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  1. Feature requests

    BigMuscle, return 32-bit version please! I'm very need it!
  2. BigMuscle please compile 32-bit version!
  3. In 1709 even always-glass mode didn't give any transparency or blur now. BigMuscle, make 32-bit version of AeroGlass. If it's need an additional donation, just say your prize...
  4. To not have symbols load just rename or delete 'symsrv.dll' located in the AeroGlass folder. If working symsrv.dll is not present in folder with AG then it's not injects DWMGlass.dll into ApplicationFrameHost and in ModernApps title is white. Will try to set permissions for folder symbols...
  5. So, BM released an 1.5.6 version of AeroGlass. Downloads and changes is on the glass8.eu It's sad but there is no 32-bit version... again... My work comp is works on the last 32-version(1.5.3) with last W10 update. Who knows how to order AG to not download symbols? Last 32 version not compatible with last W10 build and I forced to use it with incompatibility error and several restarts of dwm on startup because of AG downloaded symbols.... As BM wrote in debug.log - so called "always-glass mode". This mode have some visual bugs and works slower than normal mode. But I like AG...
  6. @doctorwizz, check your drivers and other software...
  7. I used commands from there: P.S. You need and Windows SDK installed. You just can use instructions from post It's more simple )
  8. Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    BugMuscle made the 32 version of 1.5.5 please.
  9. I downloaded Applicationframe.pdb (B908AAD45A80CE9EA3ECA241A4C30BD31) and put it into AeroGlass\symbols folder. Then reregister DWMGlass.dll through regsvr32.exe and rebooted. BigMuscle I'm still waiting the 32 bit version. Please made it.
  10. Thanks for a fix possibility. I just downloaded ApplicationFrame symbols and ALL Modern Apps became normal.
  11. BigMuscle, this is true? You droped support for 32-bit systems?
  12. I have two comps at home with 64-bit Windows 10, but on my work my comp is Windows 10 x32. Many old perepherials that didn't have 64-bit drivers. So I need 32-version AG for my work comp...
  13. Thanks for the update! But it's still no 32-bit version. Hope you made it later.
  14. @BJFox, you are using only transparency not blur. I think that transparency can be achieved without AeroGlass...