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  1. Yeah who knows if that part is fixed, they really should get around to this. In the meantime however Stardock Fences and DisplayFusion are two apps that help with these problems. For Display Fusion the free version should be enough but Fences is paid only.
  2. Here you go: Apparently if you mix a 144hz and a 60hz monitor now the refresh-rate will now be unsynced on the 60hz display and rather stay synced to the higher refresh-rate one. That means the image on the 60hz one might potentially be choppy but for people with high-refreshrate VRR monitors like me that's hugely preferable. I rather have a video on my slow monitor be choppy than the game I'm playing on my fast monitor
  3. I'm waiting patiently for a Glass8 version for 2004 although with this Windows version it's harder to wait because it has some G-Sync and multi-monitor fixes I really want
  4. Same here I paid in 2018 too. But honestly there's no reason to frame it as "force users to give him money". He creates AeroGlass in his free-time and maintains it despite Microsoft constantly changing things around, he offers it for free too and the watermark seriously isn't that bad. It's not like it's a giant blinking ad in your face
  5. That must have been a convenient bug then, as far as I know it's been there since the first public release.
  6. This is normal for the free version. You have to get the paid version to remove it.
  7. Wait was Glass8 abandoned/canceled? o.o
  8. Thanks! I don't need it yet but I want to be prepared for when these changes hit stable, just incase my manifest workaround stops working one day
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