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  1. At the moment instagram still kindly allows all users to see their videos, even on Win98se. The catch is just that you cannot watch them directly inside a browser, but first have to download the mp4 files, from the direct link in the html source (metatag "og:video"), and then watch them with a local player. For me that's fine enough, considering it's the only chance - hundred times better than no access at all. Glad they still allow that, but they can stop it any day of course, like most other sites already did. By the way there are tons of interesting "og:..." tags in the sources, also direct links to the big main image etc., very useful for users on old systems. And not only contained by instagram and facebook but also a few other services. For frequent use the access can be made easier with a little javascript, like (function() {var vidurl, metaTags = document.getElementsByTagName('meta'); for (var i=0; i < metaTags.length; i++) { if (metaTags.getAttribute('property') == 'og:video') vidurl=metaTags.content; } return vidurl;})()
  2. Regarding new names, haven't studied the old discussions yet, but would find it helpful to have some sort of recognizable family name. For XP-builds perhaps just XMoon, XFox... or RoyMoon - lol
  3. Not sure if that applies in your case, just in general: most people are not aware that the "general" pref is overriden by site-specific ones. And especially not that a whole bunch of hardcoded domain spoofs come predefined already out-of-box For example roytams KG76.1 contains a spoof for amazon.com, sending FF45. The whole list can be found on about:config, filtering "useragent" For real general spoofing disable this one temporarily: general.useragent.site_specific_overrides (=>false) And also check the other "general.useragent" prefs, if existent, for sub-elements. Ah right and almost forgot trap-4: if useragents work like other site-specific stuff in geckos (for images, videos etc. in permissions.sqlite), then those domain-spoofs don't work top-down (only domain in urlbar matters) but bottom-up (source domain of single elements matter). That means even when surfing on amazon.co.uk, the spoof for amazon.com still affects those page elements that all country-amazons are loading from ".com" Or whatever other domains they are loading stuff from, for scripts or general resources etc., usually todays major sites use a whole variety, e.g. nearly all including stuff from googlexxx
  4. No it often means nothing if something works in one browser and in another not, as so many people seem to assume. Sometimes yes, but very often not. Not everything depends from the system only, browsers can also bring some own capabilities too. Especially that encryption/SSL/TLS stuff is contained completely independent inside all Firefoxes and the forks, as I've been told here. Unlike other browsers which fully depend on system capabilities. That's the reason why Firefox forks can still be updated to use TLS1.2 on systems even older as Win98, and other browsers are stuck with what the old system can do. Yet lots of things which work fine can still fail if they simply aren't enabled in the settings. Settings are an incredible jungle in FF/gecko, there are over 3000 prefs, and some most important ones not even showing up in aboutconfig, and many cross-influencing each other. Clean installations also are no guarantee that everything is fully enabled out-of-box, as so many people assume. For example some of roytam's browsers for very old systems, like FF2, are now equipped with TLS1.2, yet out-of-box still have the ancient default setting of max TLS 1.0. Or stuff like hardware-acceleration, those settings are infamous to be helpful on one system yet disastrous on another, so intentionally not always enabled by default. At any rate, if the map first shows up fine and then vanishes again, the browser CAN do it, and it really doesn't matter what Chrome or the system can. The solution or the workaround to persuade the server to send the tiles must be somewhere in the settings....
  5. Just a side note, in my old browser and on OSM that happens when the scripts switch to a higher encryption, which it can't support yet. First looks fine, then BANG - server kills the tiles. Maybe check current TLS1.2 settings? "security" prefs in aboutconfig. Hm, and remember some pref about security hardening... Another thought: Fake the useragent. Some major sites today just kick out XP-users (if UA contains "Windows NT5.x") Or perhaps the browser already has a hardcoded fake UA for the tile server...
  6. siria

    Windows 95 support and software information 2019

    If roytam writes to add this file IF it complains, then I would surely only copy it IF it complains, otherwise makes no sense. And hey, never change a running system ;-) That file directory on orz looks exactly like the one on o.rths.cf, also needs JS+Ajax, probably same server with different redirect domains. Anyway, good to have a fallback. What I forgot to mention, but jumper above wrote it already: 1) roytam's files are available with or without httpS-encryption! :) If not possible to download a file from httpS URL, simply change it in urlbar manually to http 2) And he got a new domain a while back, all URLs changed from "o.rthost.cf" to "o.rths.cf" If something doesn't download, that's also important to remember. Just changing domain manually too. Guess it's probably better to post the direct links too... All builds by roytam1, with added TLS1.2 if I got it right. That means nearly all of those pesky errors are fixed with his builds: "Error code: ssl_error_no_cypher_overlap" HA!! :P Firefox-3.6.28 for NT4 (may somewhat working in NT 3.51): http://o.rths.cf/gpc/files1.rt/fx36vc71-20171108.7z (confirm that it runs fine in Windows98 fine too! (tested in 98SE) Firefox2 / rzbrowser / Retrozilla-2.1 with TLS 1.2 support: http://o.rths.cf/gpc/files1.rt/rzbrowser-tls12-20180504.7z (much older engine as in FF3.6) Seamonkey / rz-suite / Retrozilla-2.2 with TLS 1.2 support: http://o.rths.cf/gpc/files1.rt/rz-suite-v2.2-bin-20180708.7z (has a mail client etc. included)
  7. siria

    Windows 95 support and software information 2019

    Yeah roytam's lesser known builds are kinda hard to find, but finally managed to find them again - Here! :) LINK 1: http://rtfreesoft.blogspot.com/2018/06/other-browser-binaries.html At bottom of post: Firefox3.6 + TLS1.2 (fx36) Firefox2 + TLS1.2 (rzbrowser / retrozilla2.1) And better yet: the archive link! Can't believe how long it took me to notice, that this folder isn't as locked away as thought for so long, the trick is just: it needs AJAX for the content to show up! LINK 2: http://o.rths.cf/gpc/files1.rt/home.html There's also Seamonkey + TLS1.2 (rz-suite / retrozilla2.2)
  8. No idea about subsections, but what's long since needed are separate topics for separate browsers (NewMoon, Basilisk, rzbrowser, rz-suite, KG, ...) The prob is, I asked him before, but he declined as usual for such user needs, because they are not his own needs. But if more people care now, perhaps there's finally a chance :-)
  9. siria

    Windows XP SSL Certificate Errors

    New Moon works because it's a Gecko-family browser. Have recently learned that those come with their own module for handling TLS-certificate-stuff (and updated by roytam1 in his builds). While most other browsers and apps use the (outdated) systems module for it, and that system stuff seems extremely complicated to update, if possible at all.
  10. That's Firefox 3.5 with TLS1.2, right...? That's much more advanced as the engine in retrozilla-FF2, but nearly impossible to find a download link! Would be great if you could add it easily findable to to your rths site too.
  11. siria

    Windows XP SSL Certificate Errors

    Great, love it that roytam's server is available on both protocols, http AND https! :-) That said, even on https the encryption is really tame, even my very old main browser which has max TLS1.0 has zero probs there.
  12. siria

    Windows XP SSL Certificate Errors

    Sorry have no clue of system stuff, but this topic is already two days old, so just a few thoughts. What browser are you using? Could it be it's just too old for TLS1.2? There are some updated forks for XP available around here, several e.g. by roytam1. As they are based on Gecko, they don't depend from the systems certificates. A little list with their system requirements is direly missing though, that's very confusing. Especially: which ones need XP-SP3, and which still run on SP2? Which ones run without SSE, or only with SSE2? Which ones are still allowed by google's reCaptcha? https://msfn.org/board/topic/177703-browsers-for-xp-after-the-end-of-firefox-updates-on-september-5-2018/ https://msfn.org/board/topic/177125-my-build-of-new-moon-temp-name-aka-pale-moon-for-xp/?page=92 Another trap: some major sites have started intentionally kicking XP users, but luckily decide this by the useragent string. If yours is set to default, it sends "Windows NT5...". If true, would try if it helps to fake it to Windows NT6.1 (=Win7) If no addon, by setting this pref in about:config page: general.useragent.override = Mozilla...
  13. @VistaLover Kind and helpful people like you make this forum warmer and inviting to visit more frequently. Nasty egoboosters having fun trampling over innocent others make forums icy and hostile. Keep your 'longwinded' postings coming please. Always very valuable and interesting! Although I usually don't react, but appreciate them, very much :)
  14. @VistaLover If you have the direct link to a style description, try this: just add ".css" in the urlbar and load The source-code has a whole bunch of metatags, all starting with <link rel="stylish... for different browsers. But be cautious with the website itself, IIRC stylish-addon and userstyles.org was bought by a datacollector-company for lots of money awhile ago.
  15. @NM-Newbie If blocking that icon-pref doesn't help, perhaps the culprit is something else, some other changed default pref or whatever? But if performance and bandwith are really crucial, I'd just block all "media" (video and audio) by default, then only allow temporarily when needed. Firefox had since ages a global pref for this ("permissions.default.media" / INT 1,2,3), which was so well hidden that it never even showed up on about:config, but worked anyway when users created it themselves there. Along with a bunch of other handy "permissions.default.xxxx" settings. Hopefully still works in newer versions too? Or take a look at the "Block Content" addon, which offers a menu for that stuff too.