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Found 6 results

  1. Device Information: Device name: samsung Device board: sc7730s Device hardware: sc8830 BootLoader: T116BUUBU0ARE1 Android version: 4.4.4 Simple History: I have tried unlocking my bootloader, opening KingRoot, installing TWRP, and everything in between, but ultimately had to reinstall the ROM. Conclusion: TWRP was made for famous, better devices, and that humanity liked them, why would you make a TWRP for a device you don't even know... and also humanity didn't even know them? This is my conclusion, but in my thinking, TWRP was made only for specific devices History: It all began when I discovered that it was possible to modify the ROM of my device, which had lost support since 2018. Afterward, I learned about TWRP. pela primeira vez na vida, os tutoriais diziam para eu segura o botão HOME, o botão de volume - e o botão POWER, então, eu apertei no botão, do Odim o Botão iniciar, apertando esse botão, the device restarted and began to run Android again. I continued with the tutorial but realized that this shouldn't have happened. Instead, my device should have booted into TWRP. Due to this, I repeated this process multiple times until I came to the conclusion that it wouldn't work. I then started to search for my device's model and download several TWRPs. Eventually, I had to restore the original ROM. I'm still trying to download that TWRP. I found one, but I was so confused that I didn't realize it and discarded it. So far, I haven't been able to successfully install the root on my device... If you need more information, feel free to ask
  2. What happened - too much data got deleted during system cleanup Target Model - Xiaomi Redmi 6a, official ROM, no root data stored on internal memory We are aiming at recovering WhatsApp message history, but other data would be cool too. Since the phone is not mine, I cannot promise data will not get overwriten, but I told multiple times to resist from browsing web, facebook etc. I tried Googling out, but none of the websites I checked seemed not worth too much trust... There are some pieces of software told to be capable of solving my prob, but what I need is probably a recommendation from trusted source, best backed with personal experience...
  3. Hello all, this is something that has been making my mind boggle. As you fellow forum members certainly know, Android has been giving its versions codenames starting from Cupcake upto Pie. And as you may have noticed, Android 10 was not given the name of any confectionery item. My opinion on this is: Android 10 should have been given a name of Android Q- for Qubani-ka-Meetha (it's a popular Indian sweet made of apricots, wiki page will be linked here). How many of you fellow MSFN members share my opinion and agree with what I say? Please let me know your opinion about this. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qubani-ka-Meetha
  4. Windows 98 Simulator is one of the most accurate 98 look a like's around. It's in 16x9, has a modern web browser and media player, just look at it! Internet Explorer has been updated, You can even play YouTube videos. Video: Top Gear Media Player has also been updated, Having MP4 and other file type support. Windows 98 Simulator also keeps it's intergration with Android, having a app list and allowing you to access it's file system. Application. (Android Only) If your a 98 Diehard, I think you'll be impressed by it! -Nerdulater
  5. Good News ! http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1918790.html I tried USB tethering with iPad mini 4. http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1918650.html I tried USB tethering with Nexus 5X. It requires RNDIS Driver for Windows 2000.
  6. I found this, which isn't really universal since it defines a bunch of specific device IDs to identify them and is outdated anyway. There's also this pull request posted on that project's GitHub page and also another repo containing a dead link to already singed driver (or more precisely, signed INF that identifies ADB interface by the universal compatible ID). So what are my options? Anyone found such a driver/INF that can be just installed and forgotten about or do I have to go the signing the modified android_winusb.inf with self-signed certificate route if I don't want to disable driver signature enforcement and such? So far, my phone has used like 6 different device IDs to identify itself and under certain circumstances, I even have to re-install the official driver/INF for it to work again and confirming that I do want it installed, even if device ID doesn't match. Windows should really have universal ADB driver at this point, like it does for USB mass storage devices...

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