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  1. Hmm okay, well barring any unforeseen bugs it doesn't seem like BM will have lots to do this time around which is nice! Hopefully DWM and Explorer stop changing radically from this point on.
  2. I'm wondering about one thing, once the final consumer update for Windows 10 1909 will roll out, will AeroGlass still have this error at launch that you click away? I understand this currently happens because 1909 is not written into the "is supported" build-list. Although since Microsoft changed the Windows Update process this time around, if you get the update through Windows Update your Windows will still identify itself as 1903 just with a newer sub-build, in this case 1903 Build 18363. You'll only get the 1909 identifier if you come from an Insider Ring or installed clean from a 1909 ISO. So with this change, will Aero Glass see Windows 10 1903 Build 18363 as "safe"?
  3. Okay I get it now and tested it in a VM. Yeah AeroGlass seems to work perfectly on 1909 with the Symbols downloaded but the small nag where I have to press "Cancel" at each boot is enough to annoy me to not install 1909 yet on my main machine at home I'll wait till we get a new build of AeroGlass, seems like all BigMuscle has to do is to add 1909 to the supported list anyway
  4. So wait are there problems on 1909 for some users now or not? Whenever a smaller Windows update came through my symbols always auto-updated and I never got an error message.
  5. Well now I'm a bit anxious since it was reported that it should work after the 1909 update with the correct symbols right
  6. I see, would I also have to do that if symbols always downloaded automatically in the past?
  7. Nice! Did the symbols update automatically with a License Key? Any issues or annoyances like having to click "Retry" each boot?
  8. Since 1909 is now out and more of a Service Pack type of patch, will we still need a new Aero Glass version for it?
  9. Oh you meant the many Desktop icons! Well they are all neatly organized so it doesn't look bad in my opinion Though have you looked into Stardock Fences? It costs 12€ but has many great features for Desktop icons: https://www.stardock.com/products/fences/ You can also set it to hide Desktop icons until you click on the desktop, then they appear. I've been using it for a few years and like it, what you didn't see, my desktop is full of icons too, they are just hidden
  10. Great that you could fix it! And why shouldn't I like your Desktop? I think it looks great! Mine isn't all that different
  11. Good luck fixing the issue! And thank you very much for the font! Now I'm quite curious how your desktop overall looks
  12. I would assume that AeroGlass failed to download the new symbol files for the update, this script here might help you: Also may I ask what font you use? I quite like the look of it!
  13. Just place it in the AeroGlass folder and reboot.
  14. Oh thank you! We all here should do something like a MSFN Windows 10 Modding Wiki so all this info gets in one place!
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