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  1. January 10, 2023: End of support. Now what? I know this isn't a solution, but can we consider something like running chrome with "Wine on Windows" using one of these (at least while there isn't a kernel extension) : Cygwin MinGW-w64 MSYS2 Babun LINE CoLinux GnuWin32 andLinux Another, more dirty, way: Remote App similar to the old "XP Mode" (w7's VirtualPC): VMware Unity Mode Parallels Headless Mode Virtualbox Seamless Mode Well, this was commented in the past "It'd be possible to develop a Windows-native Wine-based ThinApp-like solution." https://www.elpauer.org/2011/10/a-wish-a-day-14-wine-based-application-virtualization/ https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=application&iId=633 This is an example of Chrome running on cygwin running on Windows 10 (yes it's 10 but look at minimize maximize and close buttons). Cygwin can be installed in windows 7 and windows 8. https://github.com/aben20807/my_vim This is Office 2019 running on Wine 6.1, is not possible to run chrome on Windows the same way in 2023 without an entire OS, Kernel or VM running ? outdated but an example of native firefox running on windows and also firefox on andLinux on Windows 7 (edit: ok this is not a valid example since it's running the linux version of chrome in a seamless mode for sure):
  2. @ojt_1998 Yes, %Intel% %i900G0% = iegd_plb, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_8108 i900G0="Poulsbo Embedded Graphics Chipset Function 0" Filename: IEGD901_2kDrv.lzh Download: 1Mbytes Version: Platform: Windows 2000 Language: English/Japanese Describe: atom VGA Driver. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/08995.html Credits to the amazing @blackwingcat http://pub.idisk-just.com/fview/n0cu2sxdcImBPWXDJQRR0YYTRexvvOfwPC98kgz0dfCFkK10LXJeinl-P7rM9oD6fEHGKtw11vds_xUzs6bOeg.lzh __ if you want the best drivers for using GMA500 on XP,7,8 or >8.1 https://gma500booster.blogspot.com/2017/09/download.html https://gma500booster.blogspot.com/2014/11/optimus-iemgd-for-windows-88110.html ___ if you want to experiment read this about intel & GMA 3150: https://groups.google.com/g/intel9x-gaming/c/SoLxoFGu_ks ____ I hope some user can make a GMA 500 driver for Windows ME Millenium Edition or 98 like they have done here with similar device: https://retrosystemsrevival.blogspot.com/2019/06/intel-945gm-display-driver-for-windows.html https://msfn.org/board/profile/408069-fantasyacquiesce/ ___ Intel GMA 500 GPU Intel's Poulsbo GPU uses the PowerVR SGX535 Licensed Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 535 graphics core + PowerVR VXD370 H.264/MPEG-4 AVC playback https://www.anandtech.com/show/2493/16 Intel's i840 https://www.phoronix.com/news/ODQyMg https://www.phoronix.com/news/ODY5Mw
  3. What is the latest Windows 8 beta built with XPDM/XDDM driver support? Starting with Windows 8 RTM, only WDDM is supported. (And since I prefer to not create the same topic for Windows XP subforum: What is the first Whistler - Windows XP beta build to support XPDM ? ) Thanks
  4. You don't know what a person might be going through. You don't know what he can bring you or how he can inspire you. I always prefer to be kind and polite. When I want to hear something unpleasant I turn on the news. After all these years since w10 release, I have been testing and tweaking it trying to get it as fast as w8.1 on the same hardware and noticed what really makes it better in memory usage and laggy in general use (ui lag). I searched for tweaks year by year... and I can say the os CAN be faster than w8.1. I even know at which beta build the os makes a difference in terms of slowness compared to early builds and 8.1 but I don't want to go offtopic here. Just remember how fast 98 and 2000 (even XP) were on normal hardware and you will understand how losing cpu cycles has been normalized these days. Don't believe me? You still think w10 it's "always" faster? Ok, just take a look at Windows 7 market share percentage and ask yourself why people is still interested in an "old" OS. MS optimizes the kernel/OS as much as they can so that Telemetry and Metro running in the background does not penalize the general system peformance (that's why they recommend you a list of the minimum required cpus to run it) but once you get rid of these and other things you have an OS faster than w8.1... cause you won't release an os slower than its predecessor, right? Do you still don't believe it? I'll maybe release a software someday to really optimize windows considering all these tweaks here and there... it's really a different OS once you heavy tweak it. Well, sorry for going offtopic and thanks to everyone who liked my customized w10 with w8 theme. Edit: Anyway I'll always love Windows 8.0, but I can't completely ignore Windows 10 when Intel isn't releasing iGPU drivers to run w7,w8 on new hardware...
  5. @vinifera @UCyborg @Jody Thornton take a look at my customized LTSB 2015 for a low profile fanless laptop with NVME ssd. I used files from windows 8.1 and windows beta 10.0.9888 (First beta with w10.0 kernel version & last beta with w8.1 theme style in taskbar & windows): uxtheme uxinit themeui shellstyle from 9888 & windows 8.1 theme folder c:\windows\resources\themes Only StartIsBack is used for the taskbar. Yes, processes and threads tweaked by me. Also take a look at the explorer without ribbon and explorer navigation arrows and icons... (imageres.dll from 8.1) caption buttons can be tweaked to make it look smaller like windows 8.1, titlebar font is the same as 8.1 button and dialog style can be changed too to be more like 8.1 but wasn't done in the screenshot. (you can see inactive window black border... w10 dwm? ) No patches. All files are MS original from other builds:
  6. @vxiiduu can you make this tool compatible with Windows 8.0 (6.2), please ? Thanks !
  7. Are all the updates of the repository free of Meltdown and Spectre? Do you know if it's possible to install Net Framework 4.8 on Windows 8.0 the same way as greenhillmaniac installed Powershell 5.0 on 8.0 ? Or if it's better to integrate them on WS2012 R1 and use MICROSOFT SERVER CONVERTER 2012 to convert 2012 to Workstation? I don't know if I can publish the link here but there is a batch script ( made by @abbodi1406 ) to install .NET Framework 4.8 packages on Windows 10 Version 1507/1511, by modifying the mum files and remove parent node using powershell.exe this, however, allow to install the package from offline servicing only (because security catalogs integrity will prevent live online installation). It is possible to do the same on Windows 8.0 ? So this script will solve this other comment, right?: And one more question about pre-EOL updates... if I don't install pre-EOL updates I won't have important updates that improve DWM / DirectX / Microsoft Graphic Component & also Network connections... ? So the way to create an ISO with all w8.0 pre-EOL updates + post-EOL updates without installing rollups containing spectre and meltdown code is: 1) Run WSUS 9.25 on 8.0 and then manually remove (if any) the rollups on download folder (>march 2018). 2) Download all pre-EOL updates of the repository and add to the folder 3) Integrate all the updates with a tool like ntlite, right? I hope the rollups have "-UR-" in the filename when downloaded with WSUS, if not this won't be an easy process... Please, correct me if I'm wrong, I want to create my own updated iso without spectre and meltdown code on it @greenhillmaniac @Jody Thornton @WinClient5270 @dencorso Thanks I love Windows 8.0 ...as much as XP, 2K3, 2K, ME, 98SE & 95
  8. future is react os, wine or some kernelex, one core api... there is no "recycle bin" on earth to throw away all the computers manufactured between 2008-2016 (Windows 7, 8 compatible drivers) this forced programmed obsolescence doesn't have sense and more important: doesn't have a place in this world. Why MS want us to run a laggy OS which seems like it's running Android (UWP/Metro Apps can be considered another os running on top of the Win32 NT api) at the same time? What's a computer for these days ? what can't be done on 2008-2016 computers? If someone invents a small mini PCI-E GPU for a laptop, compatible with Windows 7 or 8 drivers, we will be able to stay with the best OS & GUI (after XP) forever... Every time I try it I remember how fast was w98 on that old hardware...
  9. second video has dwm enabled (aero theme) edit: and at the beginning of the first video (window resize) dwm is enabled too (aero theme visible too)
  10. Yes, slow GUI since Windows 7 WDDM, direct2d and directwrite. Anyway, Windows 8.0 runs really smooth compared to 7, 10 & 11
  11. In my opinion w10 & w11 can use resources and cpu better but the UI, DPI, WDDM, Pagination. Memory compression... make the user experience slower losing cpu cycles that's the reason the benchmarks are higher on w10&w11 but general usage and ui is slower. As always, the more new hardware you have the less you won't feel this. I really don't understand why w10 and w11 can't run file explorer (explorer.exe) and a common browser (chrome / firefox) without lag as in w7, w8 or w8.1. And the GUI.... I really don't like it... Windows XP and Windows 8 have the best gui, in terms of taking advantage of the screen. and also taskbar and caption buttons and fonts... of course can be tweaked as I have done in another post but one can't be productive with w10 & w11 taskbar. But I don't want to go offtopic. I try my tweaks with every new windows version and then I try opening programs, dragging new tab on chrome for example and it all has lag drawing... 2D and ui drawing it's slow even on high end hardware. It's not a personal opinion. Do you remember how did you feel installing Vista on hardware that runs XP? That's how I feel when I install Windows 10 or 11 on hardware that can run windows 8. This is 100% accurate description of how it feels. In my opinion they are currently inspired by Android and MacOS X (and bit a of Elementary Os maybe) offering all easy and pretty and its own app store. But I'm old school and also NEW is not better when something runs fine. It's all Programmed obsolescence, starting from 2008 hardware, all desktops and laptops with windows 8 / 8.1 can give a good computer usage experience: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Youtube, Web, Emails... just put SSD on it... but we are all forced to upgrade.... non sense. blackwingcat proved that it is not necessary to have the last operating system to run new versions of MS Office for example. Same happens with One Core api... Of course it's not all bad, we have tons of gigabytes of ram nowadays and web is bigger than ever and resource usage is really high so they introduced memory compression and cache improvements that aren't present on w7,w8 and w8.1 but.... the lag is the lag. I can see both sides: the good and the bad of all this new Vista aka 10/11 oses... but I can't see nothing bad on w8 and w8.1 only benefits and no lag.
  12. Is there a fast way to integrate all Server 2012 updates into Windows 8.0 ? @WinClient5270 @Jody Thornton @NoelC @greenhillmaniac Windows 8.0 is the best NT6 Thank you all Edit: I mean without NTLite
  13. Ok ! Thank you all for your efforts with these acpi versions ! I love Windows XP, one of the best OSes
  14. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Yes, I remember running w7 and w8 live usbs to test the acpi.sys mods Ok, I know it's about XP/2K3. Fastest OS until Windows 8.0 (which is the fastest NT6 OS & doesn't have any lag, no dpi problems, no memory compression, no video memory pagination the way it's happening on w10. But I don't want to go off-topic). @Damnation talked about w8.0 acpi.sys A5 error and immediately I thinked in my modded acpi.sys to run w8.0 on current hardware so I commented to say if the file can help to make the XP version the same way. here Is there any live USB based on XP Integral edition?
  15. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I'm following this thread since the deleted topic about running XP on modern hardware on "the other forum", I don't know if it helps but I get 0xA5 on Windows 8.0 with default acpi.sys & Intel CPU from 2018, BUT running a modded version of Windows 8.0 acpi.sys, I can boot it. Since you're talking about w8,0 maybe this acpi.sys version can help you with the XP modded acpi version? Just tell me and I will send you the modded version I'm interested too on running XP on modern hardware: NVME + GPT + UEFI + ACPI mod This is also the latest available info about running XP on modern hardware: TXT (99 KB, English) - https://yadi.sk/d/JCLixO6xixweRg TXT (111KB, Russian) - https://yadi.sk/d/Xxq4IGOSOnVZqw

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