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  1. Thanks for the context-menu fixes
  2. Yeah it was added in Windows 10 20hX after an update and definitely had touch in mind but I never use my PC with a touch-screen and it's all personal preference. That's why we use StartAllBack in the first place don't we? To have more options to chose from how we want Windows to look and work
  3. And it's needlessly huge on my 1080p monitor with 100% scaling. I never said to make it default, merely add an option.
  4. Congratz on the release! I upgraded my license right away and so far it works great Could StartAllBack eventually make the Address-bar and Search-bar more slim again like they were in the 19x builds of Windows 10?
  5. I love the Win7 style explorer with Mica enabled, thank you for making this possible!
  6. After a few days with SiB on Win11 I love it for the Explorer tweaks alone. Is there any chance the Mica effect could be added to the Explorer sidebar too?
  7. Thank you very much for the release, I'm super stoked for this development! One feature-request I have: Can we please have an option to keep the Start Button aligned center? And an option to completely hide the tray-area when in Segmented Mode would be cool too so we can have a dock-like experience.
  8. Can Start11 move the Start icon to the left but keep the other icons entered?
  9. Well yeah it's a matter of what you ultimately want. Although I was under the impression that Curtains can only cause transparency, not blur.
  10. I would argue WindowBlinds is closer than Curtains.
  11. I see, I'll have to play around with it again, thanks.
  12. Oh I'm aware of Stardock Curtains but is it able now to actually blur the titlebar? I thought it was unable to do that.
  13. Thank you very much for the great effort! I sadly cannot help as I'm no coder but I can give you my appreciation atleast and hope this project takes off! Also I'm from Germany and never had any issues with MSFN, maybe it's a temporary routing issue?

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