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  1. XP is still good today - except for the internet stuff. In relation to Windows 10 with its user unfriendliness, endless complexity and sly telemetry it is a day to the night comparison.
  2. Just "Copy" and "Paste". If you want to erase the original then "Cut" and "Paste". As simple as that!
  3. I have some time to install and use Windows XP and I don't know when I will do it again.
  4. There are a lot of disk imaging and cloning programs, I personally use Macrium Reflect Free. Even Windows 8 that I use have their own backup system, I suppose Windows 10 does the same too (I don't know for sure because I don't have them).
  5. Well, I really don't know. Maybe I am a lucky guy?
  6. I think it must be the issue. And this must be the solution. However, check if the wireless network is of the "n" type, (it usually is but just in case it isn't).
  7. Enabling TRIM does nothing on an HDD (I have an HDD and a program with TRIM enabled). Even if the program is stupid enough to try to TRIM the HDD I suppose it will just fail. Also, newer SSDs doesn't need TRIM at all, they have their internal procedures for this job.
  8. That's real evidence. Strange anyway since I have the opposite experience. What type of Windows XP you have? I have Windows XP Home Edition. Of course the fact is that when installing Windows XP I create 2 or 3 partitions that cover all the disk space except for the known 8 MBs. I wonder if this makes the difference...
  9. The unallocated area at end of the "Extended" exists because you don't allocate it to a partition? How are you sure that it is really an extended partition? If you mean that the unpartitioned space is inside the second partition because it is listed separately from the 8 MB that Windows XP Setup reserves for the setup process I don't really think so, there is no real evidence for that. I suggest to install Windows once creating the partitions with the Windows XP Setup and then check in the Disk Management Console if the partitions are primary or not. I have installed Windows XP countless times and the partitions were always primary (with one exception which I don't know how it occurred). Of course you use a modified installation source which may make some difference (Rufus etc.) but yet have you checked that the second partition is really an extended one?
  10. The Windows XP installer makes primary partitions as far as I remember. In order to make logical partitions you must first create an extended one to contain them.
  11. On my Windows 8 works without problems, what problems do you have on Windows 7?
  12. That's the sad truth but yet there are the virtual machines.
  13. This is being done automatically when you revert to a restore point.
  14. Does it really offers something more than the direct upgrade? I think it isn't one of Microsoft's directives.
  15. Maybe MTP or PTP are for transferring files? I have the vague impression that MTP is for something like that and PTP is for transferring photos. And I am right! Have a look here: https://www.howtogeek.com/192732/android-usb-connections-explained-mtp-ptp-and-usb-mass-storage/
  16. I have an android phone with Android 7 Nougat and Windows recognizes it as USB storage unit without any problem. I don't know if you refer to Android 8 Oreo of course, I hope they didn't do something so stupid.
  17. Backing up your system is the best strategy, yes. I use AVG Free as antivirus (AVG was bought by Avast so it's almost the same) and I use Macrium Reflect Free to backup my system (except for the Data partition). I make one full backup every month and a differential every week. These backups have saved me from great trouble (e.g. reinstalling from the recovery partition) several times.
  18. Or reinstall Windows XP from scratch if you have the courage (you can attempt a repair install with the Windows XP CD too).
  19. This happens on Windows 8 too and is a maintenance activity.
  20. Have you tried that? In fact it is the same thing, of course if they contain commands not valid for Windows 98 this is another thing.
  21. Virtual Box also have guest additions (they were separate but now they are contained in the installer).

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