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  1. I could have googled that myself :dow: To clarify: robvanderwoude.com the choice example, using choice.exe did not work as desired. The example on wikipedia, also ussing choice.exe, did work.
  2. echo ramdisk| convert f: /fs:ntfs /x That formats hard drive?
  3. Thats what typically works for windows XP. It can change between OS. I think M$ make an effort to make sure old installs that use either work regardless.
  4. Hi, thanks. Theres a bug in forum ("forbidden") shows up when try to use 'code snippet' or 'quote' feature, so I've resorted to using screenshot. The example on robvanderwoude.com did not work. The example on wikpedia did work. See below.
  5. shorterxp

    Windows media player *light*

    Updated links + overall package to be cleaner / more install/uninstall freindly.
  6. Forbidden You don't have permission to access /board/topic/177670-bat-cmd-yn-input-without-pressing-enter/ on this server. ARGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH not this shTYEt again!!!
  7. Is this possible? The only info I found was here, the first script doesn't work and the second makes no sense: https://forums.windowssecrets.com/showthread.php/113953-Yes-No-Batch-file-(XP-SP2) I would like to create a CMD that prompts user y / n question with goto in place. But automatically continue as soon as input is detected (contrast to waiting for another ENTER press to finish). As it stands: @echo Log off + log in to complete installation! SET /P _inputname= Log Off now?: IF "%_inputname%"=="Y" GOTO :Y GOTO :end :Y cmd.exe /c c:\windows\system32\logoff.exe :end
  8. Could be that I used REGEDIT4 not 5.0 Edit: precisely the problem was I used REGEDIT4 not 5.0 Thanks Jaclaz once again
  9. Got it to work using REG ADD "HKCR\app\DefaultIcon" /v (Default) /t REG_EXPAND_SZ /d "%programfiles%\app\tune.ico,0" Although I would have preffered to use import registry method....
  10. Hi, I would like to store environment variable %programfiles% in a registry key, to replace the default which specifies absolute path.. One solution here suggests navigate to existing key, create a new REG_SZ_EXPAND there, then enter desired text, in my case %programfiles%\...\.exe. Once entered, export the key and the result is converted to HEX: @=hex(2):25,00,70,00,72,00,6f,00,67,00,72,00,61,00,6d,00,66,00,69,00,6c,00,65,\ 00,73,00,25,00,5c,00,78,00,6d,00,70,00,6c,00,61,00,79,00,5c,00,74,00,75,00,\ 6e,00,65,00,2e,00,69,00,63,00,6f,00,00,00 When I delete key and apply this export, a single % appears in the key. I know for a fact that if I enter the %programfiles%\...\.exe. string as an REG_SZ_EXPAND, the associated program opens normally. Not sure what I did wrong regarding the single % appearing. Any pointers?
  11. shorterxp

    Error 995: Anybody familiar, how to fix?

    Ok thanks not sure I understand any of that though... maybe the dev will
  12. I'm really diggin the new hotkey, so fluid and easy to use, wouldn't have been possible without msfn! TBH I'm surprised creative didn't make the modes tab the first one that shows.... oh well.
  13. http://xahlee.info/mswin/autohotkey_examples.html might be useful
  14. 202KB Thanks Mode changer needs extras installed notebaly console launcher, a skinned control panel. I did try it before but prefer this new HotKey method (a good compromise) On a clean install, my WinRAR SFX quickly installs control panel and drivers only. I ran original 280mb Installer by Creative (InstallShield), monitored registry changes with InstallWatchPro (by Gavin Stark) then exported changes to .txt use in SFX setup... Some of entries contained therein define absolutes i.e. "C:\". For security, I used Find And Replace Text utility replaces all instances of "C:\" to current drive (which may not be C at time of install). Windows Move command then converts that .txt back to .reg during setup, resultant .reg is imported silently. Here is example of setup.cmd inside SFX installer: People miss the fact that inside creative XP driver pack, usually in 'Driver' folder theres a setup.exe, which installs drivers only. Not sure if equivalent exists for win 7 (which uses UAA not WDM). The setup.exe dialog looks like this: Example of custom SFX:
  15. Grazie ========================================================================= Edit AHK works perfectly, I made a notepad file contaning Run, CTAudCSA.exe Sleep, 750 IfWinExist Audio Control Panel WinActivate send ^{TAB} Then used "Ahk2EXE.exe" to convert it to .exe, - this can now be executed from shortcut. My only complaint is its 808kb footprint! Now when I press a key, this opens shortcut, runs the Script above, the result: Luckily when the program is installed OptimumX shortcut.exe utility allows user to define Hotkey with /H:<keyboard numeric value>. I used 145 which is Scroll Lock. shortcut /a:c /f:"%allusersprofile%\start menu\programs\Auzentech\Control Panel.lnk" /t:"%programfiles%\Auzentech\X-Fi Forte 7.1\AudioCS\AutoMode.exe" /w:"%programfiles%\Auzentech\X-Fi Forte 7.1\AudioCS" /i:"%programfiles%\Auzentech\X-Fi Forte 7.1\AudioCS\CTAudCSA.exe" /h:145 Heres a list of keyboard numeric vlues: http://virtuawin.sourceforge.net/?page_id=171. I'm new to coding world, free command line utilities can be powerful.