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  1. Great job!!! If it's integrated directly in prox browser builds would be fine. I don't know if it's bug but in the old way (replacing basilisk folder with the new ones) i didn't lose anything (bookmarks and add-on) whilst with installer i lose functionality of some add-ons. For few of them disable and enable it do the trick and they come back to work but for others (like uBO the trick doesn't work and i have to remove and reinstall it.
  2. Vistaboy

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Your repository is the best XP resource out there
  3. Vistaboy

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    After a more intense use i've found its only Achilles heel: volume up is limited , whilst VLC offer (with + key or mouse wheel) a higher volume, about twice.
  4. And you are really lucky. I can't install any .NET framework updates since last month: NDP35SP1-KB4470633-x86 + NDP40-KB4470490-x86 (December) + NDP20SP2-KB4480087-x86 + NDP40-KB4480077-x86 (January) I try to install them offline but get the message of updates are incompatible with NET version system or that my NET 4.0 was not installed that is untrue cause i clearly see it in my programs panel. I simply gave up and hidden the recursive WU alert on updates installation pending, cause in April, i will do the (probably) last POSREADY installation
  5. Vistaboy

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Thanks to FranceBB for letting me know potplayer. On my old XP-PC it runs much better than VLC and i can see video smoothly, that prieviously on VLC get always stuttering. I would like to ask if Potplayer can really take further advantages of K-Lite pack: after installed it, i can't see any improvement.
  6. Thanks Roytam1 for impressive work (at higher frequency update than FF/Chrome development) Can someone confirm the importing of extensions+favorites we have to copy inside the new release this previous 2 folders: basilisk(old)\ 1) defaults\pref 2) browser\extensions ?
  7. Vistaboy

    Latest Version of Software Running on XP

    Sumatra is very good reader, smooth and fast for XP machine but for editing PDF X-Change Editor does the job really great with all tools needed and less resource consuming than Adobe XI
  8. I can't see OSVersion in my regedit panel. Is this change really worth? I've never seen this before
  9. I installed the Heinoganda mod KB4134651-v2. At the first reboot everything looks good. No wi-fi icon tray issue and also chrome downloads/properties-go-to-file work, but after a second reboot everything returned break. At this point can be uninstalling KB4074852, KB4134651 and KB4134651-v2 the only option for the cited issus?
  10. Vistaboy

    Windows Search 4.0

    What do you think about this component for XP avaible on MSU? It would like to replace the smart-search toolbar of Windows Vista/7 but it's very degraded, cause if you don't indicize everything (at the cost of overload of the system background activity) you can't do a search in folder not indicized. And if you disabled it, you can't do a classic search. Did you uninstalled it?
  11. Vistaboy

    Server 2008 Updates on Windows Vista

    Great thanks for all the efforts in this topic to take Vista updated with S2008. But, if installed now Vista Sp2, what's the fastest way to get it updated? EOL was April 2017, it's more than year and get it updated manually one-by-one it's very difficult. WSUS seems to be the only single option now to get a one package full update, am i wrong? Do you know what's the WSUS right version to use on Vista OS (i've seen some mentions for 9.2.2 or 10.9.2, but they get different list of update for Server2008)
  12. Does anyone find out a workaround to this 2 big related issue? The KB4134651-v2 didn't resolve that problem that is relevant also to Chrome download list, not only FF
  13. Vistaboy

    uBlock Origin, Chromium 54 and Firefox 52.9 ESR

    I always used Ublock Origin on chrome 49.0.2623.112 but since today i cannot install it anymore from the extension site: the button is overshadowed "not compatible". Thanks to Heinoganda link i realized that if anyone want to use this app nowadays on chrome 49 (for XP-Vista) only 1.16.20 Aug 27, 2018 release can be manually installed.
  14. AFAIK W7, as Vista, doesn't support a registry hack like POSReady2009 for XP, In the worst case of hanging updates for XP-PosReady tricked, you have install one update (IE8) at most and you get back yellow shield for automated download/installaion of everything rest. For Vista that was (and it will be for W7) more problematic cause it's really awkward going on MS catalogue every month and downloading-installing one-by-one every single update. Maybe, the cumulative update policy for W7 can mitigate this issue (about number of hotfix), but i'm not aware of this.
  15. Everything it's ok. Only 6 other Patch Tuesday and the game is over