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  1. This forum now causes Opera 9.25 to crash instantly With Opera 11.64 I could not click the "I agree" button to sign in I guess this is where we part ways. Sayonara.
  2. Did you install chipset support inf as well? http://support.lenovo.com/us/en/downloads/ds003827One other thing I would suggest is to search for the driver called WDM_R222.EXE and try that, I think it works with i945 chipset on Win2k.
  3. OK, did some more research. I added these settings to the registry on both Win2K machines (needs a reboot to take effect) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters EnablePMTUDiscovery (DWORD) = 1 GlobalMaxTcpWindowSize (DWORD) = 128480 (decimal) Tcp1323Opts (DWORD) = 1 TcpWindowSize (DWORD) = 128480 (decimal) This doubled my throughput!
  4. I recently got cable broadband hooked up (15Mbit/s). I've found that with a computer connected directly to the modem I achieve the rated speed. Currently I have a mini-ITX Pentium M board with dual Intel PRO100 NICs connected to the modem and LAN with internet connection sharing on Windows 2000. Sadly, in this configuration the other PCs on the LAN don't seem to be getting the full speed when downloading from websites. Are there any tricks to improve this? It should be no problem to pass 15Mbit/s over 100mbit ethernet, but I guess there is some kind of latency issue. I have a router I could use instead, but if I move it to where the modem is then I would need to buy another switch or some long cables to keep everything connected...
  5. I run Win2k on my desktop(s) but not my laptop. The last laptop I had with 2K was a Dell Latitude L400 which crapped out unfortunately. Just got Heroes of Might and Magic 5 from GOG.com, which works in Win2k. (HOMM3, Mount&Blade, and Ys 6 are some other good ones)
  6. I think there were USB capture dongles with Syntek 1160 chip that had drivers for win98???
  7. I saved the linked thread in case the day comes when I want to try and understand the method behind the madness (ie. getting WFWG or 9x to play along with newer NT versions) but in the mean time HFS does the job!
  8. When using multiple versions of Windows, I often find myself in a situation where I have network connectivity but Windows will REFUSE to connect to a file share on another computer. For instance win7 and win98 might talk to a win2k box but not to each other. No matter what I do, I get 'access denied' 'incorrect password' or whatever. Does anyone have an alternate way of transfering files over TCP/IP? Back in the day, I had IPX on a LAN and I used a program called IPXCOPY. You'd simply run it on both computers and you could transfer anything in the current directory. I'd like to have something like this that worked over TCP/IP for these times that SMB fails.
  9. Back in Win3.x (if not earlier) there was the program called PaintBrush. Beginning in a later OS, it was renamed to MS Paint, however there was still a pbrush.exe stub program which launched mspaint. So typing pbrush at the command line would launch mspaint. (Same thing with Write, which was superceded by Wordpad.) I never liked the redesigned UI in the Win7 version of mspaint. It's possible to run the Win2000 version, and so I was generally doing that. But, out of habit I also sometimes type pbrush at the command prompt to open a BMP. This launches the old Win2000 style mspaint. At first I didn't question it, then I finally realized... The Win2000 EXE is not in my path. How on earth does typing pbrush launch the old mspaint? Then I checked the WINDOWS directory and discovered there is a PBRUSH.EXE dated 2003. Apparently Win7 ships with both versions of mspaint. Now comes the weirdest part. If I bring up the Run dialog with windows-key + R, and type pbrush, it launches the new-fangled version! Why is pbrush a different program launched from command line vs. Run dialog??
  10. I'm glad that I've had Windows Update completely disabled since 2013.
  11. I have some 486 motherboards that have a graphical interface with mouse support in the BIOS, within 128KB (remember AMI WinBIOS??) Are BIOS written in Java these days??
  12. I had all three installed on a single FAT32 partition. 98 was installed, followed by 2000. Then NT4 was installed on a separate harddisk (or CF card with FAT16 in this case), and after the install was done I copied the WINNT4 directory to the FAT32 partition, along with the patched file system driver from bearwindows site (this enables NT4 to access FAT32). Then I modified BOOT.INI to add an option for booting NT4. I may have had to add the drive letter in the NT4 registry too but I can't remember (I know I had to add it for NT 3.51)
  13. Well... I don't know anything about Python but I tried to download and install several different versions from your link, always receiving the error message "program too big to fit in memory." I found that extended kernel does have AttachConsole, however slic3r still fails to run with "generated errors and will be closed by windows." I guess for now I will have to generate g-code on a separate PC.
  14. There are enough ways to create STL files (even a text editor!) so that isn't a problem. Sending G-code to the printer uses a USB-serial adaptor so that should also be doable. But can I do the in-between step of "slicing" the model to convert it to G-code on Win2K? Slic3r has a command-line version, but it complained about missing function AttachConsole in kernel32. Does the function exist in extended kernel? I haven't tried it yet with extended kernel. I setup a Printrbot in my basement so the cats don't destroy it. All my basement PCs run Win2K...
  15. I have used the universal driver (not to be confused with UNIVBE) with a GeForce FX 5200 AGP card. There's a good chance that 6xxx and 7xxx cards would work.

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