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  1. To make matters simple, there is 1909 v1 and a later update bumped it up to 1909 v2 so to speak, AeroGlass is unsupported on 1909 v2 or higher. You can do some trickery by replacing Windows files but this will stop working on 2004 entirely.
  2. Interesting, I might have to check it out sometimes.
  3. Does it allow transparency at all? It's what I did and it honestly isn't that bad thanks to themes by Niivu on Deviantart.
  4. Yeah I know, I might have mixed some things up with the naming. I think I was thinking of Avalon which was a code-name for DWM in the Longhorn to Vista transition if I remember correctly? Anyway the point I was trying to make to the other poster was just that the technical capabilities of creating the "Aero Glass" effect are still there in Windows 10's DWM it's just that Microsoft changed the theme around more or less But you are correct
  5. That I do agree with but sadly we aren't the design-department at Microsoft
  6. Windows 10 still runs Aero, just not AeroGlass, Microsoft stated they removed the glass because they thought it looks tacky and unfit for modern times. It's not about technology or hardware power.
  7. @Tihiy say is there any chance you could do something to make SiB compatible with Bins by 1up Industries? http://www.1upindustries.com/bins/Default.aspx Or perhaps add a similar functionality to SiB itself? I don't want to miss out on SiB and paid happily for an advanced license but Bins is super handy too. Sadly SiB prevents Bins from working at all so I thought I would ask. I would pay even more to get this functionality working somehow!
  8. You can also use a program called RunAsTI which spawns a CMD with Trusted Installer rights, that way you can replace the files without changing the owner. https://github.com/jschicht/RunAsTI
  9. Seriously with the Covid situation going on nobody should be putting any pressure on BigMuscle, it's not like Glass8 is an essential program for anyone to run Windows.
  10. This stopped working for me on my current Edge, I have 81.0.416.68
  11. Hmm that's odd, I run three screens, they are all 1080p though one is running at 144hz while the others run at 60hz. I had similar issues to you but I was able to find and modify the simulated entries in my registry and all problems stopped :/ Have you tried to do a full registry-search for the entries?
  12. Hmm that's odd, you should still be able to set the virtual resolution to 1440p still. You could try a workaround but you need a second PC or your phone for that: Install TeamViewer on your PC and then disconnect all screens etc. then connect to your PC via TeamViewer and try to set a new resolution.
  13. Well according to Lifell it does work! And just a tip for everyone here, please for the love of all don't mess with file ownerships of Windows files, there's a far easier and cleaner way to replace the files, use this: https://github.com/jschicht/RunAsTI It will spawn a CMD that has Super Admin Privileges, that way you can rename, copy and replace Windows files without botching up the permissions.
  14. Hmm I see, I might just test in A VM them and see what I end up with.
  15. Would that also work as a temporary hack to get Aero Glass working on 2004?
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