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  1. You can also try installing with an unmodded ISO to check if the same thing happens.
  2. Firstly you must check which is the maximum RAM that your processor supports (usually 32 or 64 GB). You can use HWiNFO for this (look at Central Processors>your processor>Memory Ranges>Maximum Physical Address Size.
  3. In the task scheduler go to \Microsoft\Windows\Setup and deactivate everything there.
  4. Opera still works on Windows 8 (the latest version). Isn't Opera chrome-based too?
  5. The only sure way is to not use them at all. There are ways to fight telemetry (e.g. O&O shutup Windows 10 - a helpful program) but you can never be sure that your system isn't "leaking".
  6. Why not? on Windows 8 you can do it with disc manager or Diskpart (I don't take an oath for the OP OS, but he should have a look at it).
  7. Maybe it has to do with the Android version, the newer the version the harder to have something working on it.
  8. Don't forget that there is always the option of using a virtual machine for Windows 8 or any other legacy OS.
  9. Avira is a relatively small in size and light in performance impact antivirus software. The free version doesn't have web protection but there are some browser add-ons (I use Avira Browser Safety with Firefox).
  10. With Macrium Reflect it isn't necessary.
  11. Yes, I mean how you halved the cores and threads?
  12. How did you do it? And... does it worth it?
  13. Just delete the empty partition and then expand the other one with diskpart.

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