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  1. I actually find that Aero Glass does what I was hoping for, which is to modify window titlebars and borders with blur and transparency. But I'm still getting the "DWM can't be hooked" error message. I understand that windows updates probably cause this "breakage". I'm using Aero Glass v1.5.13, on Win 10 v18363.628 Today I ended up installing 2 windows updates: 1) 2020-01 Cumulative Update for .NET Framework 3.5 and 4.8 for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64KB4532695 2) 2020-01 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4532695) I haven't tried Aero Glass recently, nor did I get around to trying it before these updates, so I'm afraid I don't have much else to go on for a comparison. I just find it odd that I'm getting the functionality that I'm hoping for out of Aero Glass (just titlebar and border transparency - and transparent backgrounds on titlebar captions), but I'm still getting this error. Is it possible that a future update would be able to selectively enable only certain features so that error messages that don't concern the functions I'm hoping for don't happen? I'm guessing the part that is broken is more tied to full window transparency? I apologize if I'm not making sense. This is one program I'm just not well versed on yet. I'll see if I canuninstall those updates and reinstall Aero Glass with any better luck. EDIT: I installed Aero Glass to my D: drive, user has read/write access...
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