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  1. Talking of bandwidth... Not sure if this helps anything, and perhaps mentioned before, just throwing in what very little I know. There exists also a small 320x180px (funnily called 144p) version as 3gp. About half file size as medium 360p and of course quite fuzzy. Can play it with old MPC. Available only on (all black) mobile "m.youtube.com", with e.g. the ipad-UA someone posted here recently Mozilla/5.0 (iPad; CPU OS 6_0 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/536.26 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Mobile/10A403 Safari/8536.25 or IE9-mobile UA: Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows Phone OS 7.5; Trident/5.0; IEMobile/9.0) or FF38-mobile: Mozilla/5.0 (Android; Mobile; rv:38.0) Gecko/38.0 Firefox/38.0 UA iPad is better since it contains 3 formats incl. 720p, while others gets only 360p+144p Hmm, could swear IE9-mobile was getting streaming RTSP-links last time I tried... Or was it 240.mp4? Where has that one vanished now...?! Anyway, trying to find rtsp again, by UAs, OperaMini still gets it, but ONLY in 144p/3gp: Opera/9.80 (J2ME/MIDP; Opera Mini/9.80 (J2ME/22.478; U; en) Presto/2.5.25 Version/10.54 HUH.... and although equally called 144p/3gp, this rtsp-version is dramatically smaller as the (fake) 144p/3gp above?! Probably not watchable at all, except for preview checks... Weird, and the screen ratio is totally different too, although from the same video. Don't get it again, oh well - as usual with video stuff. 144p in FF38 or IE9-mobile versus OperaMini: (http) small 144p = 320 x 180 px 2.32 MB 226 kbps VIDEO 3GPP (mp4v.20.3) (itag:36) AUDIO_LOW (mp4a.40.2) (rtsp) small 144p = 176 x 144 px 0.76 MB 74 kbps VIDEO 3GPP (mp4v.20.3) (itag:17) AUDIO_LOW (mp4a.40.2) (or is this too offtopic here? Can delete it again, no prob)
  2. Bruninho said: > However SM still crashes A LOT with JS enabled. I have even disabled > hardware acceleration for the browser, no luck. So I disabled JS for now. > I was testing SeaMonkey 2.32, quite stable if you ask me now. Just don't run JS. > For me this is strange. I know the browser can understand the jQuery calls (most of them) > and modern JS. I still think it's a caching related problem, either that or the OS can't handle > the amount of scripts involved in any website. If that means you can't enable ANY javascript at all, it might be worth testing some partial blocks, not only all-or-nothing. Yes I know that will also partly kill functions, but better as none at all. On about:config page, would start with toggling off prefs containing: "jit" (for older engines until 26) ".ion" (younger engines since 27, note the dot to reduce hits) and all "workers" prefs Further tests perhaps try blocking: default content block permissions are hidden out of box, must be created manually on aboutconfig (as INT). Values are 0 or 1 (all allowed), 2 (all blocked), 3 (only same domain) permissions.default.script (only affects external scripts, loaded from a "src" link) permissions.default.xmlhttprequest permissions.default.xbl permissions.default.indexedDB or same prefix for ...object...ping...beacon...font... dom.storage.enabled svg.enabled indexedDB reminds me that SQLITE is completely broken in my KG74, absolute KILLER for history and lots of other crucial stuff. But my main KG74 version is probably not the latest one by RT, only tried newer ones shortly and found they don't help, so postponed due to time probs.
  3. My old laptop is just standing on additional, extra high rubber feet. Occasionally it gets a bit too warm for my taste, then switch on a little USB table fan, standing netxt to it. Blowing from the outside in, just sideways. No idea where the air gets in, and not much obviously, but glad it seems to help too ;-)
  4. schwups said: > The "ca-archive-2.0.1.xpi", min. version set to 24 in the rdf file, gives a unusable, blank add-on page on FF35. > A reboot to XP and running it on FF52.9 is very inconvenient. Yeah, same prob in KMG74 :-( It's really stupid. I do keep suspecting it could easily be fixed for older browsers too (how?) by probably just adjusting a few lines (which?), but no addon experts here to help. Sigh. A few addons are still left here, but for Firefox only those that were also compatible with Seamonkey: https://addons.thunderbird.net/en-US/seamonkey/ Only mini-descriptions and no version info, but quick and handy to load: https://web.archive.org/web/20191102092539/http://legacycollector.org/ https://web.archive.org/web/20191102092539/http://legacycollector.org/firefox-addons/index.html Firefox addons in waybackmachine: Prob: seems to be stored only partly, and SEARCH field doesn't work https://web.archive.org/web/20181002055204/https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/extensions/
  5. Jody Thornton said: > Just remember that Waterfox has been purchase by a search/advertising company, > so even there I'd be weary of its future. Yeah it's a horror :-( Especially seeing that it's the source of a FLOOD of imported commits in roytam's NM browsers :-( And aren't they also the (only) hoster of the invaluable 15GB xpi-files of Classic Addon's Archive? :-( The only archive of FF xul addons left, after Mozilla deleted them all and awhile later even legacycollector was killed by attackers. So now, with Waterfox going downhill too, there's soon only waybackmachine left for all those precious addons. But who knows for how long yet until being forced to remove them there too :-(
  6. Tripredacus said: > I had talked to Xper last week about this issue. He says that there are some > IP ranges that are blocked due to Google Adsense abuse. It effects a lot of > countries including, at least, Poland. Whole MSFN domain is BLOCKED? Since MONTHS? In LOTS of countries?! Oh no :-( But I'm not buying that this were only "accidentally", otherwise it would long since be open again, not obviously permanently :-( Suggestion to update the title accordingly, sounds way too harmless for such a desaster.
  7. @Bruninho website Just some thoughts, since you seem to be really interested in old systems/browsers. I understand we're coming from opposite ends of the spectrum, and your site is meant to showcase "modern" features of course. But you also claim it were "responsive and efficient", and sorry, but I have some doubts there. It may be true for users with modern systems and fast connections and no bandwidth probs, but that's not the target group which needs efficient pages. On less-modern equipment the site is instead rather heavy and unresponsive. The #1 killer, and I mention this because it may matter for some customers too: the site even denies access *completely* to all sub-pages if readers can't use javascript for whatever reason! (limited resources, hardware, bandwidth, system, security, whatever.) Of course some advanced functions may need JS, but that doesn't imply that the whole rest need be broken too. For example look at this forum here, or look at Amazon: their pages surely have tons of functions, and (I suppose) also stuff requiring modern browsers. Yet even for browsers as ancient as FF3.5 and slow connections it's still possible to load them in a reasonable time, and without needing javascript at all. It's possible. On amazon JS is only needed for secondary functions, like reading comments of comments, since a while. But browsing and searching still works okay without JS. Of course, partly bad layout in very old browsers due to CSS, but that's secondary, what matters most is that a page is still readable at least. On your homepage only the entry page loads normal -although slowly, and page width only 15cm on a 28cm wide screen- yet none of the subpages and none of the language variations are accessible at all. Completely blocked. No go. Or something I never understood when stuck on ultraslow connections in the past: the images look small, but in reality are already loaded full size. That costs a lot of unnecessary bandwidth (your page size 3MB needing ca 10min), and never understood the point: if only shown small, why load them big? Or otherwise, considering they are already loaded full size anyway, a nice gimmick could be to show them full size just when hovering over them (css img:hover, no JS either) That said, next thing I'll do now is open my user css and add this as a global rule, LOL! Sigh, just noticed killer #2 for old browsers: the whole browser crashes when loading your page with SVG enabled.
  8. Have sadly lost track again, so much precious info here but all faaar too much to memorize and over my head anyway, just want to mention YOUTUBE: there's also a youtube downloader script that works in K-Meleon, also in Win98: http://kmeleonbrowser.org/forum/read.php?9,142050 The old version was the great old userscript by Gantt, for all sorts of browsers. Over time it got a few little update-fixes by John after youtube changed their code, and after their last major rewrite he decided to simplify the whole thing to keep only the most important functions, matching his own needs. And also to get the file size small enough to work easier in old KM-versions too. This current downloader script also still works nicely in my old KM1.6 (like FF3.5) The script itself is plain javascript and surely works in other browsers too, just depending on injection methods (addons?) the header stuff may need a check again. Additionally am experimenting with my very own script, started from scratch, which now downloads from all YT layout versions incl. mobile, showing all available quality links (my impression, not fully sure). Looks like only the initial element IDs are different but the rest of the downloader code can remain the same for all layouts. Downloading works fine, but currently on backburner as unfinished early beta, so no upload planned in the near future (not that anyone would need this anyway) What I had NOT realized until just recently though, until Grey_rat (IIRC) here posted some useragent examples, was that the MOBILE layout delivers different file versions too, depending on UA! My usual old UA had only delivered rtsp:// links, so was very happy to learn that now tiny 3gp and 144-mp4 versions are available again too, just depending on UA. Thanks :-) What's confusing me a bit now is to read about old K-Meleon75RC3. IIRC that's a rather old dev KM version by Dorian, pure gecko at the time. Did roytam post some update for it too?? Or if not, wondering why using a prelim RC3 version, and not the stable version released a bit later. Well possible this was explained here before, have lost a bit track as mentioned ;-)
  9. cc333 said: > I've found this forum to work quite nicely on both Opera 12.02 and @roytam1's special > Firefox 3.6 build, particularly if I switch the forum theme from "Switch (Default)" to "IPS Default." > "Switch (Default)" is usable, but kinda glitchy with the odd layout issues that people here have reported, > whereas "IPS Default" renders almost perfectly (although the reply box is broken on Firefox) Goodmaneuver said: > I can confirm the IPS Theme fixes width issue in Opera and Mozilla cannot reply Confirm too (but checked only width) So that's why some people got this verry narrow view and some other people not!
  10. No april I think ;-) Okay can't remember that anyone got FIREFOX running, but the engine inside worked since years, wrapped into KM-shell. So perhaps modern KernelEx versions are now able to run pure Firefox too? No idea, but who knows. As jumper mentioned above, he had gecko31 already running in 2014 too, with the same result: it's running, but very slowly: https://msfn.org/board/topic/172801-new-k-meleon-74-version-now-listed-at-various-download-sites/?do=findComment&comment=1088397 Although the KM-number 74 normally indicates gecko24, this special KM74_31 was an early experimental build with gecko31 inside. And of course we also have roytam's special KM-Goanna74 (with engine 24 inside) build for Win2000, with updated TLS1.2 inside. Running in Win98 with a modern KernelEx and compat set to Win2000 https://msfn.org/board/topic/177485-backporting-newer-browsers-to-win9x-with-kernelex/?do=findComment&comment=1175954 http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/2020/01/ THIS would basically be very much usable on 98 with modern Kex, if only it weren't so very buggy yet. Am sure that's only partly due to the system, but partly just general and fixable browser bugs, already contained in the original builds. Hmm.... could almost bet someone (jumper??) has posted awhile back that he even managed to get KMG76 (with engine PM27/generation mozilla38) running too on 98, with modern KernelEx! Just where was this, can't find it at the moment.... HERE! Just a few pages back here, on page 8, last October: jumper said: > I now have KG76 working again. Pages render much faster than KG74, but scrolling lags and menu text is mainly garbage. https://msfn.org/board/topic/178283-how-you-really-browse-the-web-on-98me-in-2019/?do=findComment&comment=1171276
  11. youtube-search: just tried with my ancient browser, and page was empty except a view grayish rectangles. Then tried at random with another useragent string, and the page showed up again. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:38.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/38.0 Attention, some browsers come with a bunch of predefined site-specific useragents, that includes domains for youtube and googlevideos. Can be changed on "about:config" page. You can set such strings empty to make them get your current global UA string (true default string or a global override UA)
  12. loblo said: > Not sure which site specifically you're looking for but Opera 12 does great with > https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ through https://sitenable.asia/ web proxy. Thanks! YES this site shows curves in Opera12. Was only confused about the proxy, don't need it for that site. But will come in handy for other sites. What I'm mostly after are curves of total infections in some Western and Asian countries, separate curves but together in 1 diagram, for easy comparison of development. Have seen an old version somewhere as screenshot, and in the upper right corner was a button to "add more countries", but couldn't get it working at the time. (offtopic) Side note: if anyone is wondering about the "mysteriously" low death rate in Germany, that becomes slightly less mysterious when knowing that hardly anyone "qualifies" to get a TEST. The normal population isn't aware of this, and the conditions may vary depending on which area or federal state people live in, but after reading countless news around the web for weeks, have also come across several announcements that in order to save the far too few and precious testkits, only those people are allowed to get a test who: - are already SERIOUSLY sick - AND have visited superdangerous areas, or had close contact with an "officially" infected person - AND are extra endangered (high age, previous diseases, healthworkers) That 3-conditions requirement was stated by official health institutions. Otherwise no chance for a test, no matter how sick, and if any possible yet, non-qualifying people are simply told to stay at home and isolate themselves, just in case. Was also confirmed by several forum or article comments of people who tried hard, but no chance. And of course, people who die untested, e.g. in retirement homes, die of "normal" lung infections or heart probs and will never land in the statistics either. Made me wonder about how anyone ever got tested, but guess the final decision is still up to people's family doctors. The most incredible thing I've read, in an interview some official person actually declared something along the lines of "infection numbers are now just estimated, it's a normal procedure worldwide, and more accurate anyway as just a few tests here and there". But saw this only once, and just one sentence, so who knows. Would sure look like them though. But considering the test-requirements it just keeps amazing me again and again how they get off with shiny claims of "early mass testings", but oh well, politicians. Only a few days ago the the number of conditions was officially reduced from 3 to 2. Except that now they're running out of "chemicals" for testing, and can do less tests yet again.
  13. Anyone know how to get those **** virus-diagrams visible in old browsers, or yet better, a site that shows them as normal images?? Everywhere I get to see only teeny tiny preview thumbs now, but no readable CURVES :-(
  14. (slightly offtopic) Speaking of transparency, there's an amazing tiny image editor named Pixelformer, which can show bitmaps with partial transparency in Win98. For example the toolbar buttons of the Privacy Bar in K-Meleon, in default skin AuraAlpha, look out-of-box just black-on-black in Win98. That's due to the way partial transparency was stored in privcold+privhot.bmp. Even in other image editors it's near impossible to see readable text on transparent background, only Pixelformer can do it! At first look it blew me away, an image editor with a download size of 0.9MB, unzipped still just 2.6MB, superfast - but with layers and all sorts of other advanced features! At second and third look, sadly, found it's only (??) silver not gold, too many important features still missing. But nonetheless, highly recommand to grab it while still available. Have downloaded it 2009, now checked and luckily the homepage is still there. And still last version 0963RC3, stable free beta version. It's a setup file, but the exe can simply be unzipped manually, no installation needed. And the page claims it needs min XP, but seems to work just as well in Win98 (my KernelEx compat is "Windows 98 SE") http://www.qualibyte.com/pixelformer/
  15. No the zip does not contain those files, but if you run update. bat (if I read it correctly?) it copies the 2 exe files from the zip to your c:/Windows/KernelEx folder renamed to dll. That's why I meant to check inside this folder. This renaming is probably just a typo. Except if that was really done intentionally, but doesn't seem so since the blog maintainer replied something like 'oops' ;-)
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