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  1. Since we're talking games, has anyone tried Elden Ring on Windows 7? Heard it's really good, but it's allegedly DirectX11 masquerading as DX12 and doesn't run natively on the good operating system. Someone made a Win7 compatibility patch, based off DXVK (and DXVK-Async, and vkd3d-proton, and d3d12ProxyEdrDx11_0)
  2. What with Ubisoft pulling their games from Steam and dropping Win7, are they just asking people to sail the seven seas? No other way to play their games (well, there are few on GOG).
  3. Calibre 6 is now out, based off Qt 6. Windows 8 and 32-bit support has been dropped; has anyone tested on Win7?
  4. Combination of api-ms-win-core-path-hack or NulAsh's fork (Python 3.9) and Qt compatibility hacks might work? Kinda like BlenderCompat
  5. It's Qt-based. I posted earlier about compatibility hacks that could be done for Qt software; might be worth looking into.
  6. I just read that CorelDraw 2022 is allegedly Win10 21H1 or higher only (https://kb.corel.com/en/128878) EDIT: CorelDraw 2021 also only works on Win10, Win11 I haven't tested, so cannot confirm. I use the 2020 release (v22) on my PC, which is the last version to support Windows 7 according to Wikipdia, and I completely missed v2021 and installed v2022 on a friend's computer.
  7. Qt6.3 is incompatible below Windows 10 (source). However, there's a bunch of unofficial compatibility patches starting development in this thread on the Qt forums. What is Qt and why should you care? It is a framework for building a lot of open-source applications (incomplete list on Wikipedia), and QtWebView is a key alternative to bloated Electron. If Qt drops support for sub-Win10, then potentially all the software that depends on it will no longer work below Win10.
  8. PCSX2 has released an alpha Qt build and " for now it's only available on Windows 10 and above, no Linux or Mac executables yet". Given the direction of PCSX2, Ryujinx, Dolphin, I doubt legacy support is a priority. Whether it will still work on Win7 or earlier will depend on whether it's Qt 5 (still works) or Qt6 (dropped support for 7) Qt 6.3-based, no Windows 7 support. (unless someone figures out a fix for Qt6). EDIT: There's an unofficial build by one of the devs that uses Qt 6.2, which is compatible with Win8, and should be compatible with Win7 Keep an eye on any notable Qt projects you care about, as it's likely they will soon drop Win7 support by moving to Qt6. Example: MultiMC Minecraft launcher (though it has legacy reasons for staying on old versions of Qt), UltimMC, PolyMC (both based off MultiMC)
  9. Dolphin (Wii/Gamecube emulator) has allegedly dropped support for Windows 7 and 8 (source). Last working version seems to be v5.0-16236. I haven't tested this, so cannot confirm whether it's true, or just one of those quote-unquote "support dropped" but it still works, like PCSX2, or if newer builds can be "fixed" with one of those compatibility layer DLLs.
  10. What version of Chrome are you using? It's been ages since I've seen trapezoid tabs like that. Curious if you've somehow got them on a recent version of Chrome... (I've got some older versions, 50-something and 70-something that have those tabs, but even the more recent one throws up compatibility warnings from a lot of websites, including GitHub)
  11. Cryptomator v1.5.17 (https://github.com/cryptomator/cryptomator/releases/tag/1.5.17) is the final version to work on Windows 7/8/8.1/older 10. Cryptomator v1.6.x requires Win10 v1803 minimum; it's FOSS Java software, so modification might be possible. Or use Veracrypt which still works on Win7 (after a bit of a kerfluffle an update or two ago).

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