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  1. I made a donation for glass8, I logged in using the password provided in the thank you message and my email. Now it is asking me to generate something with my Machine ID. Problem is, what is my Machine ID?? I looked online and found different things, but none of them helped me find it. In CMD I did: ipconfig /all Got something like this as the physical address with numbers and dashes for example xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-10 (xx's would either be letters or numbers) I pasted that in and clicked 'generate' it gives error about length of characters. What do I do now?? Thank you!
  2. Custom theme support might be broken in RS1. When I installed aero glass in the latest Windows 10 update, I choose not to use any themes.
  3. Aero glass works just fine for the most part for Windows 10 RS 1 build 14393.10. However, when a window is inactive there is a line through the title. How and when will this be fixed?
  4. The new aero glass for Windows 10 TH2 is looking good. Keep up the good work!
  5. I fooled around with the atlas file quite a bit and was able to get the start menu to be border-less. The windows also look pretty good.
  6. Ok. Corrected that previous mistake. The theme works now. Also this is the atlas file for the previous theme I was using with the menu glitch. I prefer to use the aero looking theme, it's more my taste. I hope it can be fixed. http://i.imgur.com/qjqjReY.png
  7. Yes its the theme atlas. I added the image you provided. I gave the image the name win8rp.png and added those lines to the .layout file. After a reboot I'm seeing this. As I have said I am not knowledgeable. I understand that most of these are designed for Windows 8. I'm using Windows 10. .
  8. Then if BM's theme is glitchy it can be improved. I'm the kind of person who wants aero glass now. Installs it and notices a small problem with the theme atlas. I know I can change the theme to something custom made from this forum but I am not an advanced user and I have no interest in doing so. The majority of the users that go to the glass8.eu website use the theme that comes with the software.
  9. Does anyone know how to fix this please? I'm using Windows 10 build 10240 RTM This is default theme. I have no graphical knowledge. This is the theme image http://i.imgur.com/51e5H3P.png
  10. I updated to v1.4.1 and this still happening. This is the default theme, I did nothing to it and have no graphical knowledge on how to fix it.

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