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  1. Updates installed before installing windows

    They were probably integrated into Windows by Microsoft (into the Windows installation image you created with the media creation tool).
  2. VirtualBox itself is the hypervisor.
  3. W7 update function disabled, can't get it working

    Temporarily disabling antivirus perhaps?
  4. WHEA hardware error ?

    HWiNFO in its sensors tab on the bottom shows this: Windows Hardware Errors (WHEA) Total errors 0 0 0 In my case it shows 0 total errors. it seems that Windows can somehow detect hardware errors and that you had a hardware malfunction, thankfully temporary (for the moment). Cross your fingers with the hope that you don't have a failing hardware component, or use some hardware testing software (your computer may have one installed by its vendor) to check what is going on.
  5. When you remove the program search for "Office" in order to find any leftovers on the HDD and in the registry, you should find most of them this way. In this particular case look also for "Outlook" just to be sure (I think it is the only Office component that has its own separate folders and registry keys). You can also have a look in Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared (and in Program Files(x86)\Common Files\Microsoft Shared). As for third party software Revo Uninstaller is the big name as far as I can say but I don't know if it must be installed before the program that you want to uninstall.
  6. WindowsPatchLoader

    This program is interesting! It finds the Windows Server 2012 updates for Windows 8 and downloads them too. Can someone make it installing them automatically too (I mean by clicking on an "Install" button)?
  7. WindowsPatchLoader

    Maybe you use that version? .NetFramework 3.5 contains the 2.0 and 3.0 ones, if you removed it you probably removed them also.
  8. The only way I can think of is disabling the corresponding USB controller (which will disable some or all of your USB ports and maybe other devices). Anyway, have you considered repairing/changing the faulty USB port?
  9. Maybe there is a problem with a USB or other Plug and Play connected device?
  10. Latest version of Internet Explorer 8 for Windows 7??? (SP1)

    Check the if the version of IE8 itself is updated.
  11. Windows 10 TTK Tweak Toolkit

    As smart as you maybe you still can find a good antivirus solution useful, you can't always know... That's the real shame and a big one.
  12. EventLogChannelsView - which channels to disable?

    You obviously refer to the 64 MB NTFS log file which is a part of the NTFS structure, you should let it alone.
  13. Windows 10 update question

    You will get the update automatically sooner or later (about the other question I suppose there must be a resume function but I'm not sure).
  14. autounattend.xml that asks for ProductKey

    If you try it on a computer that Windows 10 have been already installed before note that since Windows 8 the Product Key is hardcoded in the BIOS.
  15. Windows 10 Activity History

    Voted mostly for the good link (don't believe that you can clear anything on Windows 10, you may clean it from your system but, thanks to "telemetry", it will still exist on Microsoft's servers).