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  1. Help needed fast with remote desktop

    Awesome, teamviewer is exactly what I was looking for. Extremely easy to use. All I have to tell my parents is to open that program and I can take over for them. Thanks mate! MSFN never disappoints with the knowledge it offers.
  2. Help needed fast with remote desktop

    Hello everyone and happy new year I have found myself short on time as I should've done this research days ago. I need recommendation for a good software for remote desktop to access the computer remotely. I will be gone for several months and my parents have extremely limited computer knowledge. I'd like to be able to connect in via remote desktop and help them in case they need to print something, sign up for a service, etc. Computer runs Windows 7 x64. Any good recommendations for remote desktop programs, hopefully that are simple to connect and secure? I have my own router at home, a E1000 linksys using DD-WRT so I can do the port forwarding if necessary.
  3. How to get rid of Windows 10 boot information

    Sweet, worked like a charm!
  4. I have my laptop that I had 1 SSD (windows 7) and 1 HDD. I saved my HDD content, then I proceeded to upgrade to Windows 10 to reserve the key. I used the HDD to delete it, and install windows 10 on that while leaving my windows 7 SSD untouched. Once I booted in Windows 10, activated the copy, I went ahead and formated the HDD. But somehow something about Windows 10 boot found it's way on the SSD, since now everytime I start my computer I get the following: Any way to fix this so I can get Windows 7 to startup automatically like before? I'm afraid Windows 10 installed the boot files on my SSD and that messes up the boot process now. If I press F9 it will start Windows 7 without problems, but I don't want to have to keep pressing F9 all the time.
  5. How to reserve windows 10

    Any way to confirm the key is registered to windows 10? I ended just using a spare hdd and formatting that and installing windows on that. Since I had that there was no reason to screw around with virtual machines Edit: darn apparently I can't register 2 keys on the same computer. Somehow it knew I registered it on that mobo, so the new copy was already activated
  6. How to reserve windows 10

    So are OEM licences and retail licences the same, as in you can reinstall them on new hardware? Or you mean only retail licences, and OEM it's usually only for the 1 hardware? Unfortunately my motherboard is quite old, 2013, a ASUS Z87-A. I guess I will have to do as you said and try the virtual machine. Now I do have Oracle VM VirtualBox installed, but I have a feeling the VirtualBox is the kind that you can actually boot the entire computer from it? (rather than the VirtualBox that opens an instance in windows and uses emulated hardware)
  7. Windows crashes, HDD no longer recognized

    Unfortunately I do not have a spare PSU. This PSU was also a replacement a long time ago from a Corsair 850TX which had coil whine to the current 850HX. Any other possible culprits? Why would windows crashing disable my SATA1 port so that bios cannot see the SSD? If all of the sudden the SATA1 would be disconected, shouldn't windows freeze all of the sudden rather than the sequential crashing of programs until it finally resets?
  8. How to reserve windows 10

    My keys are from MSAA or whatever it's called through school. I have used the key through a few hardware. It says it reached it's limit but then I use the phone system and register it again. Do they have it in their TOS that I am obligated to buy a new copy of windows everytime I upgrade my computer? Can't I just use the telephone system for Windows 10 as well when I register my Win 7 key?
  9. Windows crashes, HDD no longer recognized

    Hey guys, I am having quite a peculiar problem. What happens basically that randomly, my current program hangs (whatever has focus). Then as the time progresses, other programs start to crash. The program that had focus sometimes exit from it's hang, but once this sequence started, all programs will crash, including explorer.exe (taskbar dissapearing). Most programs will crash until the computer will suddenly restart. Upon restarting, my main SSD that has windows will no longer be visible in BIOS. Therefore my computer is unusable. The only way to fix this is to hit the PSU switch, turn it off, then deplete the capacitors by holding power on button. Then I turn on the PSU and bios is again detecting my SSD. OFC windows will report it crashed, blabla as per the usual when it's not properly shut down I have made a video of it happening. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IKzT-JIBJfg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzfTdk2YGxw (2nd video is after I turned off the PSU, depeleted the capacitors and turn it on. As you can see, it now detects SATA 1 with my Crucial SSD) I have changed the cables but that didn't help.
  10. How to reserve windows 10

    Thanks MTDirector. I'm personally planning to use my spare laptop to install windows 10 on it and register my windows 7 serial keys for future use. Do I need to choose NOT to put in my key when Windows 10 finishes installing? Should I shut it down, restart, and then input the serial key as per your tutorial? Or since I'm installing this directly on my spare laptop I can just input the serial key? The serial key shouldn't be registered to the hardware so it shouldn't make any difference.
  11. How to reserve windows 10

    Hey gang. Looking to reserve windows 10 but without actually installing it and using it. I want to keep using windows 7 until all the new games aren't working anymore and windows 7 is fully no longer supported with any security patches (aka like windows xp last year). But like I said, I do want to have that free upgrade when that time comes. Now from my knowledge, in order to reserve windows 10 and have it available when I want to next upgrade, I need to use my win 7 keys while installing windows 10? So could I use my backup laptop to format, install windows 7 with CD-key, then upgrade to windows 10, then format it again (so I keep using windows 7 with my CD-key on my main desktop computer). Or can I just install windows 10 directly using my windows 7 CD-key, then wipe it out so again, I can use windows 7 on my main computer? For this, is there an .iso file I can download (someone provided me both x86 and x64 .iso files when I asked for them on microsoft answers I believe the site was).
  12. Onboard LAN powered when PC is shutdown

    Under windows, I have un-checked "Allow this device to wake the computer" Under BIOS, I have disabled anything that references wake-on-lan. I don't really have a problem as I can live with it. Thanks for all the info
  13. Onboard LAN powered when PC is shutdown

    Ah, I had a feeling this would be the case. My (very old) PC, laptop when plugged in (ethernet cable) and NAS (synology) not keeping the LED on on my switch made me think otherwise. Any chance to disable that, just an FMI.
  14. Does Win 7 encrypt network passwords?

    Yep, I got the WRT54GL. Actually just ordered today a E1000 too. I run DD-WRT v23 on my 54GL (quite old I know). Once I get the E1000, I'l keep the 54GL as a backup, and install the latest (and only apparently) DD-WRT firmware on the E1000 And yes, my bad, under WPA Algorithm I do have the AES option (option TKIP or TKIP+AES). Security mode is WPA2 Pre-Shared Key Only (other option WPA2 Pre-Shared Key Mixed, or RADIUS Only/Mixed)
  15. I lost internet access to Virtual PC 2007 when I changed my router default address (from x.x.x.1 to another last digit for IP). Since then, Virtual PC no longer connects to internet ( I have Win XP on Virtual PC and Windows 7 on my main machine) Could anyone help? Thanks EDIT: Fixed. I just had to drop the IP in the virtual machine and renew it. Prolly to re-new updated router address