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  1. HarryTri

    Windows Driver development for XP : need help

    Read carefully before you write!
  2. HarryTri

    A world of problems.

    Are you sure that you connected the drive correctly to the motherboard (have a look at the motherboard's user guide about where the pins of the disk must be for primary/secondary master/slave configuration). Is this the processor of the laptop? If yes then it's strange. Doesn't it have an Intel or AMD identifier?
  3. It is from Masoch (a czech masochist) and it is the reverse of sadism: the person enjoys being tortured and feeling pain. It usually has a sexual meaning but it can be something more generic.
  4. HarryTri

    Windows no longer boots, secondary HDD is unaccessible

    Have a look at Backup>Compression in the Macrium Reflect's options, the option for making a forensic image is there.
  5. HarryTri

    Is it worth updating to WMP11?

    WMP 10 is like WMP 9 but better. WMP 11 is like WMP 12 (fewer details, more graphics). I have used both on Windows XP with no problems, it is basically a matter of preference. As for codecs the Shark007 ones are also good (I use them on Windows 8 but they can be used on Windows XP too as far as I remember).
  6. HarryTri

    Windows no longer boots, secondary HDD is unaccessible

    Macrium Reflect Free can create a forensic image of a disk (I know because I use it).
  7. HarryTri

    Manual Updates on Windows RT 8.1

    Good joke.
  8. Surely, that's even better.
  9. What about compatibility telemetry (the files are present on Windows 8 with the until the EOL updates)? Yet there isn't really a reason to worry, Microsoft has forgotten Windows 8 altogether... (this has its good side though). As for Windows Server 2012, I don't know if they are interested in server only telemetry at all.
  10. I have these files on my (almost) only with its own updates Windows 8, they must be compatibility telemetry elements. Having my network being monitored with NetBalancer: CompatTelRunner.exe has some communication with the internet, mostly after searching for Windows updates (of course there is only the MRT stuff now), invagent.dll rarely communicates with the internet (and with very low bandwidth) and generaltel.dll, well..., I discovered its existence today.
  11. HarryTri

    Mirror Windows Installations "Auto"

    If the devices aren't identical then there will be differences due to the different drivers etc. This may make difference in the way that an application works on the two devices.
  12. HarryTri

    Windows Search 4.0

    I too never liked Windows Search 4.0. I always used the built-in Windows XP search machine which gives you the option to search not only by file name but also by date of creation/modification/last access, not to mention the option to search for text inside files (which I suppose can't be done with an $MFT search program). I too really liked Rover and the other "search agents", the GUI of Windows XP is surely the best that was made by Microsoft for any Windows version, even without "Aero".
  13. Isn't there a "Junk" folder where this filter sends the emails considered as junk? If so, the simplest think to do is to have a look at it from time to time.
  14. HarryTri

    Where download Windows 98 updates?

    I'm afraid you are seeking things that no more exist...
  15. HarryTri

    Task Scheduler: Cannot Remove "Scheduled Start" Task

    Let it be Jody. It isn't much of an issue and peace of mind is more important.