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  1. The Extended Kernel project is still active, but the amount of time I have to work on it has dropped to new lows for various reasons. In fact, I was investigating the Firefox 89 font rendering breakage, and was planning on upgrading win32k to fix it (and upgrading win32k will help with gdi32 and DX components; plus, something in win32k bugchecks me when I close Waterfox G3 sometimes). But I am only near real Vista hardware for 2 out of every 14 days through late August. One side note: I have finally found something that surpasses Vista in performance on my HP Z600 workstation, while
  2. I believe that VMware's drivers (like vmx86.sys) are missing functions at the moment, and some Windows 8 functions will be needed as well. There is also a version block that prevents VMs from launching starting with 11.0.23 and 12.0.1 that will also have to be defeated. I hope to accomplish this in a few months. It will be very ironic to have VMware 16 working on Vista hosts, considering that its guest additions don't support it!
  3. Some applications started demanding the SHA-2 rollup update KB4474419, which is obviously already installed, so that will become the minimum soon. Though there are currently two sets of ntoskrnl/winload; one works with April 2017 updates (soon to be discontinued), and the other only works with the (SHA-2) March 2019 update. They will not work with anything else.
  4. Yes. I tried debugging it, but I'm not sure if it's connected to directwrite, mediafoundation, or the non-presence of kernelbase.dll (which isn't needed by Vista, and is simply part of kernel32 broken out into a new file). Very hard with multi-process applications.
  5. Yes it would, though if you have the SHA-2 update, I would assume that it would have cached a 6003.20xxx HAL (which would be acceptable as I haven't released a HAL mod) instead of a 6002.18005 one.
  6. There are only two acceptable update levels, and two separate filesets for each; April 2017 (which is the standard for the update distribution), or March 2019 (which needs different variants of ntoskrnl and winload (exe/efi) that are not currently incorporated into the installer, though they will be with the next version); the latter is the SHA-2 update point. This was done to placate some applications that reportedly requested the presence of the SHA-2 update.
  7. They shouldn't have messed with the boot options, though they may have overwritten ci.dll and especially ntoskrnl.exe, which is now quite important.
  8. What is your update level? The addition of a custom ntoskrnl has/will make the flexibility of updating considerably lower than in the past, which means you will only be able to use the updates that correspond to the ntoskrnl/winload that I've made. So right now it's just April 2017 or March 2019, and soon it will be just March 2019.
  9. I recently started a separate site with more details on the extended kernel. You can find it by searching "eclipse" and the TLD for Christmas Island. But yes, I am trying more invasive methods of version spoofing, which have worked for the .NET Core 5.0 installer, but make Steam think it's offline, while Office has yet to be tested.
  10. That would be odd, as those updates are perfectly applicable to Vista. The only problem I could see is that the updates may be the wrong architecture (ia64 or x86). My installs use media with slipstreams built by DISM++, which means that I don't get an update list on new installs made with them, which means I have no particular idea.
  11. To get the best extended kernel experience, install from vistakernsetup_02262021.7z. It's a 7-zip archive that contains the extended kernel installer and the newest files. Widevine DRM components are not working for unspecified reasons. They worked back in July, though I think that it may have something to do with the extensions not recognizing locales. ntoskrnl changes the NT version in the registry back at every boot. I patched it once, but it did nothing to prevent version blocking, so I left it alone.
  12. Yes. EnumDisplayDevicesW seems faintly familiar, but it returns completely different info so it's likely not a suitable replacement. And more proof of crummy MS documentation. It lies to users about the function being in Vista! https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/win32/api/winuser/nf-winuser-displayconfiggetdeviceinfo
  13. Unsure. I had this happen before on an older install, but never found the cause. What version of Chromium is it? You may want to launch it with the parameter --no-sandbox.
  14. New patched versions of winload.exe/efi were introduced to bypass code integrity checks. The installer also automatically sets bcdedit /set {current} nointegritychecks yes for them to work. To bypass all protections on ntdll.dll and win32k.sys, ci.dll was patched. ntext is now deprecated and the RtlQueryPerformanceCounter function is now in ntdll, so Firefox executables no longer need to be modified.
  15. The MEGA folder has a new winload.exe, winload.efi and ntoskrnl.exe that must be used with 2018 or later updates. Because of the new incompatibilities, the target will be moved from April 2017 to March 2019 (SHA-2 code signing update).
  16. First error indicates that ci.dll didn't get updated; second indicates that something happened to winload that shouldn't have (that error can appear if the header checksum isn't set properly, though i did do that). nointegritychecks attribute must be set to yes in the bcd store for the Vista boot volume. Then, in that case then update level is important. As for Edge, it appears you obtained an x86 version. The x64 version does not work presently due to increased reliance on newer security/crypto APIs.
  17. Please disregard what I said about updates, I thought you were referring to BSODs by "death screen". Are you running x86 or x64 Firefox?
  18. Those with newer updates can use the new extended kernel with the ntoskrnl that has been uploaded to the folder. The vanilla ntoskrnl can still be used for now, since the patched code integrity module still does the heavy lifting for unblocking ntdll modding.
  19. I am working on patching a newer version of winload.exe/efi and seeing if that will work better. But for now, yes, either the previous extended kernel version, or the latest extended kernel version with updates from 2017 or 18.
  20. ntext is deprecated in favour of ntdll, so no modification of executables is necessary to run Firefox/Waterfox. This required patched versions of winload, ntoskrnl, and ci.dll. This makes Vista as a whole easier to modify, but also reduces forward compatibility of the extended kernel (for now).
  21. It appears that the modified winloads and ntoskrnl are not happy with newer versions of the HAL/win32k/etc. The modifications are relatively minor, so it wouldn't be difficult to rebase off newer versions of such, though I am quite concerned about the performance hit associated with newer Windows binaries since late 2017.
  22. I am unable to replicate any complications caused by sfc /scannow. I ran it then rebooted as prompted. Extended kernel files were replaced with the previous MS files. Then I installed the extended kernel and rebooted. The extended kernel files were present again and no issues were present.
  23. Not even one reboot after running sfc does the installer work?
  24. This "Universal Theme Patcher" is what I used: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/447531495062503456/556252683569332246/UniversalThemePatcher_20090409.zip
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