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  1. Wait was Glass8 abandoned/canceled? o.o
  2. Thanks! I don't need it yet but I want to be prepared for when these changes hit stable, just incase my manifest workaround stops working one day
  3. Nice, now I wonder how your server looks And I see, is that the font you use in your Sidebar too? I think I found it: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/typography/font-list/meiryo-ui
  4. This looks nice, I love your sidebar and nice Reimu wallpaper! To make it look nicer you could use Stardock Fences to clean-up your desktop icons, FalconX to center your Taskbar icons: https://chrisandriessen.nl/web/FalconX.html and Advanced System Font Changer to try a different font if you like: https://www.wintools.info/index.php/advanced-system-font-changer
  5. To curb the error-message that you have to cancel or what are you referring to? We already know the current build of Glass8 works fine on 1909, there's just this error message you have to click away because the build isn't whitelisted.
  6. Hmm okay, well barring any unforeseen bugs it doesn't seem like BM will have lots to do this time around which is nice! Hopefully DWM and Explorer stop changing radically from this point on.
  7. I'm wondering about one thing, once the final consumer update for Windows 10 1909 will roll out, will AeroGlass still have this error at launch that you click away? I understand this currently happens because 1909 is not written into the "is supported" build-list. Although since Microsoft changed the Windows Update process this time around, if you get the update through Windows Update your Windows will still identify itself as 1903 just with a newer sub-build, in this case 1903 Build 18363. You'll only get the 1909 identifier if you come from an Insider Ring or installed clean from a 1909 ISO. So with this change, will Aero Glass see Windows 10 1903 Build 18363 as "safe"?
  8. Okay I get it now and tested it in a VM. Yeah AeroGlass seems to work perfectly on 1909 with the Symbols downloaded but the small nag where I have to press "Cancel" at each boot is enough to annoy me to not install 1909 yet on my main machine at home I'll wait till we get a new build of AeroGlass, seems like all BigMuscle has to do is to add 1909 to the supported list anyway
  9. So wait are there problems on 1909 for some users now or not? Whenever a smaller Windows update came through my symbols always auto-updated and I never got an error message.
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