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  1. I have made and tested (integrated using nlite) with successful results. Link to IE8 True addon 2019 updated: https://onedrive.live.com/download?cid=4F57DE3C0CDC9403&resid=4F57DE3C0CDC9403!852&authkey=AL16QOpqNUGezig Files in pack: IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe IE8-MUI-x86-enu.exe ie8-windowsxp-kb2598845-x86-enu.exe ie8-windowsxp-kb2888505-x86-enu.exe ie8-windowsxp-kb4493435-x86-embedded-enu.exe Not sure if embedded updates should be kept seperate or not? Everything seems to work. Note: the embedded updates work with the POS2009 registry 'hack'.
  2. ie8-windowsxp-kb2598845-x86-enu.exe, yes included. Thanks For this.
  3. Hi thanks Where is this? What is compatibility list? is it a kb hotfix? OK Thanks for the Tip(s).
  4. Thanks for reply! Observations regarding DXUPAC: Usage Example 1 When one selects under "Choose the programs you want to create": WindowsXP Post-SP3 Update Pack "Update Pack" appears under "Choose AddOn Type". Input: 68mb of files Output: 13.1mb xxxxxx.7z file. (I guess, 7z is compatible with RyanVM Inegrator/ nlite.) Usage Example 2: When one selects "Choose the programs you want to create": Internet Explorer 8 Three different addOn Type options become available: True Addon, SVCPack and RunOnceEx. 1. RunOnceEx; doesn't output anything but I ignore because (I guess) this option is to make silent installers to run at RunOnce stage upon completion of unattended setup and I'm not interested in this. 2. True Addon selected: Input is same 68mb of files Output: IE8-True-Addon.7z (11.5mb) 3. SVCPack selected: Input is same 68mb of files Output: IE8-Svcpack.7z (13.1mb) < three options One observable difference between 7z ouputs is layout inside archives (many individual files); Post-SP3-UpdatePAck.7z layout is same as to IE8-True-Addon.7z, but IE8-Svcpack.7z only has executable, nested within a folder "SVCPACK". So what delineates addon "types"? For novice user / newcomer to the addon world, none of this is explained anywhere - users have to hunt for clues across numerous threads/forums. A simple concise guide is lacking IMO. Back to OP, ultimate end goal is a more comprehensive / up-to-date IE8 addon pack.
  5. Please I am unfamiliar with add on creation and I'm sure someone inclined in this can do it on 'no time' or that someone may be interested in such a pack. Scope of objective (Assume target system is an offline one; has automatic updates components disabled/removed). At present, people should have to do the following to a clean XP Pro SP2 Source: -Add official SP3 -Add XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack (Post SP3 addon, available at RyanVM.com) -Add XPSP3 QFE_POSReady (Official updates additional to/since the above pack, until 17/09/2018, the last time QFE_POSReady was maintained) AFAIK this is the correct integration order (using nlite). Lastly, for IE8 functionality: -Add community-made IE8 add on The most recent community IE8 add on is this one - last edited 2014. However microsoft has released IE8-related (POS2009) updates since then. ie8-mui-x86-enu.exe < may be included in 2014 pack ie8-windowsxp-kb2598845-x86-enu.exe < is included in 2014 pack ie8-windowsxp-kb2888505-x86-enu.exe < is included in 2014 pack ie8-windowsxp-kb4493435-x86-embedded-enu.exe < cumulative update released 2019, not included ie8-windowsxp-x86-enu.exe < browser installer This 2014 addon needs to be updated to include new updates - kb4493435 is not in XPSP3 QFE_POSReady. Can anyone make a new update pack comprising this latest cumulative update? Background A non-IE8 related kb4019276 is included in XPSP3 QFE POSReady - it enables TLS system wide; manual import of registry keys is necessary to enable it fully (details on RyanVM). Ability for visual tick boxes was added in cumulative IE8 update kb4316682 (30/5/2018), later superseded by kb4493435 (5/4/2019), that shown above. All IE8 addon packs to date lack this update. Even though I'm not interested in IE8 (I use superior k-meleon which has its own TLS ecryption tunnel integral) the tick boxes in Internet Options (in XP control panel) enables explicit control of TLS system-wide, which some XP programs do require control of. Registry key import is more hassle. Test: using nlite, successively Integrate IE8 + subsequently remove IE8. The only way to enable visual tick boxes is to install XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack + XPSP3 QFE_POSReady + (updated) IE8 addon. ************* EDIT / UPDATE: On a test install I managed to get the boxes to show even w/o IE8 installed. To achieve this, here are Hotfixes that were manually added (with nlite): ie8-mui-x86-enu.exe ie8-windowsxp-kb2598845-x86-enu.exe ie8-windowsxp-kb2888505-x86-enu.exe ie8-windowsxp-kb4493435-x86-embedded-enu.exe ************* Off topic: An observation re: XPSP3 QFE POSReady (last updated 17/09/2018). Its missing minor updates, for example: SSE related kb4473077 (7/12/2018) which superseded kb4463361 (5/10/2018). Windows Installer related KB4486464 (3/2/2019) eclipsed kb4340937 (10/8/2018). New kb4500331 (7/12/2018) isn't included either. I've already asked the creator of QFE updates about this minor quarrel (redident of RyanVM). Note: throughout this post date fromat is DD/MM/YYYY, contrary to MS Update catalogue MM/DD/YYYY.
  6. %windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\ngen executequeueditems supposedly compiles these libraries / native images in one go, usually taking a few minutes but after that slow boot never happens again. Of course ones can still sue the .vbs script in post #2.
  7. During nlite procedure, I enabled the Direct Hotfix Integration tick box in Components Removal seciton of nlite, but upon completion the i386 folder grows from 150mb~ to 280~ after integrating multiple individual hotfixes / KBs, which I handpicked from the various post-sp3 addon packs. I did not need all of those in that addon pack so I hunted down the KBs individually and added individually. Why has i386 grown this much when the whole point of direct integration is to save space on resultant iso ?
  8. HI! Do "embedded" hotfixes integrate like normal hotfixes? (I know about POS2009 reg tweak) the update in question is ie8-windowsxp-kb4493435-x86-embedded-enu.exe One example of add on that adds IE8 to XP is here, released 2014. The cumulative update above is timestamped 2019. SO obviously the embedded hotfix will not be in that add on. Whats the best approach in light of this?
  9. I'd like to acces the files inside the ie8-embedded-xxxxxxxxxxxx.enu.exe hotfixes for experimentation on XP. Is there a way to unpack hotfixes so that I may test the files inside? Thanks in advance
  10. I have newest cumulative POS2009 files for IE8 for integration into SP3 via nlite on standby. However... I don't need/want IE8 on target unattended Install - only the latest Core IE components. It is my understanding that nlite can strip IE entirely and that (please correct if wrong) according to nlite strip procedure, service pack, hotfix integration and comonent removal are done in that order, and that (for e.g.) if IE8 (and subsequent cum updates) were added as hotfix at start, the component removal stage (which comes last) still removes IE8, while leaving latest IE Core components (from latest IE8 hotfixes) intact. This is long-winded though, a simpler approach would be to patch following files, namely inetcpl.cpl (and dependencies where any), in order to expose TLS 1.1/2 checkboxes in Internet Options window. So can someone with IE8 + latest POS2009 updates upload these files in a zip so I can test please? If a simple patch like this doesn't work I will have to integrate normal way, however its not clear if embedded hotfixes will integrate smoothly onto fresh SP3 source, if anyone can clarify that, that would be great. Thank you for reading.
  11. K-Meleon 76 has TLS 1.2 out of the box..............
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