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  1. Would Windows XP drivers work? (I want to get Aero theme working!)
  2. Thanks for trying to help me, but i can't find drivers meant for Windows Vista, tried older versions also but there is no drivers for Windows Vista. Im just trying to get Windows Vista working on my computer
  3. Hello, thanks for reading! (Sorry for my english) Someone knows where can i get Intel HD 2500 drivers for Windows Vista or edit Windows 7 drivers to work with Windows Vista?
  4. My experience with Windows 8.1 is great. Well, my computer is not really good but enough for Windows 8. Never updated since 2018, most of the services are disabled. No Windows Defender, no other antivirus software. Ram usage 400mb one system is booted up. And it works really fast Im planning to get better computer to run Windows 8. Not gonna switch to Windows 10
  5. Yea, i will stay on Windows 8 until i get good enough computer. Its so much better than Windows 10. Takes less ram etc... Not so much telemetry as Windows 10. Only thing is Windows 8 Store is almost empty, there is nothing to download. But Windows 8 works great for me. Also have a great day!
  6. But why? Just yesterday you were using Windows Vista, am i right?
  7. Thanks and of course i will enjoy. Ive been here for 1 month with no accounts. And today i made my account
  8. Yea, im already using Virtual Machine. But its not the best, my VirtualBox Guest Additions is broken i think. I can install it, but Aero is not working I enabled 3D Acceleration and gave VM 256MB of VRAM
  9. I really miss Windows Aero Vista did everything what i needed/wanted. I wish i could use Windows Vista as my main operating system.
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