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  1. I would like to echo the request, I understand trying to keep the glass title-bar on modern-apps is not really feasible anymore so I would like an option to completely ignore Modern Apps with Aero Glass if possible as the mix it is at the moment doesn't look good.
  2. There is also a way to make Firefox ignore any Windows 10 theme specifications, although I'm not sure if this would help in this particular case. To try this do the following: First grab these two programs and install them. Resource Hacker: http://www.angusj.com/resourcehacker/ Notepad++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/download/v7.5.3.html Now open firefox.exe in Resource Hacker and navigate to 24 --> 1 --> 1033 and you should see a bunch of text on the right side of Resource Hacker. Scroll all the way to the bottom till you see four lines starting with: <supportedOS Id= delete the first line so only three supportedOS Id= lines remain and then press on Compile Script. Then just save the file under a new name anywhere. After that open the new .exe file you saved with Notepad++, don't change anything but just go to "Save as..." and save it with yet another filename, then just rename that file to firefox.exe and replace your actual firefox.exe with it. Start Firefox and enjoy The last step with re-saving the file with Notepad++ may seem weird and unnecessary but for some reason saving the file like that forces the compiled manifest to be updated so Firefox "forgets" what Windows 10 is.
  3. Working great here after I finally got that Creators Update finally installed, Glass8 was all I was waiting for