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  1. Slightly OT, Does anyone experienced with SFU 3.5 (the last service for unix for Windows XP) here? there is bundle package called pkg-current-bundlecomplete35.exe as asked here https://www.sevenforums.com/general-discussion/367623-sua-community-package-bundles-where-download.html Been looking for that, with it SFU should be comparable to an old cygwin is term completeness, but with tighter integration. Currently I use gentoo prefix http://distfiles.gentoo.org/experimental/prefix/x86-interix/20110902/ as advised by wikipedia but a bit overkill (300mb). In short there are three approach of XP "Live" POSIX emulation CoLinux Cygwin/MSYS2/UWIN/etc Interix SFU
  2. I never been optimistic about the prospect of xompie, but if I could borrow code from other devs (Threading API being priority) then I will resume (I currently use XP with no other Windows version).. I would not surprised if AV flag it as virus, xompie use "man in the middle" method and just like other hooking they are prone to false-positive, whatever the justification is.
  3. Just to clarify Oracle is currently doing out-of-bound 2 years extension for Java 8 updates, according to https://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/java-se-support-roadmap.html java 8 extended support is up to 2025, long after Dec 2020. The fixes and patches always went upstream (to openjdk, e.g. if you use linux you can get latest patched RPM) however nobody give a damn about building Windows binary especially 32-bit binary. For example you wont find the last Java 6 updates for Windows from Oracle/Sun but you could get it from IBM https://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=ibm10739565 which match the roadmap date above "ended in 2018", the case I hope will be the same for adoptopenjdk to support win32 till 2025 not just 2020, IMHO they are just "arm" of IBM to promote OpenJ9 engine.
  4. @dencorso Just in case Oracle stop provide binary updates there still: https://adoptopenjdk.net/releases.html#x32_win currently at u222 PS: adoptjdk doesnt include JavaFX which you can transplant from u112
  5. I wrote a little COM helper you run it like this (from cmd): getwu -v "IsInstalled=0" >list.txt No need to enable Windows Update (you could disable it), it will only download the database (%WINDIR%\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore\DataStore.edb) from Microsoft and filter it as you want. getwu.zip https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/api/wuapi/nf-wuapi-iupdatesearcher-search
  6. Just a thought, my understanding is Microsoft periodically dispose definition that patched Windows already immune with, which why mpam-fe.exe filesize fluctuate so much. So for XP isn't it shoud be 1.291.2489.0 + whatever latest working. What do you guys think? disclaimer : Im no fans of AV, well I kind of miss MRT though
  7. So I try 111 and 121 and certain that 111 is the last fully functional out of the box JRE8 for XP we could however transplant javafx files from 111 into 211 (or 112 to 212) to have working JavaFX bin\ fxplugins.dll glass.dll javafx_font.dll javafx_font_t2k.dll javafx_iio.dll jfxmedia.dll jfxwebkit.dll prism_common.dll prism_d3d.dll prism_sw.dll lib\ jfxswt.jar javafx.properties lib\ext\ jfxrt.jar dont know if this ok but it works with javafx examples here https://github.com/controlsfx/controlsfx
  8. Dibya as I said you will solve only half of the problem, python without its abundant c-ext (though some may work put of the box) libraries is not that good. with PyPy you only need patch the core which for current version is trivial
  9. jfxwebkit.dll (note JavaFX is UI successor of AWT/SWT and whatever variant it called later) i don't check every single updates, I have 211, 131 and 101 and the the original 21 101 is working 131 is mildly broken missing gettickcount64 (trivial to patch, tough you'll miss digital signature) 211 is the case of chrome... EDIT: note that JavaFX isn't actually part of Java 1.8 standard Sun simply give a teaser for next Java 9, IBM Java8 implementation (J9/OpenJ9) never bundle JavaFX or OpenJFX but IBM j9 also broken on XP for different reason.
  10. Just in case someone not know, the reason Sun drop XP is JavaFX8 component: Webkit isn't working (need SRW) EDIT: found another mirror https://github.com/frekele/oracle-java/releases/ that also have tarball. So just ignore my previous post
  11. if you have 7zip something like this: 7z e jre-8u211-windows-i586.exe Data1.cab 7z e Data1.cab installerexe 7z e installerexe .rsrc\1033\RCDATA\* && ren 5 new.patch && ren 6 old.zip && ren 7 bspatch.exe bspatch.exe old.zip core.zip new.patch 7z x -ojre core.zip del Data1.cab installerexe bspatch.exe old.zip core.zip new.patch for /r %f in (*.pack) do jre\bin\unpack200.exe "%~f" "%~dpnf.jar" && del "%~f" jre\bin\java.exe -Xshare:dump EDIT: no errorlevel check there oops
  12. @harkaz Do you still keep XP lastest hotfix installer files? is it inside your compress.rar?
  13. @caliber Would great to see user_hidden's QFE + 5eraph's PostReady QFE combined and finalised. BTW it's just me that late to see those April 5 updates.. duh
  14. @someguy25 yeah, just when I'm about to pack my final debug symbols files. MS is sure busy, maybe they have another surprise this month >.< uhh technically the updates are dated April 5 so it's within EOL
  15. MS push another updates today! just kill me already lol
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