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  1. Spectre and Meltdown are dangerous vulnerabilities and the issue is them to be mitigated before they are really exploited.
  2. Yes but the cloud gives access to your personals and sensitives to those that host them...
  3. Try to make a new user account and check if it works correctly.
  4. You obviously refer to the 64 MB NTFS log file which is a part of the NTFS structure, you should let it alone.
  5. You will get the update automatically sooner or later (about the other question I suppose there must be a resume function but I'm not sure).
  6. If you try it on a computer that Windows 10 have been already installed before note that since Windows 8 the Product Key is hardcoded in the BIOS.
  7. Voted mostly for the good link (don't believe that you can clear anything on Windows 10, you may clean it from your system but, thanks to "telemetry", it will still exist on Microsoft's servers).
  8. The shortcuts doesn't normally disappear when you unmount a volume, except if it is a bug of Windows 7 which I don't have. That's all I can say.
  9. You didn't understand I'm afraid. BitDefender is an antivirus program that is installed on Windows by the user, you or someone else must have installed it and its installation must have been corrupted, you should uninstall it and reinstall it again from the beginning if you want it.
  10. Well, I once tried to install Windows XP on Windows 98SE in the same partition and it was catastrophic, of course I have probably done some mistakes because Widows XP looked for their files in the Windows 98SE systemroot (Windows) folder...
  11. BitDefender is a well known antivirus program which has nothing to do with Windows Defender which is implemented in Windows. You must have a corrupt installation of BitDefender in your system.
  12. Oh, I didn't realize that the OP wanted to install both OSes on the same partition (which Microsoft always said that it isn't supported).
  13. As jaclaz says you must install the older OS first when you install multiple Windows versions for multiboot, so much I know.
  14. maybe %temp%\system\upd.exe switches (e.g. %temp%\system\upd.exe /s=1 /o=2 /u=u or whatever syntax the WinRAR commands require)? You save it as a .bat or .cmd file and add its path to HKLM/Software/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run registry key.
  15. Perhaps their manufacturers didn't have old CPUs in mind.
  16. Yes but the VM's kernel memory must be protected too (that's why VMware, VirtualBox etc. are releasing patches or patched versions - and you must patch the guest OS too of course).
  17. I'm on Windows 8, thanks for pointing to the utility anyways!
  18. HarryTri


    The surest way to do it (perhaps the only sure one) is to not install the related updates.
  19. TeamViewer is the classic one (I haven't personally used it or any other program of this kind but I have seen others using it).
  20. It doesn't seem probable that the stick's size make the difference, are you sure that the drivers installing mechanism is the same between the two sticks?
  21. The first think to check is your mouse, can you check what happens with another one?
  22. For XP SP3 even 20 GBs are more than enough.
  23. I don't say that I trust Google but at least they don't spy at you in front of your eyes.
  24. For Windows 8 I just use 60 GB for the OS partition and the basic programs and it still has plenty of free space. I have the rest of my stuff on other partitions. I think this is the best practice, especially when it comes to imaging the OS partition for backup purposes.
  25. For color management there is a very helpful utility (for me at least), QuickGama. You can find it here: https://quickgamma.de

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