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  1. Thank you very much for the great effort! I sadly cannot help as I'm no coder but I can give you my appreciation atleast and hope this project takes off! Also I'm from Germany and never had any issues with MSFN, maybe it's a temporary routing issue?
  2. Hey no problem, glad I could help!
  3. You have to enter the key at the login-portal of the Glass8 website, it will then give you a download-link to a license file. Place this license file in your Glass8 folder and reboot your PC.
  4. This is what I wonder aswell. And I guess there's no trick to atleast make it appear as if it had rounded corners?
  5. I noticed this now yeah you're right. However I found that Curtains and custom-themes do work for the title-bar though, that might be enough for me, I have to look and see what I can come up with.
  6. Does Curtains play along with custom .msstyles themes?
  7. I'm curious what exactly were your issues with WindowBlinds and Curtains?
  8. To make matters simple, there is 1909 v1 and a later update bumped it up to 1909 v2 so to speak, AeroGlass is unsupported on 1909 v2 or higher. You can do some trickery by replacing Windows files but this will stop working on 2004 entirely.
  9. Interesting, I might have to check it out sometimes.
  10. Does it allow transparency at all? It's what I did and it honestly isn't that bad thanks to themes by Niivu on Deviantart.
  11. Yeah I know, I might have mixed some things up with the naming. I think I was thinking of Avalon which was a code-name for DWM in the Longhorn to Vista transition if I remember correctly? Anyway the point I was trying to make to the other poster was just that the technical capabilities of creating the "Aero Glass" effect are still there in Windows 10's DWM it's just that Microsoft changed the theme around more or less But you are correct
  12. That I do agree with but sadly we aren't the design-department at Microsoft
  13. Windows 10 still runs Aero, just not AeroGlass, Microsoft stated they removed the glass because they thought it looks tacky and unfit for modern times. It's not about technology or hardware power.
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