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  1. (Second comment from the top.) Is he correct? I was hoping to find and install a theme that featured a convex (3-D) Vista-like taskbar in Windows 10, --JorgeA Yep, taskbar and some other elements are completely hard coded now. I imagine over time they'll make everything hard coded, the themeability we have now is largely a remnant of deprecated functionality they haven't supported in a long time. Nothing he or anyone else can do to fix/improve the taskbar at all.
  2. Dread, insider builds certainly seem to imply Windows 10 will be taking further steps backwards as we go along. I see no reason to expect Microsoft to suddenly reverse course.
  3. Windows 10 DEVELOPMENT

    You have more faith in the masses then I do, I suspect they'll just quietly accept what Microsoft gives then and just be unhappy but accepting of it because it's Widows and they don't know enough to think it's even possible to run anything but Windows 10 anymore. Though for many people it won't matter, they'll just continue using their Android/iOS tablet and ignore Windows altogether as a remnant of the past.
  4. Not sure if it's been removed in Win10, knowing Microsoft it probably has but at least in Win8 you could convert from a Microsoft account to a local account from the Metro Settings app> Change PC Settings > Accounts > Your Account > Disconnect under your account name. It would then give the usual warnings about how your a horrible evil person and deserve to die for not embracing Metro but it was there.
  5. Aero Glass for Win8 RC4

    One's free, the other isn't. And just for the blur effect isn't worth the price. WindowBlinds doesn't even support blur anyway, it's not AeroGlass. All it does is make the frame completely transparent.