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  1. @Dietmar If you're still active on this forum - do you remember if there was a way to safely switch from "ACPI Uniprocessor PC" to "ACPI multiproccessor PC" ?
  2. @Dave-H It's odd that you got a 7B BSOD with option 1 - that's usually the driver that works. It works for my Threadripper 3960x machine, so it's odd that it does not work for you. Fortunately the integrator has alternative options for this reason. This time try options H, 3,4,5
  3. @Dave-H Use the optional patch integrator on the integral edition (vanilla) ISO - that's what its for. option 4 will solve the A5 BSOD You'll also want options 1,3 and 5 So options 1,3,4,5 edit: integral edition found here https://www.zone94.com/downloads/software/operating-systems/123-windows-xp-professional-sp3-x86-integral-edition
  4. @Dave-H In your registry, do a search for CC_0106 does it find anything?
  5. @Dave-H First Check in device manager under "Computer" - If it says something other than "ACPI Multiprocessor PC" then ACPI isn't properly enabled.
  6. @Dave-H Yes it will work - did you copy ntoskrn8.sys across to system32\drivers too? that is needed for it to work. ntoskrn8.sys is in \Integrator Files\Patches\Miscellaneous
  7. @Dave-H It seems you're going to have to do the AHCI driver installation the slow way without the INF file. So you'll need to copy the modded storahci.sys and ntoskrn8.sys drivers into system32\drivers and then add in the registry keys one at a time by hand.
  8. @Dave-H Included with the Integral edition Optional Patch Integrator is a backported version of the Windows 8.0 storahci driver for XP. To install it - go to \Integrator Files\Patches\Miscellaneous\ and copy ntoskrn8.sys into \system32\drivers\ of your XP install - this is needed for the backported driver to work. then go to \Integrator Files\Patches\MovAX-Gen2 SATA driver v2.0\ and install that backported storahci driver located in there.
  9. @Dave-H I'm very interested in helping you solve this. So you want to get ACPI enabled on your system but without doing a fresh install is that right? TBH the easiest solution is to do a fresh install with XP integral edition using the Optional patch integrator which can be found here - https://www.zone94.com/downloads/software/operating-systems/123-windows-xp-professional-sp3-x86-integral-edition Applying the patches to an existing install is the more difficult route. Is preserving the existing installation a must? a new install is much easier thats why all the existing guides prefer it.
  10. Has anyone taken a look at the uploaded source code? also, the source code for the AHCILDR.COM program and AHCI.PDR driver is still missing
  11. I'd just use my B350 K4 motherboard and 2700x CPU instead.
  12. I can confirm that USB-2 PCI-e cards do work in windows 98 SE https://www.ebay.com/itm/USB-2-0-to-PCI-e-x1-expansion-Card-4-External-USB2-0-PCI-express-Adapter-Moschip/223262224944?hash=item33fb773230:g:ilEAAOSwaBZZmNXa
  13. I wasn't sure if this was already in the archive, so I'll upload it just in case Rudy sent this to me on July 27th - It's an updated version of his AHCI driver to fix BSODs on AMD Ryzen B350/B450 chipsets unzip with 7zip AHCI.PAK
  14. try here - https://support.hp.com/au-en/drivers/selfservice/hp-laserjet-2400-printer-series/416419

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