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  1. I had this problem after donating. Never received the email with my password - checked my inbox, clutter, and spam folders - nothing. The developer (Big Muscle) had to resend the email manually. Unfortunately he has been a ghost since July 31st 2020, so that might be an issue for you Note that current versions of Windows 10 are not supported by AeroGlass too The best I can figure is his automated email system spoofs his personal email address when sending the password email after donation (for consistency with his desired email address), and if your email host is too "clever" and compar
  2. Hi everyone, Just an update for those following the thread: BigMuscle forwarded me my login details manually on January 29th (thanks!) The automated email system did not work in my case and I never received an automated email after donation. As BigMuscle said earlier, make sure you check all your spam/clutter folders to make sure the automated email isn't there. Based on anecodatal evidence, it seems there is some problem with the automated email system - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. My best guess is that the automated email system "spoofs" the sending domain (the emai
  3. Hi BigMuscle, Thanks for your reply. It's now been 6 days and I haven't received anything yet. I checked my inbox, spam, and clutter folders, but I didn't find anything. Also I verified my PayPal email and ZIP code and I cannot log in; it still says account not found. I'm worried the automated system has missed my donation. Could I please kindly ask you to check on my account when you have a moment? I'll send you a private message with my details. Many thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I made a donation on Monday and I never received a response email and I can't log in using my email/zipcode information (it says there is no matching account with that information). Does anyone know how long it generally takes for your account to be created? The "READ FIRST" forum topic gave me the impression it would be very fast, but that information is 3 years old now, so I'm not sure if it's still an automatic process? Or maybe BigMuscle creates them all manually now and he's on vacation. Thanks in advance
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