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  1. For changing the Taskbar to look more like Windows 7, I'd recommend Open Shell. That, and texturing your Taskbar with this: (Windows plz just let us use Aero assets without having to resort to all of this)
  2. Thanks for the help! Strangely, I'm currently running 1909/10.0.18363 (with a queued update for the June update, oh joy) and the official download wasn't working (even though it said it would work up to that version), so I'll give that a try. EDIT: Was Aero Glass working in 10.0.18362.725? That could be why, I'm on 10.0.18363.900 now.
  3. Hey, I originally installed Aero Glass on my G5 5500. Then, I installed Winaero Tweaker on top of it, for some reason. This resulted in the glass effect no longer working. Even after many clean resets (and uninstalling Winaero Tweaker), I still don't have the glass effect. (but I do have the changed buttons in Edge and Settings) What do I do? With hope, radzo73 (P.S: attached is the debug log, the minidump.dmp is much larger than half a megabyte Also, computer is running Windows 10 Home, 10.0.18363, build 18363, Hardware Abstraction Layer is 10.0.18362.752. More info is available on request) debug.log

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