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  1. I've actually decided to make that my vista rig but I can do a Vista install on it as is with the 1070 on a spare drive until I swap it out of my main rig which I've decided to swap out too i5 6600k with a m.2 gigabyte matx and matching kingston ram, sometime in the future. Optiplex I think I'll keep as the arcade because the i5 is slightly better for gaming than the 8320. Also had two 560ti auctions canceled on me so whenever I move the rig over the vista rig will end up with a 650ti now it looks like. Which is great because I can mess around with different drivers figuring out what's best fo
  2. Posted a thread after searching, ended up finding this thread while trying to find board chipsets with drivers on the sites for Vista. As far as I can tell all Ivy Bridge dell boards that come out of their rigs don't have Vista drivers on their support site. All of the X79 Ivy boards I checked seem to have full Vista support from the typical vendors for building your own PCs, I assume most boards in between here and Core 2 Duo's later socket 775 boards will also have Vista drivers, although I have a strong opinion based on what I remember back in the day that you want drivers that we
  3. Anyone who regularly uses Vista have motherboard recommendations? Board's I have that might be relevant; Asrock 970m Pro3 (AM3+) - specs 16gb at 1600 kingston, gtx 1070 oc, fx8320. WD blue 1tb storage, Kingston 120g os. Asrock Dual-VSTA (socket 775)- Had bad compatibility with 7 and Vista back in the day when those OSes were fresh, haven't done anything intensive with it lately but it's what I currently have Vista x64 installed on. Beta bios, e7600 cpu, 3.4gb detected ddr2 running at 633mhz. Have a gtx 560 ti ordered on the way for whatever vista rig I end up going with. O
  4. I have a Alfa N long range with atheros AR9271 chipset and I can't get it installed on windows 98se. I also have a ralink 3070 i believe or else its 2070 and it doesnt work eithier. If I could get one of these to work then I wont have to install Linux LXLE which I am in the process of downloading at the moment. With the help of this forum though I was able to revive a Compaq Presario 1200 with 312mb ram which had xpsp3/msword2k3 and the hdd was full wouldn't move. Very slugginh Now running good and a lot of the 2008-11 programs on 98se and Quake III arena, Warcraft III but I guess I'm going to
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