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  1. Whats the smallest you managed to shrink XP to?

    Thanks! I cannot believe I missed MicroXP from all those years ago? I must've started messing around with nlite in 2015 IIRC. I see its MXP is pro - I only have a home key, though usually I just re-armed the activation every 30 days (four times I believe) and then just re-installed everything to keep things fresh. It was pretty automatic, even installed Office 2003 with docx compatibility. I think installation took 15mins all in :P. I guess I can use nlite to peep at the MicroXP i386 to see what remains and copy those settings over. When I told my dad, a linux enthusiast, about my loss and having to do it again, his reply was, "It'll take not as long".
  2. Whats the smallest you managed to shrink XP to?

    Hi, What about the bootable ISO itself? was that SP3 and could it do wifi and sound? I mean there are alot of cross-connected dependencies, you remove one with nlite and one gets all sorts of warnings. It needs a real expert who understands windows in.out to get it bare as possible. I'm curious to see the smallest anyone on here has managed regarding the ISO (the forum should do a competition).
  3. Hi all, I recently made a bootable XP installer for personal use, done with nlite. Many of the components were removed, as much as is permit-able to do basics like web and multimedia. Regrettably, this was on a pen drive which I lost. Another backup on a HD failed and so now I have start again, namely the nlite process because I did manage to salvage some self extracting archives which came into play post-installation. I remember running into problems before, i.e. accidentally removed MDAC which is required for some software and a few other essential dependencies needed for wireless (this was the main PITA), so in the end alot was remained but I think I got it in the ballpark 360MB. The question is, what is the slimmest installation anyone has achieved that still permits web and audio? I guess a second question is, is anyone willing to give me a copy of their barebones copy to save me going over the tedius process? I have XP Home FWIW.
  4. [Solved] Faster computer, causes command lines to skip

    Yeah, sorry for taking long time to post as fixed. It was indeed extensions, as you suggested, they were enabled (on by default) and was calling CSScript command twice, once via CScript, and second ZipClose.vbs (.vbs is looked up automatically and appropriate .exe used, as is typical when extensions are on). I just had to remove "CScript" from the line. I also made the BAT a CMD. Code is much tidier now and all works well. Thanks for the help!
  5. How different are 64 and 32bit?

    Ok cheers!
  6. [Solved] Faster computer, causes command lines to skip

    So to confirm, either use bat with wait, or just replace .bat with a identical text file (saved as .cmd) and run the .cmd from within SFX. Alternatively to be hardcore, use both :devil:... I've yet to test. I will update to see how things work out. I still find it odd the slower machine doesn't do this. Thanks again.
  7. [Solved] Faster computer, causes command lines to skip

    I think you mean this type of extensions...
  8. [Solved] Faster computer, causes command lines to skip

    Hi JA Gee extensions never thought of that. They are off on default - is it more appropriate to ignore them in the lines then? IIRC this issue seems be specific to BATS executed from within/after SFX extraction. "%Windir$\System32\cmd.exe" and what follows is a example I copied/pasted. Should I get rid of it? I will give your /wait suggestion a go. Thanks for the link. Keeping in mind nlite.cmd from runonce calls out SFX which in turn executes the problematic .bat... Are you suggesting to put .cmd in the SFX instead? I think DOS is gui-less windows, therefor my gut says I should use .cmd. Wonder why bat be so popular(?) Another occasion you have helped me out buddy, one and only ... cheers
  9. How different are 64 and 32bit?

    Ok thanks... There's alot of "junk" from original SP3 Disc... is the server a 'minimal' XP or will it require same amount of stripping i.e. will server require the same TLC? I'm interested in 64 bit version now for RAM capablity... I lost the 'last session' for the XP 32 SP3 disc. Did lots of trial and error and arrived to perfect light disc after about a YEAR lol, but could not possibly remember the settings etc exactly for a 64 bit. I really wish I went down 64bit road from the start! I would like a slim version of XP with networking and sound, is there a source for other people's images I wonder? Thanks again team
  10. How different are 64 and 32bit?

    Is it possible to create 64bit version of from an existing 32bit nlite without having to start over? i.e. just patch the 32bit install? Maybe vain in hoping it just being a few filesystem files edits here and there and that the existing 32bit registry entries can still be applied to a 64bit install. What's your thoughts?
  11. Dear MSFN I'm curious how to resolve... essentially everything works like it should on a slower machine, yet when I replicate installation on a newer build, command lines which should be executed sequentially, some get missed out, as if the computer is too fast to keep up. The nlite install is XP and is identical in each case, the only thing different is newer hardware. It's actually a list of command lines in a "register.bat" (not sure if .cmd works better). This is executed after completed extraction of a SFX.exe, a cabinet called upon by RunOnce utility at setup. Everyhting works flawlessly on an older laptop, both a single and a dual core, just not this 3GHZ quad core, 8GB ram machine. This is hardly consequential but it's a VBS script which I already spent considerable time trying to get going (let's waste more heh). Essentially dummy .zip file is called open, following VBS script closes it immediately after, this initializes .zip folders in XP before logon, which would otherwise show unrecognized because of nlite (I left that option unticked but you can't be sure with nlite!) @echo off REGSVR32.EXE /s MpaDecFilter.ax REGSVR32.EXE /s DSMSplitter.ax REGSVR32.EXE /s DSMMuxer.ax REGEDIT /s hubble.reg REGEDIT /s AddressBar.reg REGEDIT /S Qlaunch.reg REGEDIT /S misc.reg REGEDIT /S color.reg REGEDIT /s mplayerc.reg ZipFile.zip %windir%\system32\cmd.exe /C "START /WAIT CScript %windir%\system32\ZipClose.vbs //NoLogo" del %systemdrive%\windows\system32\*.reg exit Is there something I can put between the lines, a delay perhaps or is this something different? I'm concerned that a machine can just run missing out entire chunks of code - makes you question the integrity of XP sometimes Ideas Appreciated
  12. Hi all This one's tricky, I have self extracting archive and the program inside depends on a runtime. Aiming for an unattended installation of both should the user choose to install the program, if not the runtime installer resides in another easy to find directory anyway. Duplicating the same runtime inside the archive wastes space. Source is read only mandating intermediate copying (temp folder). As working directory is now temporary folder, the source directory is disregarded. Otherwise I would simply use command ..\ to locate runtime installer. WinRAR SFX does provide "Run before extraction" but it disregards source directory in 'TempMode'. As the source could be USB or DVD, a static variable can't be used in commands executed from temp folder. Does SFX.exe have modifiable script? (that differs to whats offered in GUI)? If so, could modify SFX.exe in someway to append a command, (using ..\ to locate installer). Out of curiosity really, I could duplicate the files but that'd seem too ... unprofessional.
  13. Windows media player *light*

    Hey all just an update. ACM decoder is hard-coded into wmp (via directX). So it's not possible to copy CD direct to wav (not with wmp8 atleast). Success WMP9 and above can save CD (and HDCD!) content, to WAV via plugin called WaveOut. Everything played is saved to specified directory set via: Tools>Options...>Plug-ins>Background>Waveout, properties. I uploaded skimmed v8 for the hell of it as well as wmp9. Links at the bottom. Bonus feature: 24-bit HDCD HACK Other than dBpoweramp, wmp9 is the only utility capable of decoding HDCD and in 24bit, providing 24bit support tick box is enabled under tools>devices>speakers. This hasn't possible been possible since Vista due revamped audio kernel and increased anti-piracy concerns there. Anyway, with WAVout plugin on (enabled under plug-ins tab), everything you play is saved to location as configured in Tools, in best quality. Light v9 (12mb) below has extended TAG Support pre-installed for many codecs, OGG, Flac etc. If you want FLAC and AAC playback support however: Good link: http://softvisia.com/users/Night_Raven/CodecFAQ/Filters/Audio_filters/ If this ever goes offline, search the web for "x directshow filter", under x is whatever codec you require. These msi packages, install/uninstallable "relevant_codec.ax" on your machine. .ax are just modular bits of windows/direct show. This is a good, light way of doing things because it's system-wide with no extra software mp4 for example contains video and audio, so needs a splitter (Haali), mp4_decoder.ax (coreAVC these days) and aac_decoder.ax. Funnily enough wmp8 is still modernly compatible. Since v8 SRS bass/width enhancement also enabled, expect to pay for this enhancement else where. WMP9.zip: http://www.4shared.com/zip/U1SH6Apuce/WMP9.html http://www.mediafire.com/download/2b7ysr8v1cwwou7/WMP9.zip WMP8.zip: http://www.4shared.com/zip/7d9Y-VdLce/wmp80.html http://www.mediafire.com/download/vync9a5ilzw2w7s/co-op_application.zip /!\ Caution /!\ v8 won't install if 9+ has already been installed prior unfortunately, unless you delete relevant files in Program files and system32. (I used columns to sort by file description "Windows Media..."). Also, I'll briefly explain how directshow works in 8/9 for anyone unsure. Regarding any DS player on windows the default filters (decoders) used by them, are a system wide setting and can be changed using a DS filter utility (a filter manager). If the player doesn't have filter manager built built in already. With this you change preferred decoders for certain filetypes, on basis of priority. It's not possible do it with WMP and mp3 because it parses as audio only (not video) making splitter and any codec.ax redundant, using winXP default l3codecp.acm (audio compression manager) instead. I have no idea how acm works though.
  14. Windows media player *light*

    Aha, yeh I did stumble upon that page earlier... Thanks for response and happy 2016 (Y)
  15. Black border on IE11

    To clarify further IIRC I had the sliding scrollbar anomoly on firefox... no idea what it could be. Usually went away by itself,