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  1. I just turn off the blocklist Also, you can see the font name in the CSS files
  2. You sure you used the proper driver? There wasn't much difference between 7 and 8 for me
  3. Yes, it should, but it's slightly buggy For example, fullscreening some unity games gave me a yellow screen of death with my 5700XT on 8.1
  4. Unfortunately we can't go to a popular video sharing website and look up any song we want from any time period we want
  5. I don't think x16 1.1 is the limiter, a mobile 1070 at x16 1.1 usually outperforms the 980M
  6. What's meant is: April 2017 + KB4474419 However, patching up to March 2019 with everything else is probably fine too
  7. As far as I know, no UXP browser should be able to use WebExtensions
  8. I think even if that happens, .jar files run in a Java virtual machine, so it wouldn't really matter Worst case scenario, someone needs to port latest OpenJDK 8 or whatever to XP, but I'd bet money older Java 8 versions would work fine
  9. Left this in an open window, out of my 19 browser windows It should be fine I guess, just upgrade to 4 when possible
  10. That's because of a domain name change, o.rths.ml was the previously used domain, and there are other older domains. You can just replace it with o.rthost.win, and the downloads should work
  11. Guess I'll just have to try regular 7
  12. In my case, I usually have a browser on my 60hz 1080p browser maximized all the time, sometimes also playing a video While this is the case, I don't notice anything being laggy, other than Gecko being Gecko. I notice some things have really fluid animations on the 144hz monitor with the other monitors connected, and one of those things is a Chromium wrapper
  13. I have a 1440p 144hz monitor, a 1440p 60hz monitor, and a 1080p 60hz monitor.

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