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  1. SSDs are cheap nowadays. i7 3770 could be picked up for ~40 EUR. For some reason , DDR3 is kinda expensive here lol. Imo, not really worth to upgrade your machine , already 10 yo platform. Ryzen combos (CPU+MOBO+RAM?) can be picked up pretty cheap.
  2. Still, even Intel HD 2500 is more than enough to run 8.1 fine. Probs your HDDs
  3. Uh? You talkin about gaming performance? Of course it lags on maximum settings, you're using GT 1030. Can't really run anything, maybe CSGO 90FPS?
  4. I guess you should update your description or whatever it is then?
  5. Windows 11 will never be "ready". no one wants to use 11, just stick with ltsc release (seems like Windows 11 Home x64 is your main os lol).
  6. Maybe consider upgrading your hw? Runs like a dream on machines with SSD drives.
  7. 2040??? LTSC 2019 & Server 2019 support ends on the same date ( Jan 9, 2029 )
  8. What ? It's officially supported ? Legacy ? 😂
  9. Just for Windows 7, they'll still support 8/8.1.
  10. Doubt it , official launcher might drop support for 7/8 ( not sure when tho ). 3rd party launchers should work fine
  11. After Jan 1st, Steam probs will continue to work, just like on XP/Vista. Not sure how long tho.
  12. Valve dropping support for 7/8 , enjoy Steam while you can. https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/4784-4F2B-1321-800A
  13. Use Business version and apply the registry tweak. You can find it above.
  14. Then... don't know what could be wrong. You could try to disable built-in OneDrive, maybe that helps. I have nothing else to recommend. Sorry

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