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  1. Hello MSFN members, I am having a problem looking for download links for a windows xp compatible software:PowerQuest Partition Editor ; i would like to know where i may download this software or a newer alternative windows partition editor that work with windows nt systems??? Thanks in advance for any help & helpful replies!!
  2. I am having yet another problem with Windows XP setup POST nLite , "Driver Packs" slipstreaming ... it seems that during XP's "GUI Mode" setup does NOT use the custom XP setup billboard (winntbbu.dll/winntbba.dll) ,but defaults to the "classic" xp gui setup mode... : // I would like to know what i need to edit in winnt.sif (nlite.inf??) or other XP setup file/s to enable XPs custom setup billboard to run during GUI setup mode??!!?? Thanks in advance for a reply!!
  3. Hello MSFN forum members, I seem to have a bit of a problem using WinNTSetup v3+(keep in mind that i am a N00B,& n0vice when it comes with windows xp installation from USB drive OR SATA PC hard drive...)....I am able to copy Windows XP setup local source files to the BIOS "native" toggled settings SATA PC hard drive,but the install chronically FAILS after the first XP setup reboot...ie setup is stuck in boot loop;no GUI mode setup loading success!!??!! I would like to know a little more about this utility,and how i may be able to install Windows XP setup files from either USB or SATA hard drive;specifically i am using the 64 bit version of WinNTSetup on a Windows 7 PC,and want to know more about:Select location of Boot Drive,and Select location of the Installation Drive settings...since i think these (wrong?) settings may(or may not)be what is causing my windows xp setup to FAIL??!!?? Thanks in advance for a reply,and any links for documentation on this windows setup utility!!
  4. I have been trying to integrate XP SP3 eng into a Spanish version of Windows xp pro sp3 CD setup,and i am getting the following error/failure(not verbatim!):"can not integrate eng sp into distribution with different language service pack".... That being said..i have searched on google regarding sp integration generically,and it seems that i can not find any answers to my particular slipstream issue..hence my posting this topic in the MSFN Windows XP forum! If anyone knows if the aforementioned can be done...(possibly a workaround for the XP SP language has to be the same as XP setup error??)..would appreciate a reply!
  5. Long time MSFN lurker,part time Windows OS modder... that being said,I have a unattended program installation issue i would like remedied via this MSFN forum...I wuold like to install a few 3rd party freeware apps before windows xp completes "gui mode" setup or before windows xp logs onto the user desktop;specifically what is the syntax (using nLite app..or...other setup manager/installation apps??) could i use to accomplish installing these 3rd party apps ...silently,and without errors??? I have "noticed" and "noted" that Windows XP had support withdrawn from MS in 2014...and that the MSFN Unattended XP guide links no longer exist.. : ( hence my frustration with how to install 3rd party apps whilst windows xp reboots to the new user desktop...ie,lack of unattended xp setup documentation for this MS "relic".... In any event ,thanks in advance for any helpful information regarding creating batch files/.cmd files ($OEM$ folder method??) and/or .inf files (svcpack method???) to accomplish the aforementioned app installations...and if anyone knows where i may find a pdf copy (no survey link??)of the now defunct MSFN unattended xp guide..would appreciate IT(pun intended)!!
  6. Hello MSFN forum members, Im not sure which MSFN sub-forum this question should be posted , but this sub-forum was close enough to my question so here goes.... I have used nlite on a few supposedly "untouched" (??) XP pro ISOs (i am nliteing them as a part-time"hobby"...am not interested in monetary rewards so to speak ; since they are "bloated" with apps I do not want,etc...is another reason I nlite XP) without ticking the nlite boxes/pull down menus for changing the classic mini setup background color so that I may use a modded winntbbu billboard.... The big problem i am having after nliteing (everything else seems to work well after nliteing) is that in GUI Mode XP setup windows runs the classic mini setup screen...NOT the New Style billboard setup screen,and I would like to know how to force (more or less) Windows XP to "run" the winntbbu.dll (winntbba.dll??) billboard screen either through modding certain system .sif, .inf, or other setup files that nlite had previously created during GUI Mode?? Thanks in advance for any replies!!
  7. I was interested in editing the background image of WiNNTBBU,but have another question about another section of the xp setup billboard(new style);I found a modded WiNNTBBU ( i downloaded from,i know not where...)billboard that has the setup text messaging animated as "page flip" effect similar to Vista copying dialogue glass folder,page flipping (cool customization for the xp billboard...imo)effect,and was wondering if MSFN members know what software (shareware,or freeware...)would accomplish the aforementioned "glass" page- flipping effect?? I could attach a screen shot of what I am going on about,but only a animated GIF could approximate what I am trying to achieve on my xp billboard... Thanks in advance for any replys,hints,freeware suggestion...
  8. Hello, Let me preface this by saying im a complete noob to nLite,modding, & customizing windows OSs, & only do nLiting of Windows XP as a "hobby"... That being said...I have recently used nLite to remove,add windows xp sp2,sp3 components,custom themes,etc...and have had a problem with gui mode setup;when running gui mode of windows xp setup in virtual Box,I get the classic windows xp setup "look" (similar to the classic windows NT theme?) rather than the new XP gui-mode setup look (with WinntBBU.DLL..)!! Would anybody tell me what I am doing wrong with nLite to get the classic setup gui-mode look rather than the "xp billboard" gui-mode l00k?? Thanks in avdnace for any,all replies!!
  9. To any "Pro IT"ers out there (i am a mere windows NT OS hobbyist noob{?}) ...here goes a "#!%$*" of a question... I have had some success with the windows xp nlite customization tool(again as a "hobbyist" only...),but was wondering if it is possible to remove addons (windows xp nlited addons install errors in a "virtual machine" environment..) with the same nlite tool (or other PE,NT customization tool)?? ...is it possible to remove corrupted slipstreamed addons without deleting then replacing the windows i386 folder/files with an 'un~nlited' i386 folder???
  10. Hello MSFN members... Im a bit of a "N00b" when it comes to using nlite in Windows XP 32 bit edition, let alone 64 bit edition,and have a question (or 2);will/does nlite work for Windows XP 64 bit edition as a "source",and what is the difference in system folder structure between 32 bit & 64 bit XP "sources" that can be "nlited"...so to speak?? FYI...I only do this slipstreaming,customizing of Windows XP via nLite or Windows 7 for personal (read:OS Hobbyist!),non commercial use(ahem)!! Thanks in advance for any,all replies!!
  11. This is more a question about nLiteing "successfully" a copy of Windows XP Pro SP 2 64 bit iso;I have tried 3 times to slipstream,lighten,tweak Windows XP Pro 64 bit iso with nLite....but,always get a missing or corrupt "Hal.dll" file error after Text Mode of setup is finished in virtualbox,and was wondering how to "fix" the error without abandoning using nLite or ?? Any recommendations,suggestions,tuts or sub-forum referrals (if necessary) will be appreciated!!
  12. Hello Forum members, I had the chance to get a copy of Windows XP 64 bit edition (that had previously been slipstreamed with SP 2 via nLite),but have run into setup problems copying over a dll file;XP setup says that "HAL.DLL is missing or corrupt" (funny thing is that it looks like it copied over to the virtual hard drive during text mode phase of setup??)...& will not continue setup... Let me preface this by saying i re-nlited the XP 64 bit iso to remove unnecessary non-system related files,folders as well as add some tweaks from nlite plugins so i do not think that would cause setup to fail,but I have never had any problems with using nLite on the 32 bit version of Windows XP so am at a loss as to what to do?? Any helpful suggestions,advice would be greatly appreciated since its mostly a hobby of mine to tinker with MS Windows XP...

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