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  1. No idea about subsections, but what's long since needed are separate topics for separate browsers (NewMoon, Basilisk, rzbrowser, rz-suite, KG, ...) The prob is, I asked him before, but he declined as usual for such user needs, because they are not his own needs. But if more people care now, perhaps there's finally a chance :-)
  2. siria

    Windows XP SSL Certificate Errors

    New Moon works because it's a Gecko-family browser. Have recently learned that those come with their own module for handling TLS-certificate-stuff (and updated by roytam1 in his builds). While most other browsers and apps use the (outdated) systems module for it, and that system stuff seems extremely complicated to update, if possible at all.
  3. That's Firefox 3.5 with TLS1.2, right...? That's much more advanced as the engine in retrozilla-FF2, but nearly impossible to find a download link! Would be great if you could add it easily findable to to your rths site too.
  4. siria

    Windows XP SSL Certificate Errors

    Great, love it that roytam's server is available on both protocols, http AND https! :-) That said, even on https the encryption is really tame, even my very old main browser which has max TLS1.0 has zero probs there.
  5. siria

    Windows XP SSL Certificate Errors

    Sorry have no clue of system stuff, but this topic is already two days old, so just a few thoughts. What browser are you using? Could it be it's just too old for TLS1.2? There are some updated forks for XP available around here, several e.g. by roytam1. As they are based on Gecko, they don't depend from the systems certificates. A little list with their system requirements is direly missing though, that's very confusing. Especially: which ones need XP-SP3, and which still run on SP2? Which ones run without SSE, or only with SSE2? Which ones are still allowed by google's reCaptcha? https://msfn.org/board/topic/177703-browsers-for-xp-after-the-end-of-firefox-updates-on-september-5-2018/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/177125-my-build-of-new-moon-temp-name-aka-pale-moon-for-xp/?page=92 Another trap: some major sites have started intentionally kicking XP users, but luckily decide this by the useragent string. If yours is set to default, it sends "Windows NT5...". If true, would try if it helps to fake it to Windows NT6.1 (=Win7) If no addon, by setting this pref in about:config page: general.useragent.override = Mozilla...
  6. @VistaLover Kind and helpful people like you make this forum warmer and inviting to visit more frequently. Nasty egoboosters having fun trampling over innocent others make forums icy and hostile. Keep your 'longwinded' postings coming please. Always very valuable and interesting! Although I usually don't react, but appreciate them, very much :)
  7. @VistaLover If you have the direct link to a style description, try this: just add ".css" in the urlbar and load The source-code has a whole bunch of metatags, all starting with <link rel="stylish... for different browsers. But be cautious with the website itself, IIRC stylish-addon and userstyles.org was bought by a datacollector-company for lots of money awhile ago.
  8. @NM-Newbie If blocking that icon-pref doesn't help, perhaps the culprit is something else, some other changed default pref or whatever? But if performance and bandwith are really crucial, I'd just block all "media" (video and audio) by default, then only allow temporarily when needed. Firefox had since ages a global pref for this ("permissions.default.media" / INT 1,2,3), which was so well hidden that it never even showed up on about:config, but worked anyway when users created it themselves there. Along with a bunch of other handy "permissions.default.xxxx" settings. Hopefully still works in newer versions too? Or take a look at the "Block Content" addon, which offers a menu for that stuff too.
  9. Am trying to download since half an hour, but as so often no chance. When clicking the link, GMX only keeps giving a foggy "unsupported browser or missing settings" error and redirects to main page. Tried different browsers and settings, but no luck yet. Any chance to get it from a more userfriendly (or old system friendly) hoster? Perhaps tinyupload?
  10. Very interesting, wasn't aware that simple webm-links can still play standalone in old browsers! (provided the system has enough resources, which mine hasn't, but luckily I prefer to download anyway). Anyway, can confirm that webm-links do play live in K-Goanna74 too, no waiting until the whole file is downloaded (98se with KernelEx) What I'm using is a slightly modified userscript. This brilliant original one: https://greasyfork.org/en/scripts/1317-download-youtube-videos-as-mp4/code Inside have switched on webm, added 3gp links and some other formats, have made the links visible always (without JS) etc. Am very happy with it, especially that 3gp-240p has much smaller filesizes as mp4. That's a little prob with webm, the files are the largest, even 50% larger as mp4 with 360p. But my modifications are very un-professional, and have no clue how modified scripts should be posted 'orderly'? Perhaps someone can use it anyway, so here just as draft, hoping someone else takes over... http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=00977040496796363784
  11. Great to see progress and a new version, thanks! :-) Oh, if that's an invitation for a wishlist, I've been wondering about Merkaartor(.be) It's probably the only openstreetmap-editor for low ressources and a system without Java. Except that I can't get it to start due to a kernel error. No idea but perhaps it just needs a fake stub too? The error is a "missing Export-Kernel32.dll: AddVectoredExceptionHandler".
  12. siria

    Advice on viewing some sites - IE 8

    For that purpose you can simply use another browser. Enough forked alternatives available yet on XP. Why does it have to be IE8, which is too complicated to get to handle TLS1.2?
  13. Thanks, now it starts making sense again! So the router reset had nothing to do with the prob at all, and before and after all works fine, web connection and router config page. The only issue is that in the long meantime since the previous config access, (probably) some more obsolete ciphers or SSL/TLS-versions were disabled in the browser prefs, which must temporarily be enabled again for the router config...
  14. How can this happen, so suddenly? Without any change in the hardware, nor any change in the software?? Completely confused. And am used to sit here struggling all the time with the opposite problem, old system on modern web, but that's at least somehow logical ;-) And wonder if the various SSL+TLS pref settings couldn't help perhaps, or the clock is delayed, whatever.
  15. Ah yet another pref, wasn't aware of that one yet :) But it gets yet more complicated: Acc. to goanna.js in omni.ja, the file with almost 2000 default prefs, there's also a Gecko-compat: For Goanna-browsers version PM26+28: 6. general.useragent.compatMode.gecko = true/false While Goanna-browsers version PM27 are completely different! 7. general.useragent.compatMode = 0/1/2 (INT) In K-Meleon7677-Goanna27 it produces: 0 = Goanna + K-Meleon 1 = Gecko + Goanna + KM 2 = Gecko + Goanna + Firefox + KM Results with K-Meleon74-Goanna26 (v20180718) on my system: FF-false / gecko-false: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.0; rv:2.2) Goanna/20140105 K-Meleon/2.2.0 FF-false / gecko-true: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.0; rv:2.2) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/20140105 K-Meleon/2.2.0 FF-true / gecko-true: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.0; rv:38.9) Gecko/20100101 Goanna/2.2 Firefox/38.9 K-Meleon/2.2.0 FF-true / gecko-false: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 5.0; rv:38.9) Goanna/2.2 Firefox/38.9 K-Meleon/2.2.0 (am slightly confused now about the 2.2.0 at the end, thought had gotten KM74 in older tests, on XP, does the system influence this?)