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  1. CKyHC


    BM, it's need to add UxTSB.dll injection into SystemSettings.exe It's only a question of time, when MS remove classic personalization panel at all. So to apply themes with 3rd party visual styles via modern Personalization Panel, UxTSB.dll must be injected in it too.
  2. For me reg file didn't works... It didn't add needed string. I'm added it manually and now all works! Even without logout/logon! Thanks for that! Finally didn't need to patch exe file every update...
  3. Oh. I'm understood now, thanks! Did you checked - does it works with reg? I can check tomorrow...
  4. What content needs to be copied into a file called firefox.exe.manifest?
  5. CKyHC


    After that bug fixed it's need to do something with autocolorization bug, if it didn't fixed yet...
  6. You must dowload symbols for your build. Search forum for downloading necessary symbols.
  7. CKyHC

    Aero Glass GUI

    * additional changes to match acrylic design (installer provides option which design to use) HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM\ - CustomThemeReflection - file with texture that is stretched over whole desktop and rendered above glass regions (default is Aero Glass Win7 reflection texture) - CustomThemeMaterial - file with texture that is rendered (tiled) above glass regions (default is Acrylic noise texture) - ColorizationGlassReflectionIntensity - opacity of reflection texture (default = 0) - MaterialOpacity - opacity of material texture (default = 4)
  8. Oh, ok. We'll be waiting. Hope you find it soon. Thanks.
  9. How I can limit max value of balance? Or it must be in DWMGlass.dll? Sorry, I'm not understand all of this completely...
  10. Every time when I change ColorizationColorBalance to 100 after changing wallpaper it changes to fffffff3 and active title didn't have same color as borders... I'm tried to set ColorizationColorBalance to 100 in HKLM registry part, but it didn't helps... On 1.5.9 ColorizationColorBalance changes the same way but autocolorization works normal... I have 1 comp with 407 build and 1.5.9 version works normal - title and borders have very similiar color...
  11. @bigmuscle, thanks for update! 1.5.10 works on 17134.441 build. But now I can't tune autocolor's same way as in previuos versions. Maybe it's cause of your fix: * fixed loading ColorizationColorBalance settings from registry Any settings via GUI or manual editing registry gives different colors on windows titles and it's borders. Inactive windows color's looks more normal, but Window title looks more saturatad too. I use theme with atlas. Please help.
  12. CKyHC

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    That's why I prefer UxTSB by BigMuscle insteed of file patching. Even if after Windows update AeroGlass became incompatible with new updated Windows build, DWMGlass.dll injects UxTSB.dll in this case, and visual style loads...
  13. CKyHC

    UxTheme Signature Bypass

    Wich way and what exactly you modify in themes? We means there that visual style file .msstyle not signed by MS didn't loads without way to bypass signature checking... If you modify colors, mouse pointers, sounds, screensaver, but didn't modify .msstyle file - theme modified that way will work without problems...