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  1. That's a very fair point to make given Microsoft's track-record, I guess we just have to wait and see. On another note I found a breathtaking Windows 11 fan-concept, now that's what MS should strife for:
  2. One question @bigmuscle, I'm looking to install Hyper-V for the first time now on Windows 10 1809, will it affect Glass8 in any way if I already run version 1.5.10?
  3. We might have luck in the future though: https://www.thurrott.com/windows/windows-10/174547/windows-10s-login-screen-gets-a-touch-of-fluent-design If the login gets affected hopefully the shutdown too.
  4. SkyySX

    Aero Glass GUI

    Whoops thank you, I must have overlooked these when looking at the FAQ. I will play around with these though I think I'll leave them at default as I still use a .msstyles theme made for 1803 which works like a charm.
  5. Oh nice, thanks I'll try it later! I use a custom .msstyles theme so I have the native Windows 10 setting enabled but still prefer the glass-titlebar for a more consistent look as the borders of modern apps still get affected. I'm with you through for the average user it's better to not have it injected when running in Windows 10 mode.
  6. SkyySX

    Aero Glass GUI

    What are the new commands?
  7. I can confirm the new version works great, thanks again! One question though, is it still possible to have Modern Apps with a glass title-bar?
  8. Thank you, now I can update to 1809 in peace
  9. SkyySX

    Aero Glass for Win8.1+ 1.5.3

    You have to wait for the stable build but yeah Aero Glass is great like that
  10. SkyySX


    I made similar observations in my test-VM, this version is great!
  11. SkyySX


    Wow that was quick, thanks bigmuscle! I'll patiently wait for the final version to not have the watermark before I update my PC to 1809.
  12. SkyySX

    Registration of aero glass 8.1

  13. SkyySX

    Aeroglass stopped working for me

    Ah okay I wondered because one user here claimed it did. I'll wait then, AeroGlass always comes first for me.
  14. SkyySX

    Aeroglass stopped working for me

    Are any of these the 1809 Symbols? I want to try 1809 in a VM first before I update as Aero Glass is seemingly working well with it out of the box.
  15. SkyySX

    Border Bug

    Interesting I never noticed this till you pointed it out but I have this too, I'm using cakeOS aswell. I have no definite answer but Glass8 stores its colorization settings inside this registry key: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\DWM And there are different values for the top and side-borders, ColorizationColor controls the top, left and right borders and AccentColor controls the top border. Maybe by comparing the offset between these two you can find out what you have to do differently with the actual glass graphics to counter that effect. All possible settings are also explained here: http://www.glass8.eu/guide