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  1. I can confirm that USB-2 PCI-e cards do work in windows 98 SE https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-2-0-to-PCI-e-x1-expansion-Card-4-External-USB2-0-PCI-express-Adapter-Moschip/223262224944?hash=item33fb773230:g:ilEAAOSwaBZZmNXa
  2. I wasn't sure if this was already in the archive, so I'll upload it just in case Rudy sent this to me on July 27th - It's an updated version of his AHCI driver to fix BSODs on AMD Ryzen B350/B450 chipsets unzip with 7zip AHCI.PAK
  3. is there any possibility for a source code release?
  4. try here - https://support.hp.com/au-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-laserjet-2400-printer-series/416419
  5. Glad to see you got it working, It won't cause any damage, the only thing I can think of is that there might be some obscure piece of hardware that might not work without that embedded controller, I don't know of any such hardware though.
  6. I think it's best to start XP setup again from scratch I would suggest using Easy2Boot http://www.easy2boot.com/download/ I assume you have a spare USB drive to use put my XP ISO with ACPI patched in _ISO\WINDOWS\XP
  7. I'm thinking you might not be integrating into your XP install ISO correctly are you replacing acpi.sy_ in the \I386 folder, rebuilding ISO with nlite, then starting setup?
  8. did you get the same A5 BSOD with that acpi.sys?
  9. OK, Try this acpi.sys report any BSODs acpi.sy_
  10. hmm, ACPI failed to load DDB. can you try this acpi.sys? (already cab compressed) put this in your XP ISO and rebuild with nlite if you get a BSOD, post a screenshot ACPI.SY_
  11. Can you send a screenshot of your A5 BSOD? It will give hints as to what the error is Have you tried my ISO? It has a patched ACPI driver that should have fixed these errors (unless i've missed something)
  12. Does anyone know of an Alternative Device Manager for Win98? Preferably one that shows HWIDs? So I can know exactly which device I'm installing
  13. We have a storahci driver for XP https://www.win-raid.com/t4035f45-Windows-XP-SP-bit-and-modern-PC-parts-60.html#msg81198 We also have ACPI working on AMD Ryzen
  14. I think newer AMD AHCI storage controllers are dependent on ACPI to manage resources - without ACPI the Advanced Programmable Interrupt Controller doesn't work, so AHCI controller never receives IRQ
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