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  1. About absolutely no relation. Aero Glass loads uxtsb.dll as part of product since version 1.5.2. And modernframe too as part of DWMGlass.dll. Modernframe breaks Edge title, Aero Glass not injects uxtsb.dll to new modern control panel (in original version)... Of course, nothing relation to Aero Glass as part of Aero Glass! It's something really new complaint from developer. But the "cracker" is not too lazy and correct many developer's bugs. And the "cracker" is not too greedy, if he will create own Aero Glass software, bigmuscle will not get his "donations". Since version 1.5.4 dropped support for 32-bit Windows. Next 64 bit? I think the author long wanted to leave the project which is not profitable. PS And a very Merry Christmas to all!
  2. It was a rhetorical question. Not for your personal mind, obviously. Nothing you write will change the fact that the patched version of Aeroglass is objectively better and more useful than the bare original with bugs. Heh, the author was too lazy to write a change log for version 1.5.7.
  3. The developer don't fix many known errors in his software. Because it is free, as developer said. But with a watermark if you don't pay, you are right. Or you can pay, but developer still don't fix any errors, for example: If UxTSB.dll is loaded from registry HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\AppInit_DLLs, Windows 8.1, 10 RTM, 10 TH, 10 RSx can't open *.deskthemepack files Aero Glass 1.5.4 (12.8.2017), 1.5.5 (20.8.2017) and now(!) 1.5.6 (10.9.2017) not inject UxTSB.dll in SystemSettings.exe Two-color solid border ... The developer build installer without GUI, atlases, uxtsb, modernframe option, any control panel, etc. You can pay, but get nothing. You can pay and ask the developer to fix bug: and you will get nothing: At another side, there is corrected version all-in-one in terrible "Russian page". May be you mean you want to donate to the "cracker"? But it's really free hard work to correct developer's bugs, test and integrate plugins, etc. You can pay, and there is still no 32-bit version. Still seems completely fair?
  4. It is version with many Bugmuscle's bugs correction. This version integrated with modernframe, uxtsb, gui, atlases, etc all-in-one. Why cracked? Aero Glass is free. Free version can't be cracked. Russian page? Are you racist?
  5. The solving is here xttps://forums.mydigitallife.net/threads/aeroglass-v1-5-7-for-w10-rs3-x64.75957/#post-1397207
  6. Aethelflaed glass8 website tells you that: https://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170945-uxtheme-signature-bypass/ and that http://www.glass8.eu/download "DLL tool to bypass UXTheme signature verification" and that since 2016-10-22: https://www.msfn.org/board/topic/170945-uxtheme-signature-bypass/?page=8&tab=comments#comment-1131153 so, You can read. Aero Glass injects UxTSB.dll to enable glass themes. It injects UxTSB.dll to Explorer to enable unsigned themes with old-style Personalization Panel, but Windows 1703, 1709 use new-style Personalization Panel, i.e. SystemSettings.exe. Verstehen?
  7. Why thanks? Aero Glass 1.5.4 (12.8.2017), 1.5.5 (20.8.2017), 1.5.6 (10.9.2017) and now(!) 1.5.7 (17.12.2017) not inject UxTSB.dll in SystemSettings.exe. Windows RS2, RS3 new Personalization Panel can't apply any unsigned themes. No bugfix after 4 (!) months.
  8. Maybe create gradient on UWP title bar (Edge App example)?
  9. he doesn't need your thanks no pay - no game more donations for god of donations
  10. It's probably funny. But I see extra much more funnier when someone uploads buggy beta version of the Aero Glass and then he complains about beta version of the operating system. What about inject UxTSB.dll in SystemSettings.exe (new Personalization Panel)?
  11. evgnb

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    Aero Glass 1.5.4 (12.8.2017), 1.5.5 (20.8.2017) and now(!) 1.5.6 (10.9.2017) not inject UxTSB.dll in SystemSettings.exe. Windows RS2 new Personalization Panel can't apply unsigned themes. No bugfix after month.
  12. evgnb

    Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    bigmuscle BUG in 1.5.5. N2 Sometimes modern app window icons not applied after change Microsoft signed theme to 3rd-party unsigned theme. And sometimes vice versa. Until reboot Windows restart ApplicationFrameHost.exe (?). Please, fix it. maybe it's some problem with ApplicationFrameHost.exe injection...
  13. evgnb

    Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    bigmuscle BUG in 1.5.5. Aero Glass not inject UxTSB.dll in Modern Personalization Panel (SystemSettings.exe), unsigned themes are not applied. You need Process Hacker now to apply unsigned themes via Settings app: Run the Settings app, then start Process Hacker, right-click on SystemSettings.exe, select Miscellaneous->Inject DLL and pick UxTSB.dll. Please, fix it.