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  1. @Tihiy Is there any chance you could fix the toolbar context menu for the classic context menu option, I did request this a long time ago but with dark mode you would have noticed that this now effects your default included styles as well and not just custom themes.
  2. Most people should be using the mun files as that is where the bulk of the icons are located now
  3. Sounds like you are pinning to the immersive start menu instead of the SiB start menu, go in to the Advanced properties and check Remove Pin to Start from shell context menus and now you will only see the option to Pin to Start Menu.
  4. I have been adding all my custom icons to the shell32.dll.mui file in C:\Windows\System32\en-US, you can make a copy of the shell32.dll and add all the custom icons you want then export the icon folder as a res file using Restorator making sure you only save the modified resources, then make a copy of the shell32.dll.mui file and open the file in Restorator, then drag and drop the res file you made on the open file in the left column in Restorator, you should now be able to save the modified file. After that you will need to take ownership of the shell32.dll.mui file then rename it to shell32.dll.mui.bak, then copy the modified shell32.dll.mui file back to that folder, you will then have to restart explorer or restart windows to take effect, you may also nee to clear the icon cache. To clear the icon cache I just use a batch file with this in it. @ECHO OFF cd\ taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe SET FILE98=*.db SET PATH98=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer\ SET FILE99=IconCache.db SET PATH99=%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local DEL IconCache.db /a IF EXIST %FILE99% ( attrib -H "%PATH99%\%FILE99%" del "%PATH99%\%FILE99%" ) IF EXIST %FILE98% ( attrib -H "%PATH98%\%FILE98%" del "%PATH98%\%FILE98%" ) IF EXIST IconCache.db ( DEL IconCache.db /a ) CD /d %userprofile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows del /f /s /q Explorer\*.* del /f /s /q Explorer\iconcache*.* del /f /s /q Explorer\thumbcache*.* DEL /f /s /q Explorer\thumbcache*.* /a START %windir%\"explorer.exe" EXIT Good luck, this is the only way I know works without causing a black screen. Unless Tihiy can give you a better solution.
  5. MrGRiM

    Beta channel

    Thanks for the update Tihiy, looks like centered icons is working fine for custom themes now not using any insider builds though so wont be testing the 19H1 feature.
  6. MrGRiM

    Beta channel

    Yeah I just did a bit of testing and it seems if you have any content margins added to Taskbar & System Tray > TaskBand > Aero > TaskBand > BackgroundBottom then it will not let you center the icons
  7. This is normal for the explorer window context menu on the command bar and address bar.
  8. It's working fine for me, maybe try unchecking it in folder options.
  9. uninstall aeroglass, that was what I just did, if BM can release a version that doesn't bug out then I will use it again.
  10. I second the option to disable the animation, I know allot of theme developers would love this option as allot of them go to lengths to cover them up, oh and I know I have asked this before but could you please ad the clock font properties back to Taskbar & System Tray > System Tray > Basic > Clock, it's the one thing that still bugs me with Windows 10, I don't want to be forced to use the same font for the task items as I do for the clock fonts.
  11. yeah they have it disabled by default with the side position because they know how bad it was implemented and would rather users just forget that it's there rather then go back to having it at the bottom and actually be useful.
  12. I am in no rush for it, happy to wait for as long as it takes, I am sure you have plenty of other more important thing to do in your life
  13. same, all I need to type is ca and calculator is top of the list.
  14. That is how it's meant to look, the green outside the button can not be helped though as Vista and 7 had rounded edge buttons but on 8 and 10 they are square so the round buttons will have these little problems with rendering outside the buttons on the progress overlays
  15. Vista Aero style updated for anyone who wants it http://www.mediafire.com/file/e5vg7l0g5h9ba3r/Vista_Aero.zip
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