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  1. @Dietmar Does this mean we now have a way to enable CSM on UEFI class 3 systems?
  2. @UCyborg It's about fixing XP's acpi.sys driver to work with newer hardware.
  3. @Dietmar The one I linked does, maybe try that?
  4. @Dietmar Does IDE work at least?
  5. @Dietmar I'm not sure how to tell if it has a boot ROM or not.
  6. @Dietmar These VIA chipset PCI cards have drivers going back to win3.1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/195952338235
  7. Dietmar knows how to switch properly from Standard PC to ACPI. @Dietmar can you show him how you did this?
  8. @Cixert It's not that simple to switch over to ACPI with an existing XP install. @Dietmar knows how to do it properly and can help.
  9. @Cixert You may as well try it and see if it works for you. What ACPI BSOD are you getting btw? have you got a screenshot.
  10. @Cixert Have you tried the updated community made 7777 acpi.sys?
  11. @Cixert Has the boot order changed in the BIOS since the update?
  12. @Cixert Is your boot drive visible to the BIOS after you update?
  13. @Dietmar I recall you saying you had encountered this black screen issue before? did you manage to fix it?
  14. @gordo999 You can make a new thread for it if you want. I'm not sure what's going on with your XP, maybe @Dietmar knows something that might help.
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