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  1. SkyySX

    Feature request for aero glass

    Alright thank you!
  2. SkyySX

    DWM crashes when a message comes from Steam

    I see, where should I upload them to? I noticed the same DWM crashes happening when I ALT+TAB with PS4 Remote Play active. I'll use the beta version temporarily on the weekend as I do not want to run it permanently because of the watermark and debug-window. Updating the drivers didn't help.
  3. SkyySX

    Feature request for aero glass

    So what would you do to disable it, setting MaterialOpacity to 0?
  4. Thank you very much for all this, one thing less to worry about when updating Firefox
  5. Thanks, I will next update! So I just change the Registry Key and then copy the entire content to a file called firefox.exe.manifest right?
  6. Yeah same here! Is there any way to make firefox.exe use an external .exe.manifest file or do we really have to edit the .exe each update?
  7. SkyySX

    DWM crashes when a message comes from Steam

    Good to know I'm not alone. @bigmuscle can we do anything to help fix this? I noticed it happens with Photoshop too in the Aero-preview, DWM.exe crashes for a moment.
  8. SkyySX

    DWM crashes when a message comes from Steam

    I just wanted to chime in that I have the same problem albeit slightly differently. Whenever a Steam message comes in and I hover over the Steam icon in my Taskbar, whenever the aero-preview comes up my GPU driver crashes and restores immediately, Glass8 stays functioning however. I'm running Glass8 1.5.10 on 1809 with a GTX 1070 and 417.35 drivers.
  9. That's a very fair point to make given Microsoft's track-record, I guess we just have to wait and see. On another note I found a breathtaking Windows 11 fan-concept, now that's what MS should strife for:
  10. One question @bigmuscle, I'm looking to install Hyper-V for the first time now on Windows 10 1809, will it affect Glass8 in any way if I already run version 1.5.10?
  11. We might have luck in the future though: https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/174547/windows-10s-login-screen-gets-a-touch-of-fluent-design If the login gets affected hopefully the shutdown too.
  12. SkyySX

    Aero Glass GUI

    Whoops thank you, I must have overlooked these when looking at the FAQ. I will play around with these though I think I'll leave them at default as I still use a .msstyles theme made for 1803 which works like a charm.
  13. Oh nice, thanks I'll try it later! I use a custom .msstyles theme so I have the native Windows 10 setting enabled but still prefer the glass-titlebar for a more consistent look as the borders of modern apps still get affected. I'm with you through for the average user it's better to not have it injected when running in Windows 10 mode.
  14. SkyySX

    Aero Glass GUI

    What are the new commands?