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  1. Office 2013/2016 will be more difficult to install, as far as @Win32 told, Office 2013/2016 has more checks against Windows Vista.
  2. the Dec 2021 is the latest Visual C++ redistributable for Windows Vista. I'm wondering if newer versions will work. Special procedures will be required.
  3. Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2022 dropped Windows Vista! What is the latest version which would work properly?
  4. the thin is that we mustn't provide directly modified microsoft dlls, otherwise we would violate some laws.
  5. I have that computer, and I wish to install Windows Vista/7 but seems to be difficult to get drivers.
  6. I don't play Minecraft, so I don't know other launchers.
  7. maybe the Extended Kernel would be useful for you, you can install Java 17 with it, and Minecraft was made on Java 16 as far as I know
  8. still can't install Office 2019 despite that I copied the content of the cd to the desktop and added the setups to the osver.ini. There should be a method to install Office without the setup or modify the global osver.ini adding some stuffs like the number of the build, or bipass setup's restriction using a command line tool maybe? Don't know. Tried to create a portable with Cameyo, but no luck.
  9. as a curiosity, is it posible to boot Windows 10 2004 or newer on a 2004 computer or older?
  10. Hi guys, did someone managed to install Office 2019 or 2021 in Windows Vista with the latest extended Kernel? I can't spoof the setup. Apparently Win32 managed to do it. Here is my osver.ini. I noticed that I can't spoof any 32 bits application. [C:\Users\Disquete\Desktop\BraveBrowserSetup.exe] enabled=1 Win7SuperVerFix=1 [C:\Users\Disquete\Desktop\qcgc-setup.exe] enabled=1 Win7SuperVerFix=1 [D:\Setup.exe] enabled=1 Win10SuperVerFix=1 [C:\Users\Disquete\Desktop\Setup64.exe] enabled=1 Win10SuperVerFix=1 [D:\Office\Setup64.exe] enabled=1 Win10SuperVerFix=1 [D:\Setup.exe] enabled=1 Win10SuperVerFix=1 [global] enabled=1 Win10SuperVerFix=1
  11. I read that some people managed to run XP explorer.exe in Windows 7 and newer, but I never could do it. I tried with 64 bit version of XP explorer.
  12. solved the issue in BNavigator. I removed 360 Chrome explorer due to some issues, then I decided to try other Chromium browsers. Despite that the proxy is properly configured, I still get that message. On some pages I can even bipass it, but not on pages like google.com or twitter.com. I also tried to add the certificates (converted .pem certificates to .pfx) with a provided bat with this code (modified by me) openssl req -new -x509 -days 365 -nodes -config proxcert.cnf -out proxcert.pfx -keyout proxcert.pem however, no results. I also added these paramethers to chromium executables, (after the path) --enable-local-file-accesses --allow-insecure-localhost --allow-running-insecure-content however, there's no result, still receibe that messages.
  13. managed to create the certificate, the problem was that the openssl.exe was removed by the antivirus (ClamWin). Before solving this issue, I put the generated proxcert.pem (I used the default values), but browsers still give me the error of the untrusted conection.
  14. I tried Proxomitron in Windows Vista, despite that the system support TLS 1.2, but don't know how good is it. I installed the already configured zip, but web browsers like BNavigator don't trust the certificate. The provided bat for generating a newer certificate don't work in Windows Vista, so I can't see how to solve this. Moreover, the procedures for 360 Explorer are described as images instead of a text explanation.
  15. I just wanted to experiment sometimes with JQuery and Retrozilla, Netscape (latest) and similar old browsers. But I want to know what is the latest Jquery which fully support these kind of old browsers.
  16. I have the same question. The thing is that Windows XP and 2000 require an older VMware to get rid of the sound distortion sometimes. But apparently we can't install multiple vmware versions in the same OS, we would need another Windows installation.
  17. You should be able to spoof the browser changing the useragent. You can search other user agent strings or modify your one's. It could be solved if you replace NT 5.1 with NT 6.3 or NT 10.0. So websites would believe that you use Win8.1/10
  18. I tried it, but I still get the same result. However, it just tell that the addon is not compatible despite that I modified the rdf file and added the Borealis section.
  19. Still can't get extensions. Tried to install Greasemonkey (PaleMoon extension) 3.1 instead of Tampermonkey, modified the rdf file (I even didn't extracted the xpi so I just opened it with 7z and opened there the install.rdf and edited it). But when I apply the addon it still give me the error that the addon can't be installed because it appears to be corrupt.greasemonkey-3.31.1-pm_forkBranch.xpi
  20. Tried it with tampermonkey. I extract the xpi, then I edit manifest.json (there's no install.rdf) I set the strictMinVersion to 0.0, then I compress the folder with Windows explorer and rename zip file extension to xpi. If I try to install it, it just tell me: The add-on downloaded from unknown host could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt. So, I'm not able to install any kind of extensions on Borealis.
  21. where can I find a tampermonkey or similar stuff for Borealis and a version of NoScript for Borealis too? If I edit the files and try to install it gives me an error (the NoScript extension)
  22. The machine is 64 bits, so I should be able to run a 64 bit guest. You can run a 64 bit guest inside a 32 bits host.
  23. Seeing that, I'm considering to try to run a Windows 7/8/10/11 vm inside Windows NT 4.0 system. And, modifying the BIOS of a VM inside a Windows 9x system wouldn't be easy for me as these systems don't have good ocr software and good Screen Readers. If I try Connectix Virtual PC, I would need to know the keys used with it. I'll try it firstly on a Windows XP or newer cause these systems has more accessibility improvements.
  24. You can run Windows 10/11 (x64) inside Windows XP (x86). I want to try something like that on Windows 98 (of course with the rloew ram patch applied) and see the results. So, that's why I'm answering that.
  25. there's no extended Kernel for Vista X86 unfortunatelly. There are x86 files for Vista x64 ExKernel, but these files are on alpha stage, so I would just use it in local redirection if these files help with x86 apps.

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