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  1. TuMaGoNx

    XP64 VM inside XP32

    Could we *focus* on the _pagefile_ please? Thank U
  2. TuMaGoNx

    XP64 VM inside XP32

    Well. while my PC is from 2012 it's at that time no weak specs: Xeon E31265L with 8GB RAM
  3. TuMaGoNx

    XP64 VM inside XP32

    It may come as outright dumb to some but bear with me.. So they say "why not run XP32 VM for compatibility?" I say why not the opposite? at the moment my thought goes to 7-zip usage with large dictionary size that benefit large RAM so it doesn't have to be Win7-64 VM but the idea is the same. With at least 8GB RAM in XP32 one could allocate spare RAM into RAMDisk which in turn host virtual disk image(s) which in turn host Pagefile(s) that mounted and used by XP64 VM inside VirtualBOX (I use 4.3.40) which otherwise only limited to less than 2GB of host RAM. Combined RAM and Pagefile(s) should hypothetically allow 64-bit process to use >4GB memory with feasible performance (since everything happen in RAM right?). At least that's what I thought to be.. but NOPE the pagefile underperform! it's freaking slow! Actually I see HDD blinks for seconds on occasions. Anybody tried similar thing? maybe with VMWare?
  4. TuMaGoNx

    List of unsupported feature by/for Windows XP

    @Mathwiz thanks, that's why I need TLS/SSL analogy. TLS has been available for a looong time and only enforced when it become serious matter. Firefox is well known for using its own library to do most thing (e.g NSS and friends) that's why it's the only HTML5 portable browser in existence (no chrome in Unixware, OS/2, OpenVMS, QNX or "others" OSes). If ESNI patch landing one of these dependencies then it may easier to port, just like encryption module. Personally I'm no browser security enthusiast (knowing that I use obsolete OSes to begin with), never use security plugin either, just text mode Opera 12 or full mode Seamonkey via privoxy piped to console tor and maybe a web proxy as additional pipe.
  5. TuMaGoNx

    How can I get hal.dll?

    during initial boot? That's probably not what it trying to say
  6. TuMaGoNx

    List of unsupported feature by/for Windows XP

    @Mathwiz is there article explain the current situation? like if SNI in the same situation of say SSL3. Anyway I think such things maybe too browser specific for this list, providing HTML 5 support is another thing though. I will remove browser specific features.
  7. TuMaGoNx

    List of unsupported feature by/for Windows XP

    @dencorso I see that make sense now, conflict is possible because third party controller driver like that loaded by service 0 (boot) but even earlier are system driver referenced kernel itself. Then does it work something like Alcohol virtual drive? Or RAID/SCSI/AHCI controller... I will add Kai driver link
  8. TuMaGoNx

    List of unsupported feature by/for Windows XP

    @dencorso Before I read that long thread :D, can you clarify that OFA driver has been ported to SCSIPort? because you still mention 2k3 storport.sys + Kai's drivers, that's make no sense to me unless ntoskrnl.exe modded. @caliber so it doesn't work at 5Gbps (with correct BIOS XHCI hand-off setting) ? Does it show as XHCI in device manager?
  9. TuMaGoNx

    List of unsupported feature by/for Windows XP

    @someguy25: thanks, added @dencorso: I'm talking about USB generic, I will add NEC toshiba support UDF 2.50 Panasonic support 2.60 I don't remember the link anymore but filename is MEIUDF- and MEIUDF- storport is referenced DIRECTLY by ntos kernel itself so I don't think if vanilla XP kernel which don't know about it understand how to deal with driver requiring it.
  10. To celebrate the year when XP will be EOL lets list feature that's not supported by/for Windows XP. The list meant to be "technology enabler", so no end-user software listed here. OS Builtin (Microsoft): 4Kn AF Drive AHCI generic (ongoing support by UniATA) AR and VR AVX CODEC for modern multimedia formats (support by e.g LAVFilters) DirectX e.g DXVA2, Direct2D, DirectWrite >= 10 (partial suppport by Wine) .NET >= 4.5 (partial support by Mono) ETW GPT (driver supported by Paragon) HTML5 (ongoing support by Maxthon and Seamonkey) Input Language for Indic and few others (Support by MS Indic or Google Input Tools or Free Keyman Desktop 8.0) KASLR (partial support by Ozone/Wehntrust) KPTI Media Foundation e.g. WASAPI MultiTouch/Gesture (also check this) NDIS > 5.1 ODBC > 3.51 (most BigData vendor provide JDBC alternative) PAE > 4GB (note: VM is up to 16TB, detectable RAM up to 2^37 and usable by Gavotte RAMDisk as multiple 4GB pagefiles) PowerShell > 2.0 SSTP StorPort UDF >= 2.5 (HD-DVD driver by Toshiba / Bluray driver by Panasonic) UNICODE (uniscribe) >= 5, Incomplete 4.x, and missing some unicode fonts (newer version available as part of Office Viewer 2010 with VistaFont Pack) USB 3 generic (driver supported by e.g ASMedia, NEC) WIC at same level as Vista (additional codec by older and free FastPictureViewer) WIA (incomplete, available as separate install? see this) Windows Installer MSI > 4.5 Windows Store / UWP WSSAPI (separately bundled in InTune) 3rd Party: 10GbE Ethernet (Many drivers support Windows 2003 but not XP specifically, some old 40Gb/s Infiniband NOT ethernet might supported by OFA driver) CUDA > 5.2 Dokan (FUSE) > 0.6 Electron (The popular way to make "App", usable alternative by NW.js 0.14.7) HEVC/AVC HW Accelerated Encoder JavaVM > 8 NVMe (OFA driver port) Oculus VR (apparently older runtime SDK did support, but the device driver never support XP, so maybe other vendor?) OpenGL >= 4.6 OpenCL >= 1.2 (AMD/Nvidia Driver only have OpenCL 1.1 interface file for XP though they may bundle OpenCL 1.2 runtime) SATA/SAS 12Gbps Steam ? Surround Display per GPU (support by Matrox pre-radeon chipset) Thunderbolt UHD 60Hz Resolution, DisplayPort >= 1.2, HDMI >= 2.0 Ultrium LTO > 6 (note: XP never support LTFS) Vulkan, SPIR-V I'm sure missed a lot so please add more and correct me too.
  11. TuMaGoNx

    XP Apps Repository

    @Dibya I thought Qupzilla already run well on XP? The problem with Epiphany is gnome integration (I've no problem with webkitgtk though it stuck at version 2.2/2.4 same for WebkitQT) Also see Otter Browser (IMO best webkit browser, from ex. Opera Developer) but not yet reach version 1.0 I have tested my gcc for a while now, I will uploaded it later including patches
  12. TuMaGoNx

    XP Apps Repository

    Added ffmpeg 3.4.1 https://sourceforge.net/projects/xpitory/files/ffmpeg/ffmpeg-
  13. TuMaGoNx

    XP Apps Repository

    @Dibya If you want to use -vcrXX option then it's not ready as libmsvcrXX.a files still untested. So far I only used it against msvcrt.dll
  14. TuMaGoNx

    XP Apps Repository

    Added Qemu 2.10.1 universal cpu emulator and virtualizer
  15. TuMaGoNx

    XP Apps Repository

    @Dibya I can't do MSY2 it's more than 150MB compressed So here is which to install base: http://repo.msys2.org/distrib/i686/msys2-i686-20160205.exe packages: http://repo.msys2.org/msys/i686/ if packages has "i686" in its filename then only install if the date modified is up to August 2016, newer may no longer work if packages has no "i686" then it may works or may not (if it depends on newer binary packages) to put it simply, just download all latest packages before September 2016 install them altogether manually using pacman