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  1. I looked in both webpages . They say that the drivers are for various cards , but none is fot GTX 10x0 . Is this right ? In order not to do something wrong , could you modify the inf file for GTX 1060 ? Or it has to do with something specifically in my machine ? Because if it is the second , then I guess I will do it myself .
  2. I can't find those ones (368.69 and 368.81) . You are talking about iCafe drivers or someone else's ? Because the next iCafe driver just before the 368.91 seems to be the 361 . If the inf file does not have GTX 1060 should I do something in order to add it ? My question might sound stupid , but I am asking because I wonder in that case how will the system recognize a device which is not listed in the driver ? I read a few months here in this forum , in another topic , that from some point onward , the structure of the drivers changed radically . I can't remember the old and the new name , but they said something that in order to make the driver available fro WinXP there had to be done something equally radical . Of course I wish it to happen ! And one last thing : how can I install an older version of drivers ? Just by double clicking the file like I normally do , or I must do something else ? Because up to now I have installed only drivers of later version .
  3. Forgive me for asking , but I didn't understand something above : is there an "unofficial driver" for GTX 1060 ? And by the way , I do have a GTX 1060 and WinXP . In fact I have more than one hard disks and , depending on the operating system I boot from , I use a different card (I have plugged in my motherboard two cards ; a GTX 1060 and a GTX 580) . I am not an expert on PCs , but if you want me to try something , tell me . And one more thing : I had tried the 368.91 drivers from iCafe , but the system still could not detect the GTX 1060 card . They did got installed (although there were some messages that poped-up (I can't remember if they were error messages because it's been a while since I installed them) , but the GTX 1060 card still remained an unknown device . Although the other card (the GTX 580) does work fine with these drivers .
  4. Hello . In the past I heard of some tries for creating WinXP drivers for the GTX 10xx (GTX 1060 etc) video cards , so I'd like to ask if there has been any development yet .
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