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  1. 1 billion people spied by Microsoft...
  2. "Whistler" is the Windows XP codename (just for clarification in case someone doesn't know).
  3. First of all have a look at the sound settings, they may need some adjustment.
  4. Well, now that I checked it both of the commands are present on Windows 8, I thought that icacls had replaced cacls but obviously I was wrong. Sorry.
  5. I can't tell you but from my experience it is better to avoid the /r switch unless you have a good reason to use it. It can mark good sectors as bad and destroy files. That's from when I was using it on Windows XP (never used it on Windows 8 until now).
  6. You can view and change them in File Properties>Security (at least on Windows 8), it is just easier. Also cacls was on Windows XP (were there was no security tab in the file properties on Home Edition, only in Safe Mode), on later Windows it is icacls, isn't it? @Tripredacus Are you on Windows XP?
  7. If you have the English version you can't change the display language to Hebrew, you just need a Hebrew version for it.
  8. A good antivirus software (there are some free) is also recommended (always).
  9. Why do you want to use vhdx drives and you don't just use the storage space pool itself (divided to two mirror storage space pools if you want - although storage space pools don't work in this way, they have redundancy themselves and there is no need for mirrors, I don't know if I understand what you want to do correctly).
  10. A lot of computers (including my laptop) have a CPU with built-in graphics and a separate GPU without any problems. You just can't use both of them together (you must choose which one you want to use and switch to the other if you want).
  11. Install one and perform a virus scan. There are free antivirus programs that you can use (I now use Bitdefender Free).
  12. If the version of win32k.sys on your computer is newer than the one of the update's then I think there is no point in trying to install the update. As for Chrome Browser, maybe you use a version not compatible with Windows XP? If it worked until now then something changed in your system or the browser was upgraded (maybe automatically).
  13. I upgraded two times to Windows 8.1, didn't like them and reverted to Windows 8, others may disagree but I think the mentioned reason is good enough to go with Windows 8.
  14. Maybe an ADSL (or any other type of connection you use) problem? You must check it first.
  15. You must have at least Update 1 installed (it fixes a lot of plain Windows 8.1 bugs).
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