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  1. You used the latest version built from source? has broken spoofing. The latest release from source includes a workaround to add onedrive support.
  2. Are those actually current updates? Or are they static? Like if you are on Windows XP, does it display Windows 2000 updates?
  3. Using @WULover resultslists.aspx will not work because it is displaying the frontend of the aspx file. The backend is not archived and what you will get if you get it working is a static results list. Since v5 and v6 are almost the same, it would be better to have it request the current https://fe2.update.microsoft.com/v6/ClientWebService/client.asmx rather than that. If you want the backend files, you would have to contact someone who either worked at Microsoft and has those files or contact them directly through support chat.
  4. That's interesting. I know VxKex does specifically support SetThreadInformation. Especially since it installed but it didn't run. Consider making an issue for it.
  5. Did you try @vxiiduu kernel extensions? There is a topic about that here.
  6. This is a very nice product and it is nice to finally have it in RTM. It will be a product I will use. It has lots of features, that are great for ProxHTTPSProxy. I was happy to be a beta tester!
  7. When I do full shutdown that is the case. I usually go into sleep when leaving my computer unattended for hours. But I occasionally do a full shutdown. When I boot it up, it boots up very quickly around 15 seconds. Although, with my other lower end desktop running Windows 10, it takes more like 30 seconds for it to boot which is quite annoying, which is why I don't usually do a full restart.
  8. For me, my Windows 10 machine boots up in around 15 seconds at most. But keep in mind, my Windows 10 Machine is an Dell XPS Machine from 2010, and XPS machines are close to top of the line, so I might not represent the majority population here.
  9. Again, you are baselessly accusing me of being disrespectful without providing any evidence. You were the one who escalated this issue to this level by accusing me of providing meaningless information. I didn't beg you to let me beta test. I kindly asked you once if I could beta test. Again, another baseless claim with no evidence. Never mind on the documentation issue, I found more detailed documentation in the docs folder. I had just read the read me first file which is not very detailed.
  10. Well, thanks for being insulting. I tried to provide the most detailed information I could provide. I don't know what more you want. Unfortunately, I cannot use your program if the developer is to be rude and insulting even if the program is good. I never expected this type of response from you, I expected a nice response that would highlight the more information that you want instead of insulting my feedback and calling it "meaningless". Again, I tried my best to provide you the most detailed information I could provide but instead you reject it and claim it is meaningless. I also asked you a kind favour to transfer the conversation to PM because that is what I prefer, but you reject that as well and say "no answer, no PM". I answered you twice and ignored me. That is ridiculous and inmature behaviour. Either way, thanks for letting me a beta tester.
  11. As I reported earlier, everything is is fine. It is a very useful tool for ProxHTTPSProxy. The documentation is little scarce, so I think some information needs to be added to it. Other thank that, everything is good. In the future, please PM for for beta testing results instead of posting it public. Thanks.
  12. I third what mina7601 and Dave-H said. It runs wonderfully, and is very useful.
  13. Thanks, I will test it as soon as I get the PM. I will report feedback if necessary or if I have any issues.

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