releases: http://o.rthost.win/gpc/files1.rt/home.html
  10. Very cool! It's been a while since I used your 45 fork...it'll be interesting to give this new release a try, for old times' sake, to see what that old 45 engine can still do. Hoping you have a good weekend, Roy--and thank you, always!
  11. Having used both at different times, I find there are some interesting differences between St55 and St52, including what you pointed out. In using St55, I've found it renders pages in a manner closer to the classic Firefox 52ESR (which makes it nostalgic for just that reason). I think of St55 as the answer to "what if Mozilla had never ended their support for 52ESR and just kept updating it over the years, periodically?" whereas St52 (and by extension UXP as a whole) represents the maximum potential for what 52ESR's code base could be pushed to achieve in terms of modern web rendering. It's amazing to see UXP still getting new features after all this time, and while there is still a lot of work to be done in terms of bringing it up to current standards, the fact that it is still so capable after so long and didn't become a totally stagnant project is a wonderful thing. It definitely gives me hope for the future.
  12. I appreciate that very much! Thank you for your kind words...I'd like to be encouraging as much as possible, especially because no one has an obligation to maintain projects like these. I'm thankful as an XP user to still have options that work well at this point. Thank you for sharing those sites too...they do seem to have rendering issues in the latest NM28, and I'm noticing an identifying text at the bottom of both pages ("PHI Theme 3.14.4"). It should be possible for them to restore compatibility by rolling back to an earlier version of that theme, or even pre-3.x.x, though I'm sure they won't as there's no real motivation (money aside) for them to do so. If these sites can be made to work, that would be absolutely great. Even so, it's amazing how well NM28 still does with the web now. About 90% of the modern web, as it now stands, still works with zero issues in NM28, and that's one hell of a winning percentage.
  13. Oh! That explains a lot...it is good to finally have Web Components support. I did learn recently about UXP gaining support for this, but didn't realize it directly affects the ability to use GitHub without Palefill. Thank you for the explanation! (And thanks for not making me feel like an id*** about it...) I would like and do want to learn more about JavaScript, operators, etc. Though I fall into the category of your typical user (as opposed to a programmer/contributor), I don't want to be totally ignorant of how everything works...honestly, it's just amazing to go back to NM28 and see all the changes that have been made as of late. I'm finding NM28 is still very good and reliable as a 'base' browser...and for the sites that have issues in it, I'm glad there are other alternative browsers, like 360 and Mypal68, to use as well. Roy has definitely made a tremendous effort over the years with his browser forks. I am always excited to try a new release, even if there's the occasional bug...the fact that there are still browsers being maintained and updated for XP users is amazing, doubly so that it's on such a frequent basis. I feel like the XP to 7 to 10 transition, over time, can be accomplished and I feel very comfortable about it now. For now, I'm happy that I'm still able to use this legendary, venerable OS as my 'daily driver'. MS's finest hour for sure!
  14. I did have one crash, but couldn't reproduce it...other than that, the latest NM28 is working absolutely fine in XP SP3 x86 for me. Not sure if it correlates to the 'RegExpShared' issue, and I'm sorry if I can't be more helpful here, but in any event I want to thank Roy as always for his continued efforts...and all my best to everyone here, always.
  15. Just writing in to say 68.13 is working great for me on XP x86 SP3 (I've got almost all POSReady updates installed, save for a few, but have also used it and earlier versions in vanilla SP3 with no updates). Incredibly stable, and uses CPU/RAM extremely efficiently too. Thank you for your efforts, Feodor!
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