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  1. I think this is common problem with the console window, it happens even with ApplicationFrame console (it locks the UWP apps until you cancel the selection in the console). The selection mode just locks the thread and waits for the user input (or to finish the selection), but it can result in other threads waiting for this console's thread to unlock.
  2. Aero Glass GUI

    I'm trying to finish this small thing - GUI to modify parameters of Aero Glass. Since the last time, I've tweaked it a bit. You can set system-wide settings when running as admin. http://glass8.eu/ Post your ideas, bugs to this topic. Changelog: -- 15.12.2014 20:50 -- Fixed the Revert button
  3. I'm not sure if it is same problem, but Aero Glass GUI had some problem with setting inactive frame color correctly. I've started to completely rewrite it, but the problem is more complicated than I expected. I'd rather recommend to change the inactive color directly in registry under HKCU\...\DWM key. - AccentColorInactive for the top caption - ColorizationColorInactive for the sides and bottom
  4. The key does not work (aero glass)

    please, provide your debug.log, it contains the reason.
  5. I referenced to the last question in the guide, which covers your question.
  6. Phenix: read the last Q&A here http://glass8.eu/guide
  7. If someone installs the Aero Glass into Program Files, it is only his problem that it is not able to download and store the symbols. It has been said milliontimes that it mustn't be installed there and even the guide mentions "Important thing is that you must place all files in writable location (i.e. not in Program Files),, because DWM process does not run under user's credential. If you don't do this, Aero Glass will not be able to download symbols". Also the note about debug.log "if the verbose logging is enabled" was not probably too bold and underlined.
  8. I think that I already wrote it some time ago, but the Microsoft implementation of the symbol downloading (symsrv.dll) has the bug if the download fails once for whatever reason (mostly internet connection failure), it will fail forever even the reason has already gone away. Thus I recommend to delete "Symbols" folder and try again... especially if there is download.error file somewhere. Also, the real reason of the failure can be found in debug.log if the verbose logging is enabled.
  9. Fine, I was able to reproduce the problem using the remote desktop, so let see if it helps to fix it
  10. It is Firefox bug that it does not accept system settings but always tries to imitate Win10 UWP appearance. You can tweak this behaviour by userChrome.css file, but the result will never be 100% correct. Example can be found here: https://github.com/Aris-t2/CustomCSSforFx
  11. Update to 16299.192 screws up aeroglass

    Yes, these versions should be correct if you have 64-bit versions of both DLLs. The exact reason of symbol failure can be found in debug.log if verbose logging is enabled.
  12. Update to 16299.192 screws up aeroglass

    Do you have correct symsrv.dll and dbghelp.dll?
  13. I would help and fix it but I don't see such issue on any of my computers. Does it happen in some specific situation? Multiple windows, UWP app window in way or something special?
  14. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3 * hardcoded symbols patterns up to build 14393.953 * fixed caption misalignment when glow effect is disabled * added option to draw caption centered (HKCU\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\DWM: CenterCaption (DWORD 0x0 / 0x1)) - if glow effect is enabled and caption is set to be centered, the glow effect will be drawn over whole frame width - do NOT report it as the bug! * changed IAT hooks initialization order * enable SeDebugPrivilege in aerohost process
  15. And? Does it say anywhere that it should happen? That Aero Glass should load something into control panel? You are free to fix it, but I understand that it is much easier to complain about other's work. Sure... really "many bugs" Again, you are free to do it :-P It was dropped to make a room for you to do it. Now, you have a chance to do better Aero Glass than me. This project was never meant to be profitable. But you should start working on your own Aero Glass now, so it is ready when I leave the project. But no, you will not do it, because you rather complain about other's work. If I leave, you will complain and then you move to some another project to complain...
  16. Then, you should not be too lazy and create your own Aero Glass software instead of complaining about so-called bugs which have absolutely no relation to Aero Glass and have never been promised to be the part of my Aero Glass software.
  17. Feature requests

    If you have any requests for features / fixes / etc. that should appear in Aero Glass utility, please write it in this topic. I remember there were some requests in other topics but it is harder to collect anything from them. Please, keep it on topic and use for feature requests only. My current idea is to enhance GUI utility with the feature which helps with atlas editing. If you have any ideas, feel free to write it here.
  18. MS Edge title bar is broken with 1.5.7

    I'm aware of this bug, I'm just not sure if it is easy to fix.
  19. Can't Generate Key

    If you are not the advanced user then you should not use any experimental software.
  20. Title bar rescaling

    Aero Glass does not render titlebar buttons so it cannot influence it in any way. The glyphs are stored in the used theme for several DPIs. If they are rendered incorrectly then you are using either uncommon scaling or invalid theme.
  21. Login on the website and then you can download the UNSTABLE DEBUG version.
  22. Don't afraid. It was just an ironic note, because of users asking the same things over and over again and they still expect some answer although it has been covered milliontimes.
  23. UxTheme service hook - Visual Theme Signature Bypass I just had a little bit of free time, so I extracted some older code from Aero Glass for Win8 into the separate DLL to make it work on Windows 8.1. It has not been tested, but you can play with this as you want, there is no limit. But also no support and probably no future development, because there is nothing more to change on it. Either It works or it does not work How to install? The only possible way to install it is using old injection method via AppInit_DLLs registry key. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows -> set AppInit_DLLs value to specific DLL for your OS (so select either xxx32.dll or xxx64.dll only!) Although, it is not needed to make this work, it is also suitable that, on 64-bit Windows, you do the same "install" procedure on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows (but always with xxx32.dll!). If you don't do this, 32-bit theme-related applications won't be able to access your unsigned themes. Something to know? Yes! There is one very important thing if you use Aero Glass for Win8.1! Due to certain DbgHelp.dll restriction, Aero Glass for Win8.1 won't able to load PDB symbols after you install UxThemeSignatureBypass.dll into your system. There is a simple workaround - just copy symsrv.dll from Aero Glass directory into your system directory (probably C:\Windows\System32). I will try to bring a fix for this in future version of Aero Glass for Win8.1, but I cannot promise that, because its a bit complicated. License? It's freeware. Use as you want, just the copyright must be preserved. Where to download? http://glass8.eu/
  24. Nope, Aero Glass does not interfere with the fluent design. Only applying DWM frame on UWP apps does (regardless the Aero Glass) - which can be disabled anytime.