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  1. Yeah it's not normal behavior. The full window should not be shown if the user is only using the media buttons. That was how it behaved on Windows 7,8, and 10. I actually tested out startisback on Windows 8.1 and this issue was not there. So it's probably something specific to startisback for Windows 10+
  2. So should I just assume no one else is experiencing this behavior? On windows 10 or 11?
  3. Would you be willing to share that style? I'm using a custom version of New Acrylic as well but that one looks better
  4. Whenever I hover my mouse over the media control buttons in the taskbar preview for a video or music player it shows the preview for the whole window on my desktop. The normal behavior is for it not to show the full window preview if you only put your mouse on the media buttons. Does this happen for anyone else? I'm using Startisback 2.9.15 Windows 10 21H2.

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