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  1. My 7zip v15.11 on 98SE has no probs with the archived file above.. What I often see is people telling 7z wouldn't work, and never getting the idea their 7z might just be too extremely old. In such cases an update quickly helps (if you have access to updates...)
  2. Yes of course, but that's not what I meant. The URL for editing must match the NEW topic URL too, or it can choke. Actually I think I had that case just recently, but can't remember details anymore.... And not quite sure if it was here in this forum, or elsewhere... But I think it was also a case of a split+moved topic "while" I was still busy editing, and when sending it, the topic didn't match anymore.... There was also an error message about editing being forbidden, and some text about "perhaps moved"... And yeah, sadly that reason only applies to the first case with the screenshot,
  3. Weird and scary... Due to own past experiences in various forums I usually try to remember to write longer posts in a text editor first, but not always succeed.. *whistle* And did a bit simple testing earlier, was glad to see at least editing is not time restricted to a few minutes now, and 3 edits of same post caused no probs either. But just noticed in the initial screenshot: "Moved"...? Uhm yes, the topic was moved, by splitting... That explains at least the "forbidden" editing, as the screenshot shows the URL was still the original topic And later, when editing was tried from t
  4. WARNING @ all: better not write or edit longer posts currently, like the FIRST one in such great support topics: Since 1-2 days the forum is reported to have a killer bug, it simply DELETES the rest of "longer" posts without warning! And no restore possible (the definition of "long" is also debatable) And when trying to edit and add the rest again, the first attempt may look successful - BUT afterwards further edits are impossible: https://msfn.org/board/topic/182381-long-posts-truncated-new-annoying-bug/ .
  5. I've come to the opposite conclusion over the years. Sadly most files at external hosters tend to get lost very soon, while forum attachments survive as long as the forums. Unless of course, if some users exchange them all the time for lack of space. Perhaps a mixed strategy would be best, external hosters for only temporarily interesting stuff, and forum hosting for longterm important screenshots. And of course, I keep seeing tons of giant full-screen shots which could easily be cropped to the relevant parts. (Little plea: everyone using those &%$ embedded iframes for crossposting, I
  6. Vanished on Friday 2020-03-13, from one day to the next.
    Worrying since awhile, hope you're okay...

  7. Whow!! I had no clue you're so diligently updating the first post here, really wiki-like! Thank you Still hope to some day find enough time and backup diskspace to try that other Kex-stuff again too. When I had tried it last time awhile back, it had caused some major trouble, can't afford such gimmicks currently (and having zero clue how it works and how to repair manually is deadly) .
  8. ICON fonts / Awesome font: There's already detailed information here about that prob and solutions, just quite shattered across various topics. Too shattered... Most detailed info in this topic: https://msfn.org/board/topic/176837-disable-web-fonts-in-google-chromemozilla-firefox/?do=findComment&comment=1193887 incl. a simple download link for FontAwesome.ttf from MSFN domain directly. ============== Additional tip for users with old systems/browsers: Do you often see broken letters inside postings all across the web, in forums, blogs and comments? Usually just emoticons / emoji,
  9. Probably not... except if hardcoding a full path to a specific profile in the commandline. But mixing up those default folders is probably a very bad idea. 1) What I'm doing with any Mozilla browsers if possible, is to use portable versions, with profiles inside program folder. 2) If not portable, am using the Profile Manager, to juggle multiple profile folders inside the same settings folder. So far I just let it ask me at every startup which of the profiles shall be used, but it has preselected the "last used" profile, and occasionally I click blindly too quickly, after having used a diffe
  10. Thanks for confirmation! I often wonder if it's just me if no one else ever mentions bugs which are IMO killer probs (usually in KM) ;-) So, just for getting to see posted images, latest update for all IPS-forums now demands not only JS, but even min Firefox44? Whow, pretty hefty IMHO.... And worry a bit what that may mean for storing images in wayback archive, no idea.... workaround: e.g. a little bookmarklet for loading images in older browsers. Short test in Retrozilla seems ok: javascript:(function(){var img, i, LIST=document.images; if (document.querySelectorAll) LIST=document.que
  11. At least smilies seem to have returned :-) Tried again to load invisible posted images the intended way WITH javascript, but didn't help. In old browsers the original ips-JS does nothing at all. Images remain completely invisible and unnoticable (transparent 1x1px spacer.png) Suspecting IPS may insist on modern-only javascript functions for this too, even for a simple attribute loop? Without user css tweak no chance to even notice, and without a data-src userscript/addon/macro/bookmarklet no chance to load the real images in older browsers. (Tested with fallback K-Meleon74 / engine PM26/
  12. MSFN update Jan.2021, very important: All IMAGES vanished: (and smilies too?) Users with modern browsers and using JS please be aware those are now completely HIDDEN for all readers without javascript! And there is not even an empty border or broken image icon or ANY hint, readers will not even realize they are missing something! This also affects all old posts, all images now vanished (using data-src instead of src). At the moment SMILIES are invisible too, but yesterday some worked and some not, so hopefully those are still in work and just need more admin tweaks (?) PLEASE consider t
  13. MSFN udpate Jan.2021 If anyone's interested, the IPS-CHANGELOG can be read here: v4.5.2 https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/452-r94/ v4.5.3 https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/453-r96/ v4.5.4 https://invisioncommunity.com/release-notes/454-r97/ The list of changes in this version history are endless, especially the first one, 4.5.2 - in a quick first look haven't even managed yet to "fly" over everything. This update 452 is culprit for breaking compatibility with OLD BROWSERS, now partly unusable here. Few random snippets that caught my eye: - We will no long
  14. Something is going on with images at the moment, most need javascript now to load from "data-src" instead of "src". Otherwise are completely invisible (1x1 px transparent REAL image).... even some smilies... suppose work in progress yet behind the scenes... But for the time being, if you can't run JS all the time (e.g. because js kills the ips-EDITOR and you can't post without it / pre FF44?), but if you want at least some HINT that there's a missing image, add something like this to your user css (e.g. profile/chrome/userContent.css): .
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